keypad says an entry sensor is open when it's not

This happens for me periodically, even when I know all the entries are closed. A) do you know why this happens, B) is there a way to tell which sensor it is, and C) how can i prevent it from happening again? Thanks.

@DC The 'Entry Sensor' open


The 'Entry Sensor' open error will occur when a few things happen:

1) The Entry Sensor is just on the edge of the 2 inch range and it does not accept the closed position every time the door/window is closed. Try moving the sensor closer to the magnet

2) The door is recessed back from the frame and the Entry Sensor and Magnet do not have a true 'closed' position when the door is closed. When the door is opened there will be a chime when the sensor passes the magnet, and when the door is closed it will pass the magnet again to send the 'closed' signal. If this is the case, you can try and move the Entry Sensor closer to the magnet.

3) Not all of the Entry Sensor's signals are being received by the Base Station. There may be thick, metal, or other obstructions that are periodically blocking some of the Entry Sensors signals to the Base Station. I would move the Base Station a little closer to the Entry Sensor, or away from obstructions.

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i checked all of these, and

i checked all of these, and none seem to apply. it's not like the entry sensor never works -- most of the time it's fine. it's just that sometimes i get this error -- like twice a week.

@DC That seems to me like


That seems to me like the Base Station is not receiving 100% of the signals sent, and leads me to believe it's a placement issue with the Entry Sensor and the Base Station. If you receive this error again you can simply open and close the door again to cure it, or try to move the Base Station closer.

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Occasionally I get the open

Occasionally I get the open message when I go to set the alarm. I used to run all over the house to see if something is open. Now, the first thing I do is enter the code on the keypad. In 99% of the cases it cancels the notice and everything works properly.

I actually get this same

I actually get this same error. Just started happening a few days ago. I have had the system for a month with no issues and bam, no a crazy entry system error. Please advise.

I had the exact same error +

I had the exact same error + more happen on the same sensor regularly. I had the sensor replaced under warranty and while installing the new sensor I put it in a different location on the same door and haven't seen that issue since.

The + more that happened in my case was that occassionally the sensor would dissapear from the system so to speak. Base station basically stops caring for this sensor being out of range and does not even warn that the door is unprotected. I explained this to Will who helped me and he offerred to replace the sensor under warranty.

I had the same problem and

I had the same problem and traced it to a fundamental issue with all my entry sensors used on sliding windows and sliding doors. The sensor sends a "closed" message when you come in the 2 inch range. But when you close the window/door further, the sensor sends an "open" message about when the magnet just starts overlapping the sensor. When you then close the window all the way, it will send a 2nd "closed" message when the magnet is exactly centered. If the magnet is not mounted centered, you may or may not get the 2nd "closed" message sent out.

So, the mounting instructions should be corrected. It is absolutely necessary that the magnet ends up exactly centered when it is closed, there is really no 2 inch slack as it says.


@m.r Great point! Here's a


Great point! Here's a little longer explaination:

This drawing of a bar magnet's field lines will display to what I'm referring as I explain more fully:

The red lines indicate the positions that are within the strong magnetic field that will 'Close' the Entry Sensor.

With a swinging door the sensor will move from left to right when opened and closed; entering and exiting the C position on the picture above. This allows to easy 'Open' and 'Close' signals from the sensor to the Base Station.

As you can see also on the photo above, when you go from A-B-C-B-A (as if you were sliding a door closed) the sensors will first 'Close' at position A, then 'Open' at position B, 'Close' again at position C, Open' again at the next position B, and 'Close' once more at the final position A.

In order to avoid phantom 'Entry Sensor Open' reports on your sliding doors, ensure that you position the sensor and magnet so they will be in the C closed position when the door itself is fully closed. You can do this by closing your door fully when installing, and lining the magnet between the two lines on the Entry Sensor.


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I have done all of this and

I have done all of this and the keypad will not reset itself. How can I reset it? Even after moving the sensor, it has the same error code on the keypad then says the keypad is out of range. They keypad is very close to the base.

@biddle.michelle Sorry for


Sorry for the delay in response! When the Keypad is too close to the Base, it will intermittently report as out of range. You'll want to put it at least five feet away. What is the exact error on the Keypad other than 'Out of Range'?

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I am having the same issue. I

I am having the same issue. I have 3 entry sensors on doors, and 3 on windows. For the doors the magnet is on the door and the sensor is on the door frame (molding) the molding is angled however. It seems that randomly the system says an entry sensor is open when there is not one open at all.
Worst part is today it triggered an alarm while I was at work and Police were dispatched, as I did not know why the alarm was going off ( we don't have a motion sensor to blame).
When we went through the house not a single door or window had been moved, and with everything closed up my keypad still says "entry sensor open".

Is it the angled molding? I don't know where else I can put the sensor on the door frame. Or maybe I have a defective sensor, but there is no way to tell which sensor it think's is open. I'm afraid to turn the darn thing on now because if the police get dispatched a second time for a false alarm that is a 500.00 fee.
Support is closed now or I would have called, any suggestions?


Rachel, If the molding is

If the molding is angled enough to cause the magnet & sensor to not be aligned, it could be a problem. Not knowing what your setup looks like, I'll take a stab a suggestion: you may need to modify the molding or sensor mount to get things properly aligned. Maybe you should get a sketch from the SimpliSafe guys on how the sensor/magnet should be aligned and then get someone handy (yourself, a boyfriend, hubby or $$ handyman) to mount it per the specifications.

Now I gotta ask: THE Rachel Ray?


Thanks Jim, I'll give it a

Thanks Jim,
I'll give it a shot, I am going to call in the Support Line here, last night the sensor fell off the door (tape came off I guess) and sounded at 2am again.
I'm not THE Rachel Ray, but I'm cooler ;)

I just upgraded to

I just upgraded to Simplisafe2. All of the sudden I am plagued by a "1 Entry Sensor Open" error. So, I check every sensor. Once I open a sensor, I get "2 Entry Sensor Open". Once I close the door for the sensor that I am checking it returns to "1 Entry Sensor Open". I check the simplisafe site, and it confirms that all Entry Sensors are "Closed". Please help.

W, I had sensor errors

W, I had sensor errors multiple times. Issue turned out to be limited range by design flaw with the cell module. Replacement sent, installed it (search AAvery for correct instructions in the forum) and hopefully your sensor issue will be solved. At least for myself and several others this was the fix.

Hi, Will: I've talked to

Hi, Will:

I've talked to Customer Support twice regarding random error messages with different entry sensors and panic buttons: No Good. The system is 3 weeks old, and since I installed it, up to two nights ago, I had zero problems. Then all of a sudden, I had multiple errors with random sensors, panic buttons, "keypad out of range", etc. The first agent had me remove and replace batteries in the base unit and dial pad: No Help. The second agent told me that I had the base unit too far from the dial pad, which was twenty-five feet. She had me move it while I was on the phone to 15 feet from the dial pad, which I don't agree with, as any burgler can see it, destroy it, and nobody will be called. But, it did in fact, work for one day(yesterday until today). Now I have a panic button error, and another entry error. I would like to reitterate that the problems are with "random" and "different" sensors/panic buttons every time. Ready to send it back; any advice?


Well I had my cell part take

Well I had my cell part take out then it went ok they are sending a cell replacement, wile waiting for the cell replacement today I started receiving sensor errors. I took out the battery and put it back in, that fixed that error, now I am getting sensor open.

could it be I need a new battery in the sensor?

@erictlewis Thanks for


Thanks for posting! This sounds like something we'll want to troubleshoot with you right over the phone if possible. When you have the chance, could you call us at 888 957 4675 anytime Monday - Friday from 9AM to 6PM Eastern we'll be sure to get this issue resolved.

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We've had the system for four

We've had the system for four months, and it just happened for the first time. I can't figure out which door/window it is, nor why this is happening. I assumed the "two inches of play" referred to about the sensors means that, once installed, you can put up to two inches of space between the sensor and the magnet; ergo, minuscule variances such as new weatherstripping or the breaking-off of old weatherstripping wouldn't cause the sensor to start acting up.

No, 'about 2 inches' is the

No, 'about 2 inches' is the designed maximum distance, and depends on alignment and the materials the parts are mounted on and perhaps environmental conditions. Once you get a sensor set up, verify it works, And then if you change anything, verify it still works,

I would say the first step is to go to each door/window, and while watching the little blue light on the sensor, open the door/window. The light should flash once as you open it. Then close the window/door while watching the blue light. It should flash 2 times. Any one which does not follow this pattern is suspect. If all follow this pattern, see if the message has gone away. If not, I can think of a couple of ways to troubleshoot further locally, but they tend to be time consuming. One of the higher level monitoring plans might be able to provide more information about which sensor is being flagged. It might be best to call the company and see what they recommend as the most efficient or effective way of isolating the offending sensor.

I am plagued by a "1 Entry

I am plagued by a "1 Entry Sensor Open" error.
I figured out the sensor in question was one that I have on the 10X16 metal storage in the carport. This is about 30 feet from the side door with key pad. (50 feet from the unit). I removed the sensor from the system, but still get the 1 Entry Open error.

I had to leave the house and set the alarm. The system stated an open sensor. Question? The web site monitor shows "alarm set" is it indeed set even though it showed an opened sensor?

Can't get the error to clear. I thought it would clear once I removed that one sensor and entered my code. So how do I clear the error code?

Yes, the system is monitoring

Yes, the system is monitoring all other sensors. If you leave a window open that has an entry sensor on it, the system will announce that you have an entry sensor open. But the rest of the system is active. When I leave in the mornings, I open the front door, arm the system, get the message that the alarm is on and an entry sensor is open. When I close the door and the sensor makes up, the system then monitors that sensor too.
If you removed the sensor and synced the settings with the base, then that sensor shouldn't be showing anymore (or the error). Call SS and discuss with them, they can help you troubleshoot.

How can I easily tell which

How can I easily tell which window / door is open when I get the warning "door or window open"? we almost always use the app on our smartphones to arm/disarm the system since the keypads are downstairs, and it's a royal pain to try to hunt down which of the windows or doors are open.... we have 18 sensors throughout the house.

All the information regarding the descriptive name of the sensors is programmed under my account in the "manage your sensors" section so I don't know why it would be so hard to simply text/email an alert saying what is open or better yet just pop up a notification on the smartphone app. Instead I just hear the base station downstairs saying "door or window open" and I've got to get up and go figure it out. Really annoying...

I bought the Classic system

I bought the Classic system on Ebay & ordered 8 extra sensors & 2 panic buttons on the website. All the sensors I got from the system I bought on ebay work - the ones on I bought on the website don't - I went in, added the components, sent updated info to the base etc and they're still not working.

When you say "classic", do

When you say "classic", do you mean version 1?

We have SS2 and we are having

We have SS2 and we are having massive problems with entry sensors showing as open, when they are not.

The only way we have found to fix this is to REMOVE the sensors from the base station online profile, then remove the batteries from the keyboard and power down the base station entirely, then readd the sensors, power the system back on and then sync the settings.

This is an incredible inconvenience.

Two times this week we have had false alarms in the middle of the night, when an entry sensor all of a sudden shows as open, when it was not. And the police were dispatched.

Please help!

@shawn_1 Thanks for posting!


Thanks for posting! How far are the sensors from the magnet? How far are the sensors that are reporting open from the base station? What kind of material are they mounted on? I'd recommend giving us a call so we can best help you troubleshoot this!

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Just like many of the posts

Just like many of the posts already written, I have a similar issue. The "1 Entry Open" is still on my keypad, even though everything is closed. I've had the system for a few months with no real bugs (SS helped me asap with the first problem). On the computer I have all my sensors labelled, so I know which is which, and what is open. All say 'closed', but the writing is still on my keypad.

Any advice?

What I've been doing is just

What I've been doing is just open one door for a second or two, then close it. This seems to clear the error message.

We have the same issue, where

We have the same issue, where the keypad gives a "1 entry sensor open" but the website dashboard says they are all closed. So, how do you find out which sensor the system "thinks" is open, when they all are listed as closed?
I am thinking that I have to check every one by opening and closing every single door and window, but that seems very tedious. Any other way?

@dawhittier Thanks for


Thanks for posting! We'd be happy to help you troubleshoot this. Please give us a call and I'm sure we'll be able to get this resolved.

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I am getting continuous

I am getting continuous messages that two sensors are open. Have tested them and get one quick blue flash when door opens and two blue flashes when door is shut. But, the doors are metal which suspect may be the issue? Should I mount the sensors on wood strips and then place these on the metal door? Any other ideas for metal doors?

@khstage Thanks for posting!


Thanks for posting! It's definitely possible that the metal of the doors are inferring with the signal being sent to the base station. Are both the sensor and magnet mounted on metal? Is the base station on the opposite side of the door (and therefore it needs to communicate through it)? You may want to try mounting the two pieces on a small strip of wood, elevating it off the metal. If you need additional help, please give us a call!

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I have this issue all the

I have this issue all the time When I close my garage door and then close the door from garage from the kitchen while the garage door is closing I get this error. ( I have a sensor on my garage door) It appears the system doesn't like having two sensors sending it a signal at the same time.

I can simply open or close any door after I get this error message and it goes away.

Me Too. My system is new and

Me Too. My system is new and still in practice mode and I have this error popping up occasionally. Seems to happen on doors. Seems like it doesn't pickup the closed signal after being opened. Opening and closing again seems to clear the error. I don't think it appears unless the door has been opened.

So as a person who just setup

So as a person who just setup the system I activated the service last night and didn't get the no link message to go away til this morning and now I too get the 1 entry sensor open BUT the control panel (even after refreshing) shows everything closed. So why is this message displaying if the panel indicates everything is normal and secondly what kind of stupid message that isn't able to at the least give the serial number of the supposed 'open' device? I noticed while installing the sensors I was getting a message for one that hadn't been installed yet and that message referenced the serial number just fine so I was able to determine it was one still awaiting installation. I have a dozen entry sensors and I'm sure not going to constantly run around opening & shutting each one to chase some elusive bug that the keypad can't identify. I lack faith in this system if this issue is as prevalent as everyone seems to be reporting.

@anessac It looks like you


It looks like you were able to work with one of our representatives this morning, and have a Verizon module on it’s way to you! It sounds like keypad may have had some trouble communicating with your base station, so hopefully you were able to get that sorted out as well. If you’re still experiencing problems though, please let us know!

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Hello, I have a SS system


I have a SS system with no monitoring contract ("self-alarm"). My keypad is telling me I have an entry sensor open but does not report back which one (not even the serial # of the device). Is there a way to know which sensor the system thinks is open? We have tried opening and closing windows multiple times, moving the base station, etc.

@imfreezing2death Your keypad


Your keypad won’t report the serial number of a sensor when it opens or closes. Since you don’t have monitoring, you can see which sensor is open through your Easy Set-Up Wizard, which you can access by plugging your USB keychain remote into your base station, then into your computer. If the sensor is reporting open when it is actually closed, it means the base station is not receiving the closed signal. This is likely due to some sort of interference. You can try moving around the base station some more, or try switching which part of the sensor is on the frame and which on the window/door. If you would like some help troubleshooting this, I would suggest that you give us a call!

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The keypad is saying one

The keypad is saying one entry sensor is open, it would be cheaper to let the burglars rumage through my house than continually have to spend time trouble shooting this crappy system, have not had one week of reliability since I installed Simpli Safe. I never know if it is armed, disarmed or if the police are going to show up with a false alarm. Simpli Safe you are basically paying for the sign in the front yard.

An alarm system does not keep

An alarm system does not keep burglars out; it lets people know if the real protection (locks, etc) fail. (And the yard signs may provide some deterrence).

Be that as it may, if you have had it less that 60 days and it won't meet your needs, call and arrange to send it back. Or, you could try a month of interactive monitoring which will tell you exactly which sensor thinks it is open (often because it is not set up correctly, or can't communicate with the base reliably or is defective). Or you could call SS and have them help you debug the problem(s).

I'd go with option 3 myself.

I'd go with option 3 myself. But then, Option 3 would always be my starting point if I were having problems with my system.

SimpliSafe is a funny company. On some things SS's word is as good as gold. On others it's all but worthless. But when it comes to honoring its 60-day, no-questions-asked, postage-paid return privilege, it's flawless . . . or at least it was for me. And based on the research I've conducted since I've been here, SS has demonstrated a willingness time and again to get its customers' systems working properly. All SS asks its customers to do is call its customer support department toll-free and let its reps work with them to resolve the issues their having. Better yet, if its customers don't call SS and SS knows they're having a problem with their systems, SS will reach out to them. That's exemplary service in my book, pure and simple.

PS: This is just me, mind you. But when it comes to fixing product issues, posting on a manufacturer's public forum is normally my last recourse . . . not my first recourse. And then of course there's always the search tool in the upper right-hand corner of this page, right Captain? Seems as if the vast majority of problems customers run into have been addressed in previous threads. All folks have to do is search for them.

@philip.cox I can see that


I can see that you were able to work with a supervisor to sort this out, so hopefully things are working better for you. If there's ever anything else we can help with, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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Yesterday I set the Alarm and

Yesterday I set the Alarm and left for work. Within a minute the rear door was reporting an OPEN ENTRY to the base. The Alarm Company couldn't reach me and dispatched the Police. I found out an hour later and rushed home to find no burglary. The keypad is continually showing OPEN ENTRY SENSOR and the web log in shows its the back door sensor. No problems like this in 16 mos. Replaced battery in sensor and could NOT clear error. Armed system and then Disarmed via keypad, Now system keypad error is cleared. Not trusting the system right now and don't need FALSE alarm reports sent to the Police Dept. What causes these errors? The posting just seem to get the same rambling responses with no clear fix. Anyone at SS have a real fix yet? Thanks! David S. Moody

@drmoodman It looks like you


It looks like you were able to work with a supervisor about this! I'm glad you were able to sort it out. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

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So i installed the system and

So i installed the system and activated it today.

Worked fine for a few hours. I set the Home option and it tells me I have 1 sensor open.

I have the interactive monitoring option, so i logon but it tells me ALL sensors are closed. Which is clearly NOT the case.

The phone app doesn't tell me which sensor either, nor does the keypad.

I had to go around and check all the sensors - one of the entry sensors fell off - guess the sticky stuff isn't very sticky!

Any info on WHY the dashboard says it's closed when clearly it is not? Other suggestions on installation tape (i can't use the screws in that location)

Not getting the warm and fuzzies on this system if it can't handle the basics info needed!

The dashboard shows the LAST

The dashboard shows the LAST UPLOADED STATUS. Click the refresh button (black oval with the circular arrow in the top box) to get the CURRENT STATUS which should show which sensor thinks it is open.

The sticky stuff is pretty sticky, but it does not work well on dirty or rough surfaces. Clean (alcohol wipe) and smooth surfaces seem to hold it well.

Same issue here. and I just

Same issue here. and I just installed the system today. There is one entry sensor that dashboard will NOT ever show closed. I swapped it out with another unit and it works fine. I have the one that shows open no matter what on my desk, about 10 feet from the base and the weird part is that the base will beep to let me the sensor changed status, as I move the magnet in and out, but will not show closed in the dashboard. I'm 99% convinced you have a bug in the software.

Are you resynching the base

Are you resynching the base each time you open and close the sensor? If yes, sounds like a bad sensor. It might be closing momentarily, long enough for it to register, then immediately reopening. Does the sensor have a tamper switch embedded? Have you checked the tamper switch to see if it's working properly? Some alarm sensors will report open when the tamper switch is triggered. I'm not sure if the simplisafe sensors do or not.

I've had this same issue

I've had this same issue twice now, but months apart. Is this something that could trigger a false alarm? Both times I just armed the system with the error and by the time I disarmed it in the morning, the error was gone. Could the opposite be true as well? (Instead of the error resolving itself while the system is armed, it comes about while the system is armed and thus sets it off?)