Life Span of Batteries in Motion Sensors?


I have been looking at SS for a while to replace existing wireless system. One thing I have found was that the motion sensor batteries have a very short life span, they also were not giving any indication that the batteries had failed. The batteries were AA-sized Lithium and aren't cheap.

Was wondering if anyone has replaced theirs yet or gotten weak battery signal ?

Thanks !

I've had my system since

I've had my system since January and can tell you that so far it has not been a problem. I did have a defective battery in my keyfob (didn't work from the start), but they replaced that and everything has been working great since. Customer support has been top notch. Oh, and the motion sensor battery type is CR123A.

What kind of battery life are you getting with your current wireless system?

Well I am ashamed to say I

Well I am ashamed to say I don't know what the life has been so far. The system is three years old but I didn't test very often so not sure when they started to die. My real annoyance is that there was no indication, the system always armed as usual.

I didn't realize they weren't working since the installer had turned off the motion-LED to save battery power so I never knew when they were actually getting tripped. I like that these are different battery type.

Does the motion sensor show an indicator when its tripped?

Thanks !

Simplisafe sensors

Simplisafe sensors definitely warn you when the batteries die. I had a dud battery in a window sensor and each time I armed the system it announced the problem and showed me on the keypad, until I did something about it. They replaced it and it seems fine now.

The motion sensor does not have an LED, which I appreciate since I have one in my bedroom and I hate it when electronics have all those lights blinking all night!

Battery Life .... Is

Battery Life .... Is becoming an issue with the various entry sensors. The system is only going into it's second month and we just replaced our third sensor battery - we have thirteen sensors throught the house and with batteries at $5 each we are already down $15. I know that is not much but hopefully these three were just an anomaly - we had one bad sensor that was replaced. The batteries don't pull juice until the activation strip is pulled so they should not have been old? We have spread sheet set up to track life - hopefully it is more than a couple months each.....

Hi, That certainly


That certainly shouldn't be happening -- Entry sensor batteries should last 3-5 years. We'll contact your directly about replacing the faulty sensors, as we'd like to ensure that this doesn't happen again.


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Cheap CR123 batteries can be

Cheap CR123 batteries can be purchased online. $1 ea. for a brand like Tenergy with Panasonic, Energizer, Duracell a bit more at $1.50 to $2.00. Best to buy them by the dozen if you can. Good for 10 years.

I have a number of

I have a number of flashlights that use CR123 so I always have a supply on hand. Try BatteryJunction. Fair prices. I don't trust Ebay as you could end up with very old or China counterfit batteries.

I've had good results from

I've had good results from ebay, but only from places which specify the expiration date. I guess I've been lucky to not get any counterfeits; didn't even know there was such a thing.

BatteryJunction is good, they even have the Panasonic batteries which are suggested to maintain UL listing on the smoke detectors.

I bought 1 motion sensor and

I bought 1 motion sensor and 3 entry sensor security system online only a month back and today morning motion sensor stopped working. I reached very near to it approx 1-2 ft and finally motion sensor kicked in and system started making sound. I tested it again and had the same behavior. It seems like battery is dead but not sure if something is wrong in motion sensor itself. Online Simplisafe claims that battery last for 3 years or so. For me it lasts only a month.

@deepakkaushik1984, my system

@deepakkaushik1984, my system will be 4 years old in 2 weeks. Have eight motion sensors on two floors and six of them are from the original system. One was defective and promptly replaced. All work fine and I just replaced all of the batteries about a week ago. I changed them as I felt 4 years was long enough and created an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the sensor name, serial number and the date I changed the battery. I have no doubt they will go another 4 years. If you are getting much less than that, call SS to troubleshoot. Good luck.

@deepakkaushik1984 I'm sorry


I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulty with your motion sensor. Please give us a call and we can help you get this up and running, and resolve this matter!

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