Lifespan of CO detectors

How long will you CO detectors last before they need replacing?

@ sctisdale Thanks for

@ sctisdale

Thanks for posting! We recommend replacing your CO sensors about every 5 years, or if the end of life indicator comes on (yellow LED flashing 4 times a minute accompanied by buzzer chirps, once a minute) which ever happens first. The batteries are rated for 3 years but are recommended to be changed every year (low battery warning is a yellow flashing light once a minute and buzzer chirps once a minute).

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Home Security

sctisdale, also in addition -

sctisdale, also in addition - it is recommended that you replace smoke detectors every 10 years or so.

Both of these lifespan estimates are the same for NON Simplisafe CO and smoke detectors too.