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Lots of issues with Doorbell camera

I picked up the Doorbell camera recently. I'm able to connect it to my WiFi network without issue but am having constant problems with it dropping connections, only recording partial video and the audio working sporadically.

When I am able to run the Connection Check it reports that the Signal Strength is "fair" (-60 dBM) and the Upload Speed is "good" (9.22 mbps). But more than half the time when I try to connect to the camera I get an error saying the camera is offline or has disconnected from the Internet. I get notifications saying motion detected, but when I view the video sometimes I'll get a few seconds of video and then a message saying the connection was lost.

Sometimes I'm able to use the audio from the app to the doorbell, other times it doesn't work. Audio from the doorbell back to the app has only worked 2 or 3 times out of the 50 or so times I've tried it.

I've tried lowering the picture quality to 480p.
I have a WiFi extender near the front door. I've tried putting the extender right on the other side of the door so the signal was as strong as possible but still had the same issues.
I've tried removing the extender and moving the router right on the other side of the door but still had the same issues.
I've tried creating a completely new 2.4 GHz WiFi network and only connected the base station and the doorbell to it but had the same issues.
I've tried turning off every other wireless device in the house aside from my phone, the base station and the doorbell. Still had the same issues.

I don't see how this can be a network issues at this point, I've given the doorbell the best possible environment to work in and it still fails.

Does anybody use this device and have any degree of success? Could I have just gotten a bad one or are they all like this?

@ mikel.beck43 the doorbell

@ mikel.beck43 the doorbell has been very stable over the time I have it, but did have some drops. I have ATT with 80 down, 20 up and Google WIFI (original). Did have some issues randomly and did work with ATT first and then Google. Google support quickly told me one issue was having a switch between my ATT gateway and Google point. Reran cat6 directly to the point and has improved greatly since. Please note I still do have the occasional drop (maybe 1-2 a week) but it is pretty good.

I know it is very doubtful my scenario would be even close to yours but you may want to do an audit of your provider and WIFI vendor just to see if anything was missed. Good luck.

I have 200 Mbps service. When

I have 200 Mbps service. When I was using the network used only by the base station and the doorbell I was seeing speeds of around 88 Mbps down and 31 up (measured by my phone) while I was standing on the porch by the doorbell.

From a wired or 5 Ghz connection I get well over 200 Mbps down so it exceeds what I'm paying for.

I've tried changing cables and connectors, verifying the signal throughout the house, ensured the firmware was up to date on both the modem and the router, etc. I'm confident that the network is in fine shape.

@mikel.beck43 in your post

@mikel.beck43 in your post you said the signal strength was reported as "fair". Have you called SS support and asked them to troubleshoot? Sorry I cannot offer any other assistance.

I did. At first they told me

I did. At first they told me they weren't able to connect to the camera, then a little while later they could connect. When they did they said it showed that connection was fair and the speed as good. But also recommended that I use an extender to improve the signal, when I said I was already using an extender they said "Hm" and didn't have any other useful suggestions. At that point I had been on the phone with them for 45 minutes and said I would look for a solution on my own, but haven't yet been able to find anything.

@mikel.beck43 over the 8

@mikel.beck43 over the 8 years and two systems I have with SS, the range of support agents have been from dismal (thankfully, a very minor # of instances) to brilliant. Given the reply you got, it may be worth another call and ask for a supervisor or technical product specialist. Once I had an issue with the SS2 system alarming before I could get to the keypad. Three calls later a tech found the issue reviewing the logs and time stamps...the kitchen motion sensor would sometimes pick us up going through the kitchen door and reach the base before the door entry sensor. (In hindsight it sounds obvious, trust me, at the time it wasn't) and an adjustment to the sensitivity switch fixed the situation. Possibly, the right person will see something out of place. (line of sight issue, interference, hardware issue etc).

If you do get this resolved (or return it for refund) please post your outcome. It will be appreciated.

I spoke with Simplisafe Tech

I spoke with Simplisafe Tech Support today.

The tech said that sometimes the voltage from the doorbell transformer is too low, it needs to be at least 8V. I measured it and found it was 12V.

We talked about the wireless network, he confirmed the signal and upload speed should be sufficient and couldn't explain why the camera kept disconnecting from the Internet. He suggested exchanging it for another one and seeing if the new one had the same issue.

The replacement will be here tomorrow.

The new camera is here and

The new camera is here and installed.

It does the same thing as the old one. It was connected to WiFi, it worked fine. I got a notification when the doorbell was pushed. I was able to connect to video quickly and could talk in both directions.

Now 10 minutes later I started the app and it shows "Camera Disconnected. Your camera is disconnected from the internet"

Also, in the settings for the old camera I had an option to check the network connection. With this one I don't have that option. WTH?

I would look at your doorbell

I would look at your doorbell transformer regardless that in theory it should work down to 8V. Rather than voltage look at the VA rating of the transformer. VA is the measure more or less of how much power it has available to the loads. If it is sized on the small side, then the voltage sags under load and performance of the device suffers.

Some while back a fellow found his doorbell transformer was a small one, just 10VA. Fine for running a doorbell by itself, perhaps, but no extra capacity to support additional load of the doorbell cam. Replaced the 10VA one with a 30VA or something like that and the problems disappeared.

SS does not publish a VA recommendation and voltage by itself really isn't enough of the story. Ring recommends a minimum of 20-30VA rating for the doorbell transformer. If I had a SS (or Ring) doorbell cam I would use at least a 30VA transformer.

@whoaru99 if this works for

@whoaru99 if this works for MB43 hopefully SS will document it and provide in knowledge base for its agents.

It's an EM57580 transformer.

It's an EM57580 transformer. 16VAC/10VA. Home Depot has a 16VAC/30VA, I'll pick one up and see about installing it tomorrow.

In the meantime I've made some changes to the Netgear WiFi extender, that seems to have helped.

1. I changed the encryption from TKIP/AES to AES only. If nothing else this will make the network more secure.
2. Previously it was set to extend both the 2.4 Ghz and the 5 Ghz networks. I've changed it so it is talking to the router over the 5 Ghz network and only extending the 2.4 Ghz network. Right now the only device on that 2.4 Ghz network is the doorbell.
3. I moved the extender to be about 10 feet away from the doorbell. It's showing a signal strenght of -48 dBm now and 6.7 mbps upload speed.

I'm gonna keep connecting to it over and over today and tomorrow and see if I get any more drops. If I do, I'll change the transformer and see if that makes a difference.

If I still get drops after changing the transformer I'm returning it and putting the regular doorbell button back on.

I've had no issues since

I've had no issues since replacing the original doorbell with the replacement one. I've also set the network configuration back to it's original state.

So the issue was with the doorbell.

Thanks for the help.


DON'T TIGHTEN THE MOUNTING BRACKET ALL THE WAY. After Simplisafe sending me three cameras to try and adding two chime extenders, talking to numerous tech support people, I finally got a recommendation that made my video doorbell work. It took me using a multimeter to prove I was getting power through the wires and the chime working when they touch before a tech person nailed down the issue that the mounting bracket needs to be loose. I've never heard iny life to not tighten a mounting bracket all the way. Apparently the unit needs to be able to move up and down to make contact when doorbell is pushed. If they would have made that recommendation in the instruction book, it would have save me so much time and frustration.

We are having a terrible time

We are having a terrible time with this doorbell camera. We have never gotten the audio to work. We tried testing with spouse walking up to the door, I open the app on my phone and by the time the live action camera connects he has already rung the bell and walked off and then the connection disconnects without recording anything. Seeing all the tech stuff you users have had to go thru is way over our retiree non tech heads. I'm gonna contact SS tomorrow and send this back and just continue relying on our dogs to alert us when someone approaches. I cannot say thus is a simple install security devise.

I am on my fourth or fifth

I am on my fourth or fifth defective (solid yellow light) doorbell pro camera in a row. Are these cameras really this bad?