Magnet to Entry Sensor fell off while we were out

The entry sensor on our door fell off while we were out. I only knew this because I checked our status on mySimpliSafe. When we arrived home the magnet had fallen. I placed it back up and it seems really stuck, like I couldn't pull it off. We are away from the house a lot and we will be "live" tomorrow, meaning we start our monitoring. Is there anything we can do or use to ensure none of our sensors fall off? We go on vacation next week and I'll be a nervous wreck, thinking our alarm is going off or the police were called.

If someone has a suggestion

If someone has a suggestion or comment, could you please post here, as well as email me @ I can't check the community board that often while at work but want to get some ideas so I can stop at Lowes on my way home if need be. Also, all the sensors seemed to be fine last night, no alarms or police cars while we slept. :)

Have a GREAT DAY!!

Matthew Barbis

Hi Matthew, Have you tried

Hi Matthew,

Have you tried cleaning the area to which you adhere the magnet with alcohol? In order to get a good adhesion between the surface and the magnet you need to clean the surface with alcohol and dry it completely before attempting to install it. The magnets will not stick to a dirty wall.

You should have some extra 3M Command Strips that shipped out with your system.

Hope this helps!

Live. Safely.

Also, when you adhere or

Also, when you adhere or re-adhere a sensor or magnet, make sure to use a fresh adhesive strip each time. If you adhere the magnet and then take it off the wall and then re-adhere it, the tape will be much less effective. Take the old strip off and use a fresh one (several extra were included in your kit). Try to place it just once and press-and-hold firmly for at least 10 seconds.


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Live. Safely.

Thank you!! I will try that

Thank you!! I will try that when I get home.
Best Wishes!

Matthew Barbis