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New COPS monitoring phone number announcement

SimpliSafe sent an email out to customers today announcing a new phone number that cops monitoring will the using when they contact customers for alarm events.

If there was a Customer Resource Center (CRC) with a dedicated area for important information like this, it could be posted there.

SimpliSafe management: here is another example where we would all benefit, customers and associates alike, in such a very important resource.

I did not receive any email

I did not receive any email from SS. Monitoring subscriber for over 4 years.

I purposely did not include

I purposely did not include the phone number as I thought possibly they were dividing different numbers to handle the large number of customers. One scenario would be separate primary numbers to specific call centers.
Even though the numbers are probably different the information could still be easily categorized for each applicable customer in a customer Resource Center.

Good morning, all. We just

Good morning, all.

We just posted this same announcement under the Emergency Dispatch forum:

But thanks for the alert here as well!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

Hi Johnny, just saw it and

Hi Johnny, just saw it and posted my reply. Your efforts to post it is appreciated but it will be lost in the form within days if not hours. Please let's get a customer Resource Center up sooner than later

Personally, I think the email

Personally, I think the email was the best way to reach as many people as possible. I'd have to imagine the number of SS owners that frequent the forums is just a tiny percentage.

Is it going to hurt to have it plastered all over a forum? Certainly not, but by the same token I'd wager it's much less effective than a direct mail to all monitored account emails.

@michael.fernandes Received


Received it yet?

Mine came on the 26th, at 7.39PM, under the heading "IMPORTANT: New contact number for Monitoring Center".

If not, be sure to check your junk mail/spam mail/blocked sender folders.

To all: having worked in the

To all: having worked in the medical device market for over 25 years, the FDA was very clear what the requirements were to legally operate within it. That included customer communication, where you had sales reps contact as many customers by phone or in person, you mailed notices (certified, registered on standard depending on the situation), emailed or faxed all or specific contacts and posted in our company CRC that effected products, services and support (including how to contact us). We made every effort to over-communicate.

Yes, I know, the security industry is not the medical industry, but guess what: lives are still a consideration. A change in the monitoring number is not a small issue and I for one don't think a posting in this forum and one email cuts it.

Communication is part of the overall product and value consideration. In the communication dept, Simplisafe is severely lacking.

I remain a patient, loyal customer.



I received my message in an

I received my message in an email an when I opened my SS app. There was also a link to add as a contact on your phone,

Having worked for 30+ years,

Having worked for 30+ years, and still working, in a field where we occasionally need to issue safety-type communications (think like a safety-related product recall) safety-related situations are an important consideration.

In this case regardless if you didn't have the new number, didn't answer the call, left your phone at home that day, or whatever, the SS monitoring system still performs the primary function of notifying the authorities. Worst case here isn't so much a failure to warn/protect, moreso an "Oops, cancel, that's a false alarm." situation. The system is inherently fail-safe, if you will, regarding the monitoring and dispatch in case of an alarm.

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