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New system parts vs. older systems

Just noticed the latest system with a lot of redesigned pieces.I figure someone is going to ask the question sooner or later.

Are the newly designed pieces merely cosmetic and will function with the older systems? I briefly scanned the new system and didn't see anything mentioned regarding compatibility or lack of same.

they are not compatible.

they are not compatible.

Are we sure about that ?? If

Are we sure about that ?? If you look closely the CO2 sensor appears to be the v2.0 (current / now old style)

Simpisafe Rep said NO!

Simpisafe Rep said NO!

Call back and speak to

Call back and speak to another Rep and see what answer you get.If "No!" is correct then put it in writing.I'm all about knowing things upfront so there's no questions or who to blame down the road.

It should be in bold print where you have the option to buy more sensors,keypads,etc

The fact that you can order online without human interaction tells me that someone will eventually post here that they bought new sensors and they don't work on their older system.

Unless there is a builtin alert asking what system you now have before checking out there will be problems for sure!.

Like I said earlier, the

Like I said earlier, the Smoke Detector & CO2 Sensor appear to be the same. Rather than argue with fellow owners / others who rely on these board to contain good information here is what I am doing:

I purchased the small new system (with a few sensors, new base & keypad). Once I receive it (obviously I will try to use my existing sensors)... I will report my progress.

They are offering a 60 day Money back guarantee on new systems... I know purchasing new is not for everyone, but I'm doing it for the following 3 reasons

- WI-FI & Cellular connections
- Lighted Keypad (I really personally need this)
- eventual integration with Alexa.

Most people may be upset about having to upgrade to the new system, I just don't want to replace 30 sensors, which do the same exact thing.

Technology changes (did anyone every get a new iPhone after 3 years because they bought an old - for example iPhone 5 - everyone should not expect a few upgrade to iPhone 8 - just an example).

Would it be nice for Simplisafe to give a discount for the new system, yes - are they a technology company - yes, so discounts are rare with many companies.

Either way, I will try out the new system with the old sensors & report back. We'll see better in about 10 days.

Rpiontek, having, like the

Rpiontek, having, like the others on this post, searched the SS site seeking these answers, I’ll be very interested in your test results. My “old” style system is only 6 months old, so this is a bit disheartening. Will you be testing smoke detectors? At $30 each, my 7 smoke detectors were an investment I expected to not become technologically outdated in such a short time. Not to mention with my 15 foot ceilings, required the Fire Deprtment to install - fortunately a free service where I live. Who wants to have to reinstall a house full of sensors? I still haven’t managed to remove all my old Protection One remnants. But the speedier functionality as well as the ability to integrate with Alexa and other IOTs is appealing. Hopefully, the new base is compatible with old sensors/detectors and my posting here will notify me of your response!

Wow, massively frustrating.

Wow, massively frustrating. Simplisafe should at LEAST allow for reduced pricing for existing owners of their system, rather than start anew and pay full fare.

If nothing else, yes, at LEAST the sensors should be compatible! Can someone from Simplisafe actually chime in?

SS has chimed in. The two

SS has chimed in. The two systems are not compatible.

"On January 10th, 2018 Shelby

"On January 10th, 2018 Shelby H. says:
We're excited to see all of your enthusiasm about our new generation of SimpliSafe! I wanted to address some great questions a few of you have brought up.

First, the new SimpliSafe is not compatible with any original SimpliSafe components. The redesign has included some great new features that require new hardware. Unfortunately, this means the systems components are not interchangeable between the new SimpliSafe and the original SimpliSafe.

Additionally, the original SimpliSafe system will continue to be supported. Your current monitoring services and warranty will remain unchanged. We want to assure our customers that the original SimpliSafe system remains as a great choice for customers looking for no-frills security with outstanding value. We are just as committed as ever in providing our customers with affordable and reliable security.

Finally, we are currently not offering an upgrade. The new SimpliSafe is offered at no increase in price, a testament to our efforts to keep security affordable. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or lingering concerns. We're here to help.

SimpliSafe Home Security"

The "not compatible" is

The "not compatible" is understandable, as "all signals are now encrypted". The no upgrade path is what is incomprehensible.

Does anyone know if the new

Does anyone know if the new components would be recognized by a Samsung SmartThings hub, or any other home automation hub? I want to have an alarm sensor on my front door but I also want to have a hall light turn on when the door opens. Ideally I would like to do this (and much more) without having to install multiple sensors.

Also, will the new system be HomeKit (or SmartThings, or Alexa) compatible as it is currently being delivered? I want to replace my large Simplisafe system with the new components but don't want to have to spend even more money for promised compatibilities.

This might be petty to some

This might be petty to some but it's indicative of what SimpliSafe thinks of us as customers.....

Per SimpliSafe's website...You can buy the sign with stake included for $3.99 under the new system but you only get the sign for $3.99 under the older system.I would buy the sign with stake included but it's probably incompatible with my system.

Hey SimpliSafe! Next time you have a meeting make sure you have all hands in the room. You sure haven't learned much after 10yrs.

Well... That post above seems

Well... That post above seems to be pretty detailed (and disappointing as we all agree)... I will still be making a move to the new system & selling all my old stuff on ebay.... Anyone want to purchase my current equipment let me know... I'll be selling sensors for $7.50 each, detectors for $15.00 each. All of these are about 1 year old & still work great

OK - I listed all my items on

OK - I listed all my items on Ebay - Go to ebay & lookup Seller "Rickp703" for deals on Simplisafe 2 related items

The 'original' units have an

The 'original' units have an issue, sooo...

At least the cameras that many waited for years to be released work on both systems. It doesn't seem wrong that they would have a new iteration. Natural really. It's the incompatibility that is at issue and the incompatibility is certainly related to the flaw found in the old systems that allows thieves to 'crack' it.

Here's the thing: Simplisafe knows those with old systems have a flaw. They have a responsibility to manage that flaw. Imagine if a sensor could start a fire. Wouldn't they be responsible for replacing that sensor? On the macro side, they did address this by creating a new better system. But they are leaving those with the 'original' out in the cold with the defect. And it appears no one is being notified of the issue.

In short, it seems not just a customer-service issue here. They would appear to have a real, and legal responsibility to make sure those that bought a system for the security of their home to fix that issue. How many times do patches for a computer or phone come down? This is a flaw in something protecting the home.

They have a responsibility to those with the old 'original' system to provide a discounted upgrade path so they are not using the flawed/defective system. And they should phase out the old system. If enough owners of 'original' equipment knew that there was a security flaw in the system that could leave their home vulnerable, I'm sure there'd be an uproar.

It's not been in their DNA, but with this nice new equipment and direction, it'd be nice to see a new customer-focused orientation that didn't leave the 'original' equipment users out in the cold and vulnerable.

Let's see a 50% discount for original equipment holders and an additional 10% if they mail back the defective system to Simplisafe for destruction.

When SimpliSafe actually

When SimpliSafe actually delivers on Amazon Echo integration, I'll consider upgrading. SimpliSafe isn't the best with software development. On a Mac, as an example, the keychain fob will only use Safari, and Safari actually has to be set to be the default browser. Keep in mind that Chrome is the #1 browser in the world, yet this hasn't been fixed for two years! It would have been trivial to test for the default browser and then run the appropriate code.

I have a feeling that Alexa integration is a l-o-n-g way off.

I agree totally with your

I agree totally with your comments JandN. What flaws/defects specifically are you saying we have in the 'original' system? Before I get too concerned about my home's security with the SS2 system I recently installed, I want to know all the facts. If as you infer the original system is putting my home and my loved ones at risk, I will consider joining everyone else in demanding that Simplisafe upgrade us to the new system. I think the last thing they want is for dissatisfied customers to share this issue on social media and every other media outlet about the way they do business.

c.newton.sr, SS2 isn't


SS2 isn't encrypted, so a thief could purchase a 100.00 device to "collect" your PIN when you dis-arm your system as he sits in wait just a mere 100 feet from your home or leaves a device hidden on the ground to collect the information (this was discovered by a security expert in 2015). Simplisafe was or became aware of the issue but did not come out with a fix (the new SS3) until this month, three years later. To fix it, they would have had to develop new base stations and keypads to encrypt the signals from the keypad - which in theory, customers could still keep the rest of their SS2 sensors and components and simply get new bases and keypads for their systems.

While technically, it would be somewhat arduous for a dumb thief to do, in practice, it is concerning because it can in fact be done. The info is already out there in articles, videos on how to do it.

It's already been posted on the net, in various places (and there are threads here in the forum you can find for more info). Simplisafe didn't do much to calm fears, except to downplay the issue.

If you just bought your system within the last 60 days, you have the option to return and request a refund and consider buying the new SS3 if interested.

@c.newton.sr https://www.forb




To echo coltmaster1's sentiment, if you have purchased SS2 within the 60 Day return window, return it for SS3.

The problem I heard about was

The problem I heard about was that the signal from the keypad to disarm was always the same, so if a person was able to record that signal, they could re-transmit it to disarm the system. Encryption is not the solution to this, a "rolling" code like garage door openers now use is the solution to this problem.

Does Simplisafe need to have

Does Simplisafe need to have a class action suit filed against them to get them to offer discounted upgrades to current customers since they are aware of the PIN signal flaw, yet don't disclose that tidbit? I researched the heck out of it, but never came across the articles revealing that vulnerability. Yet, Simplisafe knew. They knew they were leaving customers open to a huge man-hole of vulnerability, and with a service they are paying for to be protected.

I'm especially frustrated that we just bought the system in mid-October, and our 60-day period expired just before the new system was announced.

Why should we have to, once again, pay full price for a system when the one we have is hackable, and Simplisafe knows this, and has known this??

Relax, there has not been one

Relax, there has not been one documented case about the system being hacked by a real criminal. Its overblown hoopla. If you are barely outside the 60 days call SS and ask for your options. Worst they can say is no.

Don't be so sure, DP - I mean

Don't be so sure, DP - I mean the knowledge is out there now, anyone can do it, with 100.00 or less in equipment. Kids like to play. Ex's like to stalk. Several examples where this could be put into motion if someone wanted to - just because we've not heard of a real-life example doesn't mean it hasn't or will not be done in the near future. There's already been at least two people on the forums lately with changed PINS that no one has explanations for (if simplisafe can't explain that, and does not contain a security log for legal reasons, that's a problem). Mind you, I am not saying those two people had their system PINs captured via the vulnerability, but don't say nothing is possible.

Amen to this post! A discount

Amen to this post! A discount of at least 50% is the least they can do in my opinion. I was thinking of expanding my system but not now!

Ug.. this is getting old.

Ug.. this is getting old. Everyones SS2 system was fine for years and now all of a sudden its not good enough because a new system is out.

Ok, with respect, DP, not all

Ok, with respect, DP, not all of us ever felt that SS2 was fine. It was not secure, not compatible, not capable of updating, full of connection problems, other sensor problems, and services being charged for but not provided. Not fine.

upgrade if u want the newer

upgrade if u want the newer look, its basically the same, just sleek like looking and more options on keypad such as connecting to wifi backup incase cell tower goes down

And encrypted signals, and

And encrypted signals, and possible rolling disarm codes, and extended range, and alleged dispatch even if the base is smashed before the delay is up, and the ability to add functions and install fixes, and backlit keys far enough apart that you hit only the one you want, and a siren which communicates both ways, and 100 sensor capacity rather than 41 and i think an exit delay, and no need for that @#$)(*)#$ Wizard in the remote, and remotes which don't leave a trail of parts behind them. Yep, basically the same, which explains why the price is the same.

minuccic, curb the language,

minuccic, curb the language, it's uncalled for.

This is funny... In forbes

This is funny... In forbes it and I quote!

SimpliSafe spokesperson Melina Engel told FORBES that it was planning on releasing hardware with over-the-air firmware updates and that customers would be given a discount on those once they were available. She also pointed out that customers are notified every time someone disarms an alarm, so customers should notice when something was amiss even if not checking logs, whilst PINs could be changed from the SimpliSafe smartphone app.

Melina told FORBES there would be a discount!

If we're all so upset about

If we're all so upset about the SS2 vulnerabilities, and the lack of an upgrade path, or the lack of "an over-the-air firmware update", has anyone researched the home security options? Are there any systems out there with SS's price/performance? I'd like to know as that would be much less expensive than a class action law suit or ditching our investment in SS2 hardware for the SS3.

Totally disappointed SS, do

Totally disappointed SS, do the right thing and offer a discount to current customers and make it right... I see no reason you could not have made the old sensors compatible with the new system. Bad business!!!!!!

Um, how you going to teach

Um, how you going to teach them old components encryption?


Alexa integration...please!

Simply not investing in any more Simplisafe sensors or systems until they code a darn Alexa skill already! That is something that could be done in a day. Having an alarm system that cannot talk to any other intelligent home devices over any protocol is unacceptable. The Internet of Things is here already in 2018. Been considering just giving my system to my parents and going with a system that at least has the option of being a part of my smart home!

Alexa support is on its way

Alexa support is on its way according to SS.

I have 2 echos in my house and I love them, BUT I wouldnt call her intelligent yet. :)

I purchased your system on

I purchased your system on 12/30/17, Order# WPxxxxxxxx. As the CO and Smoke detectors were missing in the shipment, two (2) Hazard Boost were sent to me after 1/5/18, Order # WPxxxxxxxx. When that package was received, it only included one (1) Hazard Boost set of sensors, so Simplisafe (SS) sent me the final Hazard Boost set, Order # WPxxxxxxx on or after 1/10/18, sensors that I ordered in the first place on the original order. Terrible order picking at SS, as you made mistakes twice with shipping me my order. Just yesterday, 3/26/18, I submitted the Alarm System Permit to my town as I was going to install my "new" system today, 3/27/18. I unpacked the Base unit and immediately noticed that the base unit does not look like the base unit on TV and/or SS's website. Now I come to find out, by doing some searching on the internet, that my system is the old system! I only unpacked the base, and didn't install the system and it is outdated. Is there any opportunity to return this system for a refund so that I can buy the upgraded system? I hate to initially install a system that is already outdated. a I sent this to SS and they replied that As I purchased my system outside the 60 day return policy, there was nothing that they will do for me, except give me a free month's worth of monitoring, WOW how generous!! I was disappointed with SS when they couldn't fill my order properly, twice, and now I feel totally disappointed and have a feeling of being "HAD".

See my response in your first

See my response in your first post.

I too have bought the OLD

I too have bought the OLD system just few months ago, SimpliSafe wanted to get rid of their old systems and didn't let us know until we bought it, SS should had given us a choice of whether we wanted to buy the new system or the old system, instead SS just let us fallen into a trap, now their old system is worth pennies compared to the new system which we bought at FULL price. Unfair practice!!!

OK, I bought the old system

OK, I bought the old system at the end of November, beginning of December and they came out with the new system right after that. Yes, unfair, blah, blah, blah. It is what it is.
Now, I have several places where I want to add a water sensor. The design of the new sensor looks so much better and easier to work with for where I want to put them. I see many of the old systems on Ebay.
My question for people that have had this for a while (and maybe some that have water sensors) is, is it worth it to sell the current system on ebay and get a new system or are the old style water sensors OK/easy to use set up?
Right now I have the keypad, base, three door sensors and a motion sensor but I'm only using two door sensors. I haven't put up the third sensor or the motion sensor yet.

@merpmerp, I owned the SS2

@merpmerp, I owned the SS2 for almost 5 years and purchased SS3 the day it was announced at CES. In my instance, most of the equipment was out of warranty, I wanted IoT connectivity and a lighted keypad. That aside, my SS2 continued to work fine and served me well. Financially, by planning and saving (others may say lucky) I was able to afford it. I do not know your particular situation, of course, and you will have to decide if buying the new system makes sense for you. I will tell you the new system performs very well and fills in gaps of the old system. (one is range for the base to sensors). One area of two stories are the motion sensors: much more stable and work well in conditions SS2 didn't (cold, drafty areas) but in my personal experience SS3 motions are not as good with pets. Also, the water sensors for SS2 worked fine, in performance and installation. SS3 does give you more options too, like the temp sensor.

Hope this helps.

the new system has the

the new system has the potential to be better than the old, but it is having teething difficulties. Since SS is offering no incentive to put up with these quirks, I'd say wait until things settle down or at least they offer a reasonable discount.

Thank you for the replies and

Thank you for the replies and information. I'm only using part of what I guess they call the "Essential" that costs $259 so it's not really an issue, especially if I sell the old one on Ebay. However, my two main concerns, the motion detector working better in SS2 and the water sensors working fine make me think I should just stick with what I have. The only issue I really have is the lighted keypad, but I've been dealing with it so far (just have to turn a light on when I come in), so I'll stick with that for now.

Several people have mounted

Several people have mounted an inexpensive, motion activated mini light above the keypad.

Any word if Google Home or

Any word if Google Home or Wink will be supported? I don't care for Alexa.

Simplisafe has officially

Simplisafe has officially taught me the lesson of "you get what you pay for". I've been with them for over 4 years with a V2 system. I found out about the vulnerability last year and was pleased to see Melina Engel tell Forbes that a new system was in the works and a discount would be made available to current customers. I felt that they cared about me....wrong!

Here's a tip, plunk down a few more bucks per month and go with Frontpoint. If you dig into their customer service ratings you'll see they stand behind their existing customers. I'm willing to pay a little more for that!

I just spoke to someone at SS

I just spoke to someone at SS (for another issue), and did ask about the encryption vulnerability, and asked about existing customers getting a discount on the new system., and was told "management is listening" to all of the requests and there WILL be discount to us coming soon... mid-late this year. Let's hope they keep that promise and show that they value our business.

@denisesmith, your post

@denisesmith, your post clearly illustrates the problems with Simplisafe and their complete lack of a comprehensive customer communication policy. They still think its 2006 and they get the benefit of the doubt as a small startup on the great wide web. Sorry but that shipped sailed with a 50 some odd million investment by Sequoia Venture Capital. Bravo to the development team for SS3 hardware and software but the inept associates in marcom should either be docked their pay for a year or terminated.

There is a post from Melina

There is a post from Melina on a proposed discount. Considering that the entire system has to be replaced, It is pathetic.

SS is finally considering an

SS is finally considering an upgrade offer and is seeking customer feedback. Please go ASAP to https://simplisafe.com/forum/customer-support-forum/testimonials-reviews... and make your voices heard.

As a quick preview, SS is considering requiring us to post a video to social media about our upgrade experience in order to get the full discount, an idea I'm none to pleased about. Again, go to link above and make your thoughts and opinions known.

Too late, and too many

Too late, and too many repetitions