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New system parts vs. older systems

Just noticed the latest system with a lot of redesigned pieces.I figure someone is going to ask the question sooner or later.

Are the newly designed pieces merely cosmetic and will function with the older systems? I briefly scanned the new system and didn't see anything mentioned regarding compatibility or lack of same.

This is a terrible business

This is a terrible business model and very disappointing.
I'm dropping simplisafe.

@afrisina8356, regular price,

@afrisina8356, regular price, component by component, is the same. You may have received a discount of some type on your original system. Also suggest you edit your post and remove your email.

I bought some add on entry

I bought some add on entry sensors and glass breaking sensor but was never told their was an old and new system difference. These new sensors do not work with my older system. Shouldn’t SS be at the very least telling customers about this and checking customer accounts to advise them BEFORE buying additional pieces?

If you ordered by phone,

If you ordered by phone, absolutely, bad on SS. If you ordered via website, you missed their notifications.

BTW, if within 60 days, call and get return shipping label to return them for refund.

Did you order thru the

Did you order thru the website, make a phone call, or order them from another reseller? If I try to order through the SS site it clearly asks me if I want to expand the new system or the old system.

But if you bought them from SS you can send them back easy enough.

@dkildebeck I see that we


I see that we recently replied to your email on this same question, so you might already have the answer you were looking for.

But if you're talking about your last order, those are definitely components for the SimpliSafe Original, and not the All New SimpliSafe (which was released in January 2018). If you're seeing errors, there might be some other issue that is preventing communication. Please refer to the email reply for further details.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

AMEN to that! the new system,

AMEN to that! the new system, with what I originally had, will cost me $600

I too am quite disappointed

I too am quite disappointed that Simplisafe did not extend a discount to it’s current customers using the old system. They may be pleasantly surprised that many customers using the old system would opt to upgrade had the option been given(at least this is what all of my friends using the old system have indicated to me). It’s also unfortunate that the new build would not be back compatible with the old sensors so existing customers would just have to purchase a new base station rather being forced to change the system in it’s entirety. I was considering adding a few more sensors but I’m hesitant now as there is no guarantee that the old system won’t be orphaned within a couple of years. This was, in my opinion, a bad call on Simplisafe’s part and does a huge disservice to their existing customers. This is not to say that I’m unhappy with my current system but as a small business owner, customer retention is key to my success and this stance by Simplisafe calls into question their business model. That being said, I will continue to use Simplisafe but now, I will most certainly seriously consider other security alarm systems for my home if/when an upgrade/replacement becomes necessary.

@dmj196531 We are absolutely


We are absolutely committed to supporting the SimpliSafe Original for as long as you need it. However, you might not already know that we've been rolling out a Trade-Up Upgrade Program for all of our customers with active service. You might want to check your email address (don't forget to also check spam!) for an email from us with your unique offer code!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

I have not received the email

I have not received the email with the unique offer code yet. :(

I also haven't received the

I also haven't received the email discount offer. I called SS this morning to ask about it (surprisingly, only on hold ~3 minutes). They said since I had already heard about on the forums, they would extend the offer to me even without the email (yet). I have not yet decided to purchase SS3 yet, but wanted to know that the 40% off was at least available.

I also confirmed that the $200 off summerfort deal ending today cannot be combined with the 40% off. The summerfort page says cannot be combined with other offers, but I thought it was worth the ask since I already had them on the line.

So upgrading will run me ~$300 to keep same coverage and gain me a camera. In actuality, if I upgrade I'll probably add additional sensors to get the 40% discount and try out different levels of coverage - just return whatever I decide not to keep.

rpiontek, did you ever find

rpiontek, did you ever find out if the old system smoke detector works on the new system?

It does not. New system only

It does not. New system only talks to properly encrypted devices.

Maybe I'm not as tech savvy

Maybe I'm not as tech savvy as everyone on this thread.....I have the old system and everything about it seems just fine. I guess the real bummer will be when there is no more COPS monitoring for it....hope that never happens? In the meantime, sensors, motion detectors, glass breakage, water sensor....everything works great. Am I missing something here?

The problem will not be COPS.

The problem will not be COPS. The old system will never get any of its problems fixed, and never will have any new functions or accessories. At some point in time, it is possible the phone connection won't work any more (down level format retired).

Other than that, yeah, if it does everything you want now, there is no pressing need to upgrade. At some time in the future you might be "forced" to upgrade. Or maybe not.

What was the outcome of your

What was the outcome of your test?

I'm interested in the same

I'm interested in the same thing. Does anyone know if this is possible?

This was already answered

This was already answered months ago in another thread but without a search tool you would not easily find it. The smoke, Co and all other sensors from SS2 are not compatible with SS3. The cameras are.

I did not know there was an

I did not know there was an SS3 until today and now in reading this forum I find that the new keypad is backlit which I really need. BUT, it turns out the new is not compatible with the old. Also in reading the forum they state sometime back in August 2018 they sent email to current customers offering upgrade discount. Never received such email or offer and I am a monthly paying current customer. Sheesh SS, keep us updated and offer a discount to loyal old current customers thanks!

jazzman, call them and ask

jazzman, call them and ask for the 40%off discount - if they say no, ask for a supervisor and request it again.

As part of the 40% deal, you

As part of the 40% deal, you will have to return your SS2 base, keypad and master keyfob using the prepaid label they send.

rpiontek- Hello! I was


Hello! I was wondering what were the results of you purchasing a new system and determining if you could use the older (previous model) sensors with it?

It would not work. The old

It would not work. The old system is not encrypted and the new system is, so they "do not speak the same language". The old devices will see the new signals as gibberish, and the new system will see the old signals as invalid.

Well, I've got an original

Well, I've got an original system, and over the past ~4 years, I've had more & more days where I arm it at night and get "No Link to Dispatch Center". The cell radio is so old and the towers are moving to newer 4G, so the signal strength is not getting any better. Put that on top of the encryption debacle from a couple years and it looks like I need a new system - because, as others have pointed out, nothing from the original can be carried forward.

I liked Simplisafe for its variety of sensors, and knowing that I could expand and upgrade it to do a lot of different things. The app has been a bit disappointing, but it has made some progress - and the web dashboard is neat. But I'm having to look at a whole new system, which means I'm now comparing to a lot of other available options now versus ~4 years ago when I first looked through all this.

And Simplisafe has lost a lot of goodwill with me. With the encryption debacle, the half-baked upgrade discounts it has floated, and the fact that I'm paying for premium monitoring, but currently I can only connect to the dispatch center half the time. I don't mind upgrading for new features and even paying a premium for them, but having to shell out again for a whole new system in less than 4 years doesn't really sit well. That has really spurred me to look at other options, and in the current market, I've found better alternatives. I'll be dropping Simplisafe, and I guess the old system can function as a local alarm at some point down the road, if I ever need it - though I won't be surprised if SS drops support for it before I can find a use for it.

@stede, I have placed 27

@stede, I have placed 27 systems, many of them SS2 so when I read your post I called my two brother-in-laws a neighbor and a former co worker to ask how their SS2 systems were doing. Of the 4 calls, all said their old SS2 systems were not experiencing connection issues. I know a sample with an n of 4 is not statistically significant but do urge you to call Support and troubleshoot, if you are so inclined.

stede, You could still call


You could still call and ask SS for the upgrade offer, if they say no, ask for a supervisor and state your case :)

Another option is asking for a different cell module for your current SS2 - if for example, you had a tmobile module, ask SS for the verizon module instead - seems a ton of folks got their connections established and consistent with a different module. They are easy to replace in the base station - SS usually sends an instruction sheet with them, just call and ask (at least to see if that's the current problem with your connection)

That is, if you decide to stay with SS.

You say you have found

You say you have found "better alternatives". By definition, this would mean "more reliable and functional at the same price", or "equally reliable and functional at a lower price".

It appears that your problem is the cellular signal; and certainly if you could get a similar system which could provide that, "better" would be accurate. But can you? Would not any system based on cellular have the risk of similar problems? Is your WiFi reliable enough and hard enough to interrupt that it would be practical to rely on? Or are you considering land-line based, which is trivial to disrupt?

My problem is that I have not found any system which is close to "better".

I too am disappointed in SS

I too am disappointed in SS and would appreciate a discount to upgrade to a more secure system. I certainly will not be adding to my system and will likely switch to another vendor when the current system dies.

@sevensiamesecats If you


If you asked any one of the folks if they thought bullying was OK, they'd say "No.". Yet, they have no problem doing just that on a forum when they threaten SimpliSafe with legal action or returning their systems or whatever. And, more often than not, it's because they didn't do research on system capability before they bought, or have some expectation that SS will provide features that were never part of the original purchase and never promised would ever be.

As I'm sure you've seen too, lots of people get SS because it's cheaper than what they had before, but then demand all the feature or more of the expensive system at SS bargain price. The nerve to do that, oh my.

I don't know what the general demographic is of SS customers (I probably could guess, but won't). But here's some sound wisdom for anyone that happens by...

1. Do your homework BEFORE you buy.
2. Don't buy based on "blue sky".
3. If it seems too good to be true it probably is too good to be true.

^ SS isn't exactly

^ SS isn't exactly forthcoming with all the information people would need to 'research' their options. Their website is lacking in several things informational which bring potential buyers to the forum, which of course has no search function. I realize a phone call to SS would be simple...

Should be a place to download

Should be a place to download manuals if there isn't. That said, people tend not to read them anyway until they're already in a jam.

Considering the 60-day return policy, should be ample time to figure out what you got, or not; especially for people coming from other systems. If it doesn't have what you want/need then send it back. Don't sit on the forum complaining about lacking features and demanding an update for 978 PINs (or whatever) because you had two months to figure out it was lacking in that regard.

Actually, it would be nice if

Actually, it would be nice if actual (useful, accurate, complete) manuals existed :-) The only one I've seen was done by a customer...

Maybe that's why there isn't

Maybe that's why there isn't any big push for manuals. Once you go through the initial setup wizard there really isnt much else to it, coupled with the 60-day return policy.

It's not like there's an assload of adjustments/tweaks like a home theater receiver (which is these days largely by an automatic setup and calibration routine as well) .

There are downloadable

There are downloadable manuals for SS2 and SS3 - but they are pretty generic (mostly just basic set-up) and do not explain many functions of the sensors or monitoring, not to mention settings, in particular, base station and alarm settings for each sensor etc. They used to have a FAQ section for SS2, but it too was generic and 2 extra pages with the same question/answers on it (it might still be up on the site). SS knew customers needed a search function on the forum but it's been nearly 2 years and they obviously don't care. We've never had a FAQ for SS3, so those who bought the systems were beta testers for everyone else - that was really negligent on SS's part, not to mention rolling out a new system and their phone support didn't even know how to use it. Not much has changed since then. So, yes, there needs to be a CRC, search function on the forum, phone reps who know how to answer questions/recognize problems, and active engagement on the forum from SS, and not just an occasional post by Johnny M or Lee C.

Just installed new SS3

Just installed new SS3 system. Works fine. Then ordered more smoke detectors. Received the SD1 versions which are not compatible with the new base station. Straightened it out with tech support; they are mailing me the SD3 models. I didn't go to the "add to system" page, but just ordered, with them sending me the old SD1s. Not a biggie, but I think SS should emphasize this compatibility issue in their ordering info, etc.

@nerd737 SS does warn you if

@nerd737 SS does warn you if you go the path they think everyone will....and that's the problem. Us "users" don't always go the path that developers think we will.

Years ago our senior sales mgt want to put in a "Sale region call planning tool" (AKA big brother wants to see how you spend your time). Usually a sales admin project (I was its head) the new VP of IT decided they could do better. 3 months and a lot of money later it was deployed with no input from the user community in our CRM. Disaster followed and the "hey, you're not supposed to use it that way" was said a 100 times from IT.

Given the structure of the current SS website, I sincerely doubt SS's web development team has gotten much input and feedback from those that use it often. Sad, especially how talented the SS developers are.