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Placement of motion sensors

The website description for the motion sensors says it has a 90 degree field of view which pretty much dictates corner placement which is fine. I'm assuming that this is on the horizontal plane. However it does not state what the vertical field of view is. If someone is standing directly under it will it immediately detect them if they start to move? If not how far out into the room do they have to walk before it will detect them? Assume a 10' ceiling with the sensor mounted in a corner against the ceiling and a 5'4" person.

It senses straight out and

It senses straight out and down at a 45 degree angle. So, directly underneath it is a dead zone, which would be bigger the higher it is mounted. Mounting it much over 7' would generally not be recommended. At that height, a 5'4" person probably would be detected past 3' out and possibly as little as 2'. At 10' high, it would probably be past 6' before they would be reliably detected, with the possible minimum of 5'.

I figured as much. But if I

I figured as much. But if I get a system I want the motion sensors mounted high against the ceiling so I will have to tilt them using some sort of DIY bracket. Shouldn't be to difficult.

Does the motion sensor have

Does the motion sensor have any light that flashes to indicate that it is sensing? My old hard wired system motion sensors had a red light to indicate that the sensor was on or off

The SS motion sensors have no

The SS motion sensors have no indicator light if they picked up anything. My former ADT system's original motion sensors did have lights to show it was picking up someone but then the new ones did not. You can configure the motions to send SMS messages if they pick up motion. Usually does the trick.

As for the DIY bracket, that

As for the DIY bracket, that was easy. I got some 90 deg metal brackets for supporting light wood works, about 2 inches, and then bent them a bit more down to around 40 deg. This worked good for me as i had a narrow area covering 2 doors and a window off to the side (laundry room between garage and rest of house). The sensor is above internal door height but facing 90 deg to it covering the garage entrance while also the door below due to the angle.
The same principle should work for mounting your sensors at higher levels.

Use TEST mode to find where

Use TEST mode to find where the sensors actually start to sense the movement.

@chino-71-zx Thanks for the


Thanks for the great suggestion. Testing your sensors thoroughly is an important part of the installation process. You can do this in test mode, or if you prefer, test them in away mode. If you do so in away mode, make sure to wait two full minutes outside the motion sensors line of sight once the system is armed. This allows them to warm up and get an accurate heat signature for the room!

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