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Saving Motion Detection Settings

Hi. I'm trying to adjust my motion detections settings. I get "Success. Your new settings will take effect when all live streams and recording end."

Then it does not save. Any help?


Same problem. I'm thinking

Same problem. I'm thinking app/software bug!!??

Yes. Same problem. Has been

Yes. Same problem. Has been this way for weeks. Called support last week. No help there. They logged the issue. I just downloaded the update for the app in ios 2074.49.0 that fixed minor bugs. It did not fix it because I would consider this a major bug since my alarm system cannot detect motion outside my house!

What type of phone are you

What type of phone are you two using? I am talking to support - he is researching from the perspective of App bug with my Apple 10.

Hi all, After taking a look

Hi all,

After taking a look into this issue, it does appear to be a bug in the iOS version of the SimpliSafe app affecting the ability to save camera motion settings. Our app engineering team is currently working on a fix for this but in the meantime, we do have a workaround. As the bug appears to only affect the ability to save motion settings within the Motion Notifications screen, you can change the motion settings, then back out to the Camera Settings screen, and then click Save. At this point, your new motion settings will save properly.

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@Team S please make sure to

@Team S please make sure to provide feedback to management clear and simple: While your post here is great, it will be buried and lost within days, if not within hours. Simplisafe needs to create and implement a true Customer Resource Center (CRC) now! A systems status/bug area in a CRC where customers could go on their own, see what bugs were identified and being worked on, system status etc will significantly improve customer and SS associate good will and make everyone's time more productive!


This workaround you posted

This workaround you posted above did work for me, thank you - the notifications were wearing me out.

I second what Captain11 posted. I had to read through a lot of titles to find this buried in here. There really should be a more elaborate and accessible portal for customers to browse, search, and (in most cases) resolve their own issues. I can't imagine that it woudn't make your lives a lot easier - I was within seconds of calling...

Nevertheless, thanks for the post

Updating the simplisafe team,

Updating the simplisafe team, this workaround does not work. Had simplisafe for about a day and none of the doorbell motion settings will save, I've been fighting with these notifications and app settings all day until i came across this thread. In the iOS app i go to: camera settings > Doorbell > motion detection > sensitivity and activity zone. Neither sensitivity level or activity zone save any of the changes i want to make. The way my doorbell is positioned outside my home it detects every single time someone walks inside the house as the camera aperture captures a window by our front door. Please fix this app issue. The only resolution i've found is to turn off all motion detection or set to low sensitivity using the webapp, however the webapp doesn't have as many settings to change. What i really want to do is be able to use the activity zone properly and not get alerted for the camera angles in the window, but only the angles outside the home.

Motion detection settings

Motion detection settings will still not save. My flag waiving on my front porch trips the motion sensor every 30 seconds. So much for a "smart camera". Why hasn't this been addressed? Made aware of the issue back in November, soon to be 2021 and it's still not fixed. Perhaps I should just pack it up, send it back, cancel the monitoring service and ask for a full refund because the equipment does not perform as advertised. Never had this problem with my ring doorbell camera. Just sayin.

Hi @lnicolea, The bug

Hi @lnicolea,

The bug affecting the other users in this thread was fixed in an update that we pushed out for iOS a few days ago. Go to the App Store to make sure that your SimpliSafe app is updated to the latest version (2074.51.1). If your app is up to date, you may be experiencing a different issue.

When you try to save the changes to the Activity Zone, is it telling you that it saved the changes successfully and then not actually saving? Or is it telling you that there was an error when trying to save the changes?

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It still doesn’t work. Saving

It still doesn’t work. Saving via the motion setting or backing out and saving on the main camera setting. It says saving error on it. That is when I try to change the activity zones. Any fixes or way around this?

The bug is still present in

The bug is still present in App version 2074.51.2
Attempting to save Activity Zone selections or Motion Type or Motion Detection Sensitivity results in the following error:

Saving Settings Failed.

I just realized that the

I just realized that the motion detection settings that I had saved are no longer saved. I started getting way to many notifications. I went in to the app to redo them and couldn't save(SAVING SETTINGS FAILED, Error, retry or cancel). The same error as everyone else. Called customer service. First phone call was answered by a crying baby, literally. I enjoyed that for 2 minutes. Rephoned and they seemed to not know anything about it. Instructed me to deleted the app, reinstalled, deleted the camera, reinstalled it on the app. Depowered/repowered the base station. None of it helped. I don't remember this with iOS 13 but with 14 there is definitely a problem. All software is up to date. At this point it might just be easier to use Adobe security system.

The work-around does not work

The work-around does not work on my iPhone unfortunately... I get the same error saving settings on the Camera Settings page as I do the motion settings. Since my doorbell faces a fairly busy street I need to get this set. Does anyone from SS have any answers?

I am experiencing the same

I am experiencing the same issue. I cannot save the motion detection settings. Every time it says Saving Settings Failed. Error. No workaround has worked for me. I am getting several pings per hour from unnecessary detections and need this fixed.

Same problem still. No fix

Same problem still. No fix in site. Will cancel service if not fixed.

My issue is the camera is not

My issue is the camera is not picking up motion. I am waiting for the sleeve to install outside, So in the mean time I have the camera on the window facing outside. But. it is Not picking up any motion except the cat that walks by inside.. Why ?

I updated my fee for the

I updated my fee for the camera recording and its not working. I may go back to basic service.

Hi all, Today we released on

Hi all,

Today we released on the App Store update 2074.53.0 for the SimpliSafe app. This update has various bug fixes including one for this Motion Settings Saving issue. For those of you still having issues saving changes to the Activity Zone for your Video Doorbell Pros, make sure that the SimpliSafe app is updated through the App Store.

@kemo509, the motion sensor inside of the SimpliCam is a PIR motion sensor. This means that it looks for quick changes in heat within its view, and as a result, will not work very well through glass. Once you receive your Outdoor Kit, you should see an improvement.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security

@Team S. great post, but, as

@Team S. great post, but, as usual, will be quickly lost in this thread and forum. Even if its just a single page, put this information in the new Help Center so customers can find it while you build a CRC. Thanks!

It's fixed now. IOS works.

It's fixed now. IOS works. Thanks Simplisafe