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I had SimpliSafe send my “Cone” the “Update” to enable my system to reset itself after an activation. I don’t plan to use the $15 or $20 monitoring option presently offered by SimpliSafe. Instead, I would like the “Cone” in my house to dial my Cell Phone number if my system is activated and let me decide if I want to call one of several neighbors to check on my house if I am not home. Depending on what they find they can call the Cops at 911. Will that option ever be offered?

@Larryxcarter Thanks for


Thanks for posting! We are not exactly sure if this is something that will ever come into the works, but it's something that we could always suggest to our engineers. Thanks!

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What about self monitoring

What about self monitoring software for a home/business server through Ethernet?

I see another company has this already.

There are alarm systems on

There are alarm systems on the market that allow for self monitoring as you describe. They don't qualify for a discount on homeowners insurance. Try googling iSmartAlarm. There are also systems that have self monitoring with optional professional monitoring. SS currently only has professional monitoring or local alarm only options. If they decide to have self monitoring hopefully it will be free if you bring your own ISP. They would have to have WiFi or ethernet in the base. Maybe make a WiFi board that you swap in to replace the 3G board. Swap back when you want professional monitoring