Sensor error alert on keypad won't go away

I installed my SS2 system a couple days ago and everything seems fine except: The other morning I got the alert [01/23/2013 6:23am Error: Panic Button] because I had not yet activated and installed it. I promptly put the system into "Test Mode", activated the Panic Button and the base station reported that it was operating properly and the web portal reported the same. Since then I have tested the system and the Panic Button several times, but the keypad still reports the same sensor error with the Panic Button and I can't get it to go away. The keypad is communicating with the base station perfectly fine, so why is this error still flashing on the keypad even after 24 hours of it being remedied?

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Thanks for posting! What exactly is the error message current displayed on your Keypad?

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The message would constantly

The message would constantly flash "Sensor Error #xxxx" (where xxxx is the serial number of the panic button). I was able to get rid of it by temporarily removing the batteries of the keypad. Any idea why this message would "stick" until a hard reset on the keypad?

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@ jbw

Thanks for posting back! If you actually have an error, your Base light will be blinking. If there is an error message on the Keypad and no blinking blue light then the error is just lingering on your Keypad. This is usually due to poor communication between the Base and Keypad, as it is not receiving updates from the Base.

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Same issue here. One keypad

Same issue here. One keypad keeps showing sensor error #abcde (where abcfe is the serial). No other keypads or the website show it. The keypad in question works well otherwise to arm and disarm the system.

I guess solution may be to take batteries out as the user above did.

Taking battery out and

Taking battery out and putting back in finally cleared the error

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Thank you for posting! We'd be happy to troubleshoot this with you if you continue to have difficulties. Please just give us a call!

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same problem, same fix (batts

same problem, same fix (batts out/iin)

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Thanks for writing in. I would recommend giving us a call so we can learn more about what you're seeing here and best help you troubleshoot!

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