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SimpliCam losing connection

The first week that I purchased my SimpliCam everything seemed to work great and the past 1-2 weeks most of the time when motion is detected the camera works about 3-5 seconds and loses connection. I am concerned that I am not capturing what is truly going on inside of my home when I am away and when I'm really going to need to depend on it that it will not capture what I need it to capture.

Exact same issue on my side.

Exact same issue on my side.

You saved my sanity!!! I am

You saved my sanity!!!

I am so glad I persisted through the entire thread. This was after an underwhelming call with SS who told my husband we should just upgrade our old system for a new one.

Thankfully we had not gotten rid of our old router. After upgrading from 10Mbps (!) to 300Mbps with AT&T, our cameras stopped working for more than 3 seconds at a time. I am only semi tech savvy, so I’m honestly impressed with myself that I could follow with what you did. For anyone else who tries it, I had to connect my phone to the old router while re-setting up the cameras before they were able to connect to the WiFi.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Now I wonder if I should let AT&T know their modem/router combo is garbage with 2.4ghz....

SimpliCams Lose Connection

SimpliCams Lose Connection and Jittery / Choppy

Issue: I keep loosing connection to SimpliCam(s) after entering preview mode "Watch Live", after 2-4 seconds. And in the rare times I don't loose connection after 4 seconds, the video feed is choppy and jittery--really unwatchable. Using the talk back feature doesn't work, as the connection is lost immediately.

Yes, I can use the iPhone app to use live preview and I can hear the mechanical shutter release within half a second--this part is fast.
Yes, my upload speed on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz is very fast on both. I get at least 82 Mbps very regularly.
Yes, I've tried two different SimpliCam cameras (the first one I got as part of the base package, and the second a replacement). Both have same connection issue.
Yes, I toyed with switching out the Channels on my 2.4 GHz Router between 1, 6 and 11, with no success.

Not a great experience. Entry sensors and motion sensors are working great however. I'm now considering dropping SimpliSafe all together.


Finally fixed it. Works great

Finally fixed it. Works great again.

Everyone, I've been using a doorbell and indoor cam very reliably for about 3 months when, all of the sudden I started experiencing the same issues everyone here has. Essentially, whenever I look at either camera live, it freezes after 2-3 seconds. Same when viewing recordings after alerts. I didn't do any upgrades, didn't change ISPs, etc.

For security reasons, I've kept my Simplisafe cameras (and other Internet of Things devices) off my internal home network. Essentially, I've connected all these devices to my AT&T wifi. I installed an Orbi wifi network for all my internal home computers so essentially I have a very secure network (my Orbi) and my unsecured network (my AT&T wifi). Furthermore, I have AT&T fiber so I regularly get 1Gbit downloads and very nearly that on uploads. So Internet bandwidth was NEVER my issue.

So, to cut to the chase, I re-installed my 2 Simplisafe cameras to my Orbi wifi network and it IMMEDIATELY fixed the problems. I then tried to re-install them back onto my AT&T modem's wifi network and the problem immediately returned. So I reinstalled the devices back on my internal Orbi network and it's working great again. Both the Orbi and the AT&T fiber modem are in the same closet in my house and they're right beside each other. They both travel the same fiber network so it's not an Internet speed issue.

I can only surmise that AT&T upgraded the firmware on my fiber device a few weeks ago that caused the problem because NOTHING else changed. Furthermore, it completely rules out an issue with camera or Simplisafe's delivery network because I can cause or fix the problem simply by re-deploying the cameras on different networks.

AT&T Device info just so we can compare it to see if others with this issue have this device:
Arris BGW210-700, Software version 1.10.9

I want to update you on this

I want to update you on this issue in all fairness.

I have done two things to handle the fact of constant SimpliCam disconnect from WIFI. Since it had worked well for over 2-years, it was obvious something had changed.

I took the camera apart to ensure everything was connected well. I replaced everything as it should be, including adjusting the plastic reset button.
I repositioned the camera on the other side of the room.

The camera has been connected for 3 days now on the same network as always and has not lost connection once. I believe that the plastic reset button may have been jammed down due to too tight of tolerances and interfered with the normal operation. I don’t think the repositioning had any effect as there was never any obstruction and the WIFI is in the same room.

It now works as normal.

Working With Workaround

Working With Workaround

Well, I have one SimpliCam working with an unpleasant workaround. I last posted on August 24th, 2019 (about a week ago), and I have an update on my frequent camera disconnects and jittery video.

Hardward Specs
I had neglected to post my router specs on my last post. I'm using:
- AT&T Router/Modem Combo BGW210-700 (for new AT&T Fiber setup in Los Angeles)
- Software Version: 1.10.9

Unpleasant Solution
I decided to try taking an older NetGear router that I've owned for a long time and connect it to my AT&T Router via Ethernet. It worked, and for my SimpliCam I got:
1) Really smooth video streaming
2) No more frequent "Unable to load video" messages
3) Talkback feature worked
4) Delay of 3 seconds (which is acceptable to me)

Is this bug from AT&T? Or is the SimpliCam not meeting Wifi standards all that well? Could be on either end. We should all start calling frequently both SimpliSafe and AT&T to have them figure this out!

This workaround sucks. I have to use a second router for greater complexity and more Wifi signals. This means more electricity, more electrical plugs, more Wifi noise, more passwords. Ugh.

I was completely about to walk away from SimpliSafe saying their cameras do not work, and they would have lost me as a customer, but now I at least have a workaround.

Hello uprighthealth, In this

Hello uprighthealth,

In this thread: https://simplisafe.com/forum/customer-support-forum/installing-and-using..., other folks are also mentioning trouble with AT&T BGW210-700 and SimpliCam.


Thanks for your comments. I

Thanks for your comments. I have an Apple AirPort Extreme that I added to my AT& T network and switched my cameras and doorbell to it and I'm no longer having the same issues a lot of customers are having. Something's up with the AT&T Router and SimpliSafe combination.

Hi Simplisafe

Hi Simplisafe Users,


The only way to stay your camera connected always and to recover the connection remotely are the following:

1. Tell your internet service provider that you need internet booster(s), and it should be exclusively supplied by them.
Do not use other internet booster it’s no good.
2. You need to know how many weak spots you have in your house where you put your cameras.
3. You need to make another WIFI username and password, in this way you can allocate the stronger connection to your cameras individually.
4. You will lose signal but try and refresh by using the app it’s not gonna connect right away but usually it takes a minute or less to back up that’s 100%.
5. You need to leave your internal doors open like in your kitchen door(s), living room door(s) and etc, because if you do close your doors it will block the signal and your internet boosters won’t be able to feed connections with your cameras.
6. Upgrade your internet speed and bandwidth if needed.


If you miss one (1) out of five (6), then forget everything.
Simplisafe cameras will only work if your internet connection is stable.

Cheers Guys!

Raul Rona Jr. : )



I was away and both cameras hung and the Base station also hung and was not able to communicate with SS meaning I had no monitoring!!! I had to call my neighbor who was able to go in and power cycle the base station and the cameras. Everything worked fine for a week then the cameras hung again.

For the Engineers out there, I'm wondering if S.S. employs Watchdog Timers and Deadman Timers in their devices. This is essential for a remote device. This would reset the device if the software goes into the weeds or something else other than an actual hardware failure cause a device to hang. When I called support, they told me to press the button on top of the camera. They didn't seem to understand that I was 1500 miles away!!! Unbelievable!!! These devices need to employ every feature possible to provide the best reliability possible otherwise they are useless.

what is the update as of

what is the update as of 8-18-2020 ?

Just spent twenty minutes

Just spent twenty minutes reading through this thread. It would be great to have a solution to this. My doorbell cam has been working fine for a year. My bandwidth and router location have not changed. But all of a sudden, over the last two weeks, my doorbell cam disconnects every couple of seconds.

My indoor cams have decent

My indoor cams have decent WiFi coverage, but placing the doorbells outside caused issues. They showed weak signal and constantly dropped. The talk back feature was unusable.

I didn’t contact support, but I did add additional WiFi coverage between the doors and this improved this considerably.

Moral of the story is, WiFi is the limiting factor. These units seem to have cheap WiFi radios and want fairly strong signals. Moving anything outside poses even more of a WiFi problem.
Good home WiFi coverage with multiple access points or a mesh system with nodes near the exterior walls will improve your connectivity. Even a WiFi range extenders might help.

Having the same issue tonight

Having the same issue tonight and now I'm on hold for way too long! It's night time and my security system is worthless! NOT OKAY WITH THIS!

Me too! Something must be up

Me too! Something must be up with their system tonight. Mine went down about 20 mins ago but my wifi is running fine.

Yep, in the last 20 minutes

Yep, in the last 20 minutes all my cameras went down. Cant get into app either

Done with SimpliSafe. $25+ a

Done with SimpliSafe. $25+ a month for a service Ring is providing for $10. Nothing but issues with the cameras saying poor connection strength. I have 990mb download and 42mb upload internet service and the two cameras are 4ft and 14ft away from the WiFi router. Motion sensors randomly go offline and come back on. Additionally, anyone on the street can see my red colored light on the doorbell cam that signals to the world that my system is down- awesome. I’ll be canceling service as soon as SS picks up my call from hold and urge everyone to cancel as well. We’re all paying premium costs for busman service and hardware.

If you re looking for a

If you re looking for a camera system, then SS is a poor choice. If you're looking for a security system, then it may fit your needs.

The $25 is not just for the cameras, it is also for monitoring and remote access.

HI, I was losing connections

I was losing connections randomly it seemed. What I found was my ATT wifi had both 5Ghz and 2.5Ghz settings and simplisafe can only use the 2.5Ghz connection. After rebooting router and making sure my simplisafe base station was connected properly things seemed to be working.
BTW the Base station name that popped up on my router was " espressif " I'm guessing that simplisafe uses parts from this Chinese company. https://www.espressif.com/

Hope this helps someone.


It’s amazing that customers

It’s amazing that customers are still having issues with cameras disconnecting. I read through all 3 pages of this forum. I don’t have AT&T I have Atlantic Broadband. I have my own router and modem. So after reading through all this I’m wondering if my 2.4 network is overloaded with devices. So to see if this is causing my issue I moved my two indoor cameras and my video doorbell to my guest network. Time will tell.

Just got our SimpliSafe

Just got our SimpliSafe system last week, installation went fine. But now we are having issues with cameras losing connection. I know all the blah blah about distance, materials causing interference and all the technical schtuff.... We have three cameras including a video doorbell. The camera that is the closest to the base station is ~10', straight shot unencumbered line of site of the base unit (same room, just on the top of a curio, but still LINE OF SIGHT to the base unit). Infact, this camera faces directly AT the SS base unit. The doorbell is 12' away, straight shot, line of sight except the door trim behind it that the wall is made of. The doorbell, works fine-ish, the upstairs camera (furthest away and on the second floor, so structural mats in between the camera and the base unit) works fine-ish, they sometimes lose connection. The camera in the room, with shortest range is ALWAYS losing connection to the system. WHY?!?! The closest and best possible connection and that camera more than the others has the issue....

A secondary issue is possibly not SS's fault and I could use some help with is the fact that I have Xfinity (Comcast) the 1Gig dl residential service. Their router/modem, and it sits about 3' from the SS base unit. The cameras are CONSTANTLY losing connection, the main one mentioned up above is the worse, and when they come back on they connect to the 5ghz network as opposed to the 2.4ghz network. How can I tell the SS system to ONLY use the 2.4ghz and not the 5ghz? I have installed the Xfinity PODS, they are .... wifi extenders, just as a way of ensuring I have no issues with wifi signals anywhere in my house, even though our home is relatively small (~1200sqft, two floors).

Any help would be appreciated, we paid 6 bills for this system and have reliability issues with the service. Perhaps the system just isnt advanced/reliable enough just yet. In addition we need a camera for our driveway and SS does not make a camera integrated into outside lighting. Why not, I mean you can get cameras INSIDE a lightbulb now, but not a camera integrated into dual outside lights. Many other companies offer these, such as ring, and they cost $250, which is a non issue for me, the issue is that it would have to be another app to monitor and go to in a time of necessity. Why cant SS just make the camera/light combo and lets move on?

Rant over thanks.

Hi @Fyrefyghterlyfe, While

Hi @Fyrefyghterlyfe,

While our SimpliSafe cameras don't actually connect directly to the Base Station, since the router is only a few feet from the Base Station then we know the Video Doorbell Pro is at most 15' away from the router so distance shouldn't be an issue. It sounds more likely that the first two issues you mentioned may be related.

Some customers have noted similar issues and have said that turning off the Band Steering feature on their router (a feature that automatically moves devices between 2.4 and 5 GHz) solved the issue for them. Another option to try and prevent the cameras from trying to connect to the 5 GHz network would be to make sure that your 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi networks have different names such as FyreWifi-5G and FyreWifi-2G. If you decide to go this route, you'll need to make sure to set your cameras up to use the new 2.4 GHz WiFi network name.

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