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Announcing the SimpliSafe Beta Test Program!

Hello Forum folks!

We’ve got some news today that we know many of you are going to be very excited about. SimpliSafe is always hard at work on awesome additions that will make your system smarter, more secure, and easier to use. And for us to make that happen, nothing is more valuable than the feedback that we get from customers like you. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we are launching a Beta Tester Program, and inviting you to join!

What is a Beta Test Program?

A ‘Beta’ is a piece of technology or software that is almost ready for primetime, but still needs to be tested. So what we’re looking for are some adventurous folks who are willing to try out our upcoming products, tell us how we can improve them, and help us hunt down bugs that need to be squashed. You’ll not only be able to get your hands on our latest and greatest new tech, but would also be helping us make our products better for all of our customers!

What should I expect if I apply to join the Beta Test Program?

If you choose to join, you will be entered into a pool of customers who may be invited to join a Beta Test for a product in the future. During a Beta Test, you will get a chance to experience upcoming products and features before they’re released. You may receive the product for free, or receive a very steep discount.

We will ask you to provide SimpliSafe with detailed feedback on your experience with the product or feature. You’ll also get to talk to other testers and trade tips.

Prior to joining a Beta Test, you may be asked to sign a legal agreement, under which you agree not to share any information about the product or feature with anybody outside of the Beta Test.

How do I sign up?

To join the SimpliSafe Beta Program, please complete this enrollment form. If you are selected for a beta test, we will let you know.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

@Johnny M exciting news.

@Johnny M exciting news. Multiple beta programs across hardware, software and processes!! Bring it on.

As a professional tester with

As a professional tester with 30 years of experience, I'd like to point out that a Beta test loses a lot of its benefit if there is not a formal process to report problems, and see the status

Perhaps a form to guide the tester in including all the important information and then a database which gives each problem an identifier and displays seriousness (Critical, Important, Minor) and status (Rejected - Working as Designed, Rejected - Duplicate, Analysis, FIxed, Verified, Closed)

And you might want to have some kind of "reward" for those who find a major problem.

Testbirds is an excellent

Testbirds is an excellent company to emulate in this process.

So, might the outdoor cameras

So, might the outdoor cameras be on the near horizon?

(no, I don't want to be a beta-tester), and nothing else has been on their roadmap, right, guys?)

@coltmaster1 I am very

@coltmaster1 I am very disappointed you don't want to be a beta tester. If we were both selected it would be fun to work with you; please reconsider.

As far as the CES 2018 video with Chad introducing SS3, I believe that the outdoor cameras would be the last of hardware futures he was talking about at that time, however. I am hoping SS is working on much more, and software features and enhancements.

An example for hardware: Garage door sensors. I posted in another thread a great idea someone posted on YouTube using nothing more than a entry sensor (3rd party, not SS) and of all things a door hinge! Of course, I had to try it and it works great!!

C'mon colt, apply!!! And seven, how about you??

Already signed up.

Already signed up.

I have also joined the party,

I have also joined the party, or thrown my hat into the ring anyway!

Wow, fun old times again!

Wow, fun old times again! Seven, Andy T. all we need now is coltmaster! And, of course, get picked.

How about drunk penguin?

How about drunk penguin?

Sorry, I forgot about him.

Sorry, I forgot about him. Been quite sometime I 've seen him post. I also miss hondaman, 99 I think. He was a good soul but hasn't been around in the forum for years.

Just signed up myself! What a

Just signed up myself! What a cool program... I remember getting an email a few months ago asking me what type of products I would like to see in the future. It would be fun to test these hypothetical products!

Captain, don't be

Captain, don't be disappointed, I wasn't a beta-tester for the indoor cams, and you didn't miss me then :)

colt, I miss you all the

colt, I miss you all the time....

LOL, ...awwwwww.... Tell you

LOL, ...awwwwww....

Tell you what, if Mr Robot Guy wants a beta tester for the FurRoomba(TM), you and I can scramble over everyone else for first in line, deal?

For a floor cleaner....sure.

For a floor cleaner....sure. I am sure Mr. Cerda, former president of iRobot, would be interested too now that he's at SS. BTW, it sounds like a sure winner for cat owners!

Well it wouldn't be just a

Well it wouldn't be just a floor cleaner. Sadly, Mr Cerda doesn't know about the forums, or he could have jumped on the opportunity I presented him here, I mean, who wouldn't! I'm joking. Sort of. Maybe I'll just develop it myself. :)

I gather from comments here

I gather from comments here that others are equally displeased with the doorbell/ outdoor cameras.

I signed up and I have ideas

I signed up and I have ideas for things that could help others like me

Anyone get a response yet?

Anyone get a response yet? Has anyone gotten a response from SS yet about the beta program?

Hi folks, thanks for your

Hi folks, thanks for your comments and interest in the program. Stay tuned for updates from the team. Happy 2021