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Simplisafe Installation Partner

Link below to Puls Inc., an "Approved Simplisafe Partner", at least shown on their website. Make a reservation, pay $79 bucks and get your Simplisafe system installed! That is, if you are in their limited service area. Interesting, and I would say a useful offering for many.


Yeah, I can see having

Yeah, I can see having someone else, who I don't know anything about, come into my house and set up my security system. Particularly a system which mostly installs itself. Its not like these unvetted people would know all about my house and my security system. And there is no way they would set the system up so that they could get access whenever they wanted.

Ah, seven, you trusting soul.

Ah, seven, you trusting soul. Yes, you and I would (and have) installed our own systems but this does open up another market segment for SS to sell their products. Just today I heard a new commercial (at least new for me) from alarm.com where a guy calls in that he installed his own system, it doesn't work and needs help. The lady (who you find out later is one of the founders) says they only work with customers with "real" security systems that are installed by professionals. LOL. Yeah, like my friendly ADT guy who charged me 148 dollars about 10 years ago to install a motion sensor I didn't get to own.

I actually had a tech from

I actually had a tech from PULS mount a TV on wall they were awesome.

I thought I would chime in

I thought I would chime in here. I ordered the upgrade but returned it (reluctantly). I have a number of health issues (Myasthenia Gravis being the main culprit) and just don't have the energy at this time to install the new system and uninstall the old one. If PULS was available in my area I would have used them and kept the new system. I think its great that SS has an install partner. I imagine there are many people out there who need an alarm but just can't physically install it. My SS2 works flawlessly so I don't feel too bad, but the latest system would have been nice to have.

Adding my two (and a half)

Adding my two (and a half) cents: If PULS is a full-service custom integrator, a/v systems, home theater, connected home,. etc., then chances are they've been to houses a shitload (tech term) fancier than mine. From their website, it appears they are some type of franchise- in which case i would ask if their techs are bonded and insured, which i did NOT see anywhere on the site. 2 1/2 cents out.....