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Smart plugs with simplicam.

Anyone use a smart plug with the cameras?

I was thinking about getting them.

Once we can travel again I would like the option if one of my cameras freeze up to be able to from a distance "switch it off and on again".

Just wondered how others have got on using set up

Noone done this before. I

Noone done this before. I have purchased one to test

Not sure if that's a good

Not sure if that's a good thing or just twice as much to go wrong. In my case, it it's been rare any of three cameras have gone offline and required my intervention. So, for me, it seems added complexity and in things I normally deal with added complexity usually doesn't translate into improved reliability. That said, if you have recurring issues with cameras needing a power cycle then I guess it's a possible workaround/convenience enhancement to whatever the main issue is.

Cheers I was thinking it

Cheers I was thinking it might be useful for people with second holes at a distance if happened