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Smartphone App

I've called support and have been told that the Simplisafe phone app does not require a PIN number to turn off your system from your phone. You simply press "Off". Convenient, but not really safe. What if someone steals my phone and knows where I live? Can anybody tell me if the phone app will have to use a PIN in the future?

Open app Click the three

Open app
Click the three lines
Click your email address
Click configure lock
Theres your pin :-)

dandyDons ... Thank you. I

dandyDons ... Thank you. I did all that, and it takes my PIN, but it really did not do anything after that. I expected it to lock Simplisafe app after 10 seconds of non use like it says, but it did not.

The solution above kind of

The solution above kind of works, but you need to back out of the app after you set the alarm, make the screen go blank and then once you press the Simplisafe app icon it DOES ask for the PIN (any unlock number). Thanks again dandyDon ... not perfect, but better than nothing.

Your welcome. What I tend to

Your welcome. What I tend to do is clear the app from my phone history. Like I open up all the apps I have on phone and swipe away the SS one and that tends to mean next time I go in I need to use the pin again

Put a screen lock PIN on your

Put a screen lock PIN on your phone.

The app PIN is separate from

The app PIN is separate from the SimliSafe PIN(s) that you can set up to disarm the system from a keypad. If an intruder familiar with the SimpliSafe product triggered an alarm and forced you to turn off the alarm using your phone, then there is no opportunity to enter the duress PIN and the security has basically been bypassed. This is a flaw in the design of the app. The app should require a system PIN when turning the system off.

Another voice for better app

Another voice for better app security --

I'm in total agreement with castewa88. The app's function with respect to disarming the system should be identical to the function of the keypad in terms of requiring a passcode and offering the chance to enter a duress code.

I can't believe this would be in any way hard to implement from a technology standpoint.