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SS and August Lock integration

@michael.fernandes, nicely

@michael.fernandes, nicely done finding this article. Wish would step on the gas for the other projects announced at CES.

Be aware that according to

Be aware that according to the article, setting the alarm activates the lock. If you don't use a FOB or the app or a second person, you won't be able to get out of your house. Unless they don't activate the lock until the exit delay expires.

The devil is in the details.

The devil is in the details. When SS comes out with this, one will be able to tell if the integration is well thought out, seamless and effective. That translates hopefully a heck of a lot better than the Nest integration.

With all the reported app

With all the reported app problems (arming or disarming), plus the use of a keyfob that has no replacement battery.....Nope.

And here we are, still no documentation on SS3, no forum support, no search function, but hey, there's an August lock on the near horizon!

I'll be ordering them. I

I'll be ordering them. I have no problems with my SS3 system and see no reason to not expand with their new products. I do need to slow down at some point tho, battery replacement day is gonna be busy! Plus, most (if not all) smart locks still have an old fashioned key hole.

Hi Everyone, Adam from the

Hi Everyone,
Adam from the product team here. I was reading through some of these posts and would like to provide a little clarity on the upcoming August integration.

As with all integrations, we're trying to think of some simple ways that we can use smart devices or voice recognition to not only enhance the security of your system, but to also provide some convenient automation whenever possible. The August integration is an example where we might be able to provide both. We're also very open to feedback on how we can continue to march forward with these goals in mind.

For August specifically, here is how the first version will work:
- SS2 or SS3 interactive customers will login to their account and then go to the system settings section of the SimpliSafe Web App.
- Within system settings, there is a section called "Integrations" that currently shows our Nest integration, but will become the home to others like August as they are added.
- Click the "Authorize" button within the August integration section which will prompt you to login to your August account.
- After Authorizing, users will receive a prompt to choose an August location if they have multiple.
- Once users choose an August location, they will then see a list of locks on their account within the SimpliSafe Web App.
- From top to bottom will be a list of locks from your August account. Across the top will show each of the alarm modes - Home, Away and Off.
- Users will choose an action for each lock and each mode. For example, the front door lock might be set to unlock in Off mode and lock in both Home and Away modes. This is totally up to the user as to how they want this lock to behave for the various modes. You can also choose to "ignore" the lock within a given mode, which means it will stay in its current state when you change modes.
- These settings, once set, will work regardless of how you interact with your SimpliSafe system either through the keypad, key fob or mobile app.
- Once everything is configured, you can begin using your system and taking advantage of the additional security and convenience this integration will enable.

Please note - Lock or unlock functions will only take place after an exit delay has expired, so it will not lock you in the house if you Arm your system on your way out.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion and we're excited to get some feedback once this capability is released.

Product Manager, SimpliSafe

Thank you for the

Thank you for the clarification Adam!

So it sounds like the August lock will work with SS2 & SS3 systems? Does this mean that the August doorbell will be integrated as well?

Adam, I have a question about


I have a question about how the lock works. It says the doors will unlock and lock when you arm or disarm the security system,

Will I have the ability to use the August keypad to unlock the door and turn off SimpliSafe? I want a one stop shop. If i unlock the door I also want to tune off the security system. Our pet sitter now has to enter a code to unlock the door, enter the same code on the keypad to turn off the alarm.

Would love for one code to do everything. Pet sitter does not have a keyfob just a code

"Users will choose an action

"Users will choose an action for each lock and each mode. For example, the front door lock might be set to unlock in Off mode and lock in both Home and Away modes. This is totally up to the user as to how they want this lock to behave for the various modes. You can also choose to "ignore" the lock within a given mode, which means it will stay in its current state when you change modes."

Hi @romycbc, Yes, the August

Hi @romycbc, Yes, the August doorlock will work with both SS2 and SS3 systems. For the best performance between SimpliSafe and August, we recommend that you add your SS3 system to your WiFi network if possible. Either way, both will work over cellular if WiFi is not an option or you are using an SS2 system.

At this time we are not integrated with August doorbell cameras. We will consider this for the next version if there seems to be customer interest.


Hi @tarheeltater, The

Hi @tarheeltater, The integration right now is managed by SimpliSafe and only allows us to send commands to he August locks and receive status updates on their current configuration. We do not currently have the inverse integration of August locks controlling the SimpliSafe system.

We will keep everyone updated if we do perform this integration in the future and I can see some real value there. Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.


So glad to hear about the

So glad to hear about the August integration. I haven't purchased my August yet but I did narrow my choice down to the August Door Lock and Door Bell.

Installed an August lock

Installed an August lock today. Can’t wait until it’s integrated

I was able to integrate my

I was able to integrate my lock to my SimpliSafe system today. Locking and unlocking the door with the keypad and keyfab works really well. When set to home it will lock the door immediately. When setting to away mode, the door locks when the system is armed. Works really well

Did August provide more

Did August provide more usable documentation on how to integrate and operate the lock through SS than SS provides on their system? Are you able to confirm you can configure the lock to operate on away but not on home? Is there a way to differentiate disabling/turning of the SS from Away and Home mode, so as not to unlock the door when turning off Home mode?

Hi, August integration is


August integration is very easy! Just head over to the System section of the online Dashboard, and look for the Integrations section at the bottom. The website will take your through the setup step by step.

After that, configuration options will be available in the same Integrations section. You'll be able to select what your August Lock will do per each mode that you set your SimpliSafe system in - Off, Away, and Home. There are even separate settings for each lock, if you have multiple units at home!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

When I enabled my lock I had

When I enabled my lock I had three options

Off, Home and Away

I set the values as
Home. Set it to lock. When press home on the keypad or keyfob the lock will lock Immediately
Away set to lock. When I press away, the lock will lock after the exit delay
Off. Will unlock

Was really cool when I came home and hit off on the keyfob and the alarm turned off and the door unlocked

didn't work with the old

didn't work with the old simplisafe (purchased May 2017). upgraded to the new hardware and now it works.

Any news on integrating

Any news on integrating August to turn off the SimpliSafe alarm when unlocked (and vice versa?) We have guests coming at random times and would be great if that functionality was in place....

Letting the August lock

Letting the August lock integration turn off SimpliSafe alarm when an August lock is unlocked would be hugely valuable and an effective work around to the 5 PIN limit on SimpliSafe