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Using temperature sensor as heat detector

Anyone with the temperature sensor able to confirm it can go to 135 degrees so it can be used as a heat detector.

Plan is to use in kitchen where we have the dryer and washing machine etc so we can get alerted if fire there before spreads through utility room, kitchen, dining room before smokes detect

Goes up to 141 degrees :-)

Goes up to 141 degrees :-)

My temperature sensor doesn't

My temperature sensor doesn't seem to update at frequent intervals. Checking my dashboard just now, it shows the temperature was updated 4 days ago. Don't know if this is normal and never took time to pursue the issue.

Hi all, The Temperature

Hi all,

The Temperature Sensor for the All-New SimpliSafe system can be set to trigger an environmental alarm when the temperature exceeds the value set by the user. This value can be set between 127° F (~53° C) and 1° F (~ -17° C).

While your dashboard will not always automatically update to the latest temperature reading, be assured that the Temperature Sensor does report the temperature to your Base station every hour.

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Thank you Team S. So I could

Thank you Team S.

So I could set mine to trigger if temperature exceeded 127.

Would this sound the sirens in house or only trigger notification and call.

My thoughts are to use it as a head sensor in kitchen / utility area where it could be an early warning sign of fire (where a smoke detector isn't an option).

For me I have 5 SS smokes and if this works as a heat detector in kitchen it would give me an extra minute of detection.

By sounds of it the environmental alarm will be like how the water sensor works? where it will trigger phone alert and call but not sound the sirens.

would be great to get a heat sensor that sounds siren. In UK its now law that a heat sensor must be installed in a kitchen before the property can be sold... and linked to sirens or other smokes so it would be brilliant to get that going as the sales for UK subscribers would be sold easily with that integration and change of name.

If the update frequency is

If the update frequency is every hour, to me, it's of dubious value for a fire sensor.

Also, for smoke and I'd expect fire/temp sensors too, I think there are certifications that apply. I'd check to be sure these are certified by the applicable agencies before using them in a situation requiring legal compliance.

thank you

thank you

Dandy, I think the

Dandy, I think the WATER-sensor DOES sound the base station alarm (not your db siren) - it's a slightly different alarm sound, and coming from the base, along with a call from monitoring, but of course no dispatch (can also get text alert just like your other sensors if triggered). Might want to confirm with SS if it's the same for the temperature sensor (if base sounds alarm or not).

While we do not recommend

While we do not recommend relying on the Temperature sensor for your desired purpose, coltmaster1 is correct in that it will trigger an audible alarm from the base station, similar to the Water sensor. Both the Water and Temperature Sensors will trigger an Environmental Alarm on your base station as well as a call from the monitoring center. Unlike the Burglary Alarms, however, instead of the siren starting to blare it will beep four times with increasing volume and then state the type of sensor that triggered the alarm; the message will then repeat.

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