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What does the system do without the monitoring package?

I'm hoping to get the system and only get the monitoring for a month here and there if I go away. If one doesn't get the monitoring package, what does the system do? I'm assuming the alarm still sounds. But is there any way I could know about monitoring events, i.e., could I get a text message?


Thanks for your interest in

Thanks for your interest in SimpliSafe. You can certainly subscribe to the service for a month here and there, then suspend the service when you don't need it. As I'm sure you already know, we don't lock you into a contract or charge any "hidden fees" for activating or terminating your service.

When the service is canceled, the SimpliSafe system will still function with a loud alarm, but there will be no notification to the emergency dispatch service. I'm afraid you won't get a text message or alert in your online account either -- your cellular connection is a part of the $14.99 per month service and will not be active when you service is suspended.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.


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I'd have to say if there

I'd have to say if there were only going to be one mode of communication between the device and the outside world, cellular connection is the best single one because there aren't wires to cut and in theory it would still work in a power outage. So I can see why this is the one the company chose.

However, it would be nice if the system had some other methods of access as well, both for convenience functions and for a backup communication option. For instance if it had a secondary connection through either phone line or internet. By "convenience functions", I'm thinking it would be great to do things remotely like, just make sure the system is armed, or arm it if one forgot to arm it on the way out, or disable it for a couple hours if you know someone's coming by. Are there plans to add capabilities like these, and if so, when? Thanks!

You can actually use a phone

You can actually use a phone line or internet connection (with our broadband adapter) as a backup already, but like with the cellular connection, these are only for use with the monitoring service. We do have plans to offer text alerts and remote management, but at this time we have no plans to offer communications options without the service.


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I'm considering buying a

I'm considering buying a simpli safe alarm as soon as you have text alerts and remote management. Do you have any idea how soon that will be?

Text alerts are scheduled to

Text alerts are scheduled to be released in 1-2 months. Remote management is a little further off, but we're aiming to release it by the end of this year or early next year.

If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know.


SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security
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Sorry to revive this 4 year

Sorry to revive this 4 year old post, but I wanted to know if there has been a change on how the unit works without the monitoring service. Would this unit connect via Wi-Fi?

Without monitoring, it makes

Without monitoring, it makes noise when triggered.

The primary connection is via cell phone, with land line backup possible or even VOIP over ethernet with an optional adapter, but for any of these to do anything, you must sign up for the monitoring.

From what I understand, you

From what I understand, you can't get text alerts or command the system when it's only connected via phone line, or broadband adapter. So, in the event of a cellular failure, and you have one of the two backup options connected, the system will only communicate with COPS, and won't be able to send smart alerts via text or email, or do any remote commands.

Can you hook a cell phone

Can you hook a cell phone into the service and use that as a notification and monitoring system? If I add a line to my ATT cell phone service, can I hook it up and have it send notifications to my other cell phone and contact 911 if needed?

No, the system is hard coded

No, the system is hard coded to SS.

So basically if you don't pay

So basically if you don't pay for the monitoring, you basically just get a horn as a warning if you're home and a scare tactic when you're not? Is there a way to hook up a camera to record if the system is tripped?

They have a camera, but it is

They have a camera, but it is triggered by the alarm sending a signal through SS, so you still need a monitoring package. to use it.

I got my SS system and it was

I got my SS system and it was ready to go in a few minutes.The only hang up was the siren and after Google it I held the program button down an hit off a few times.It beeped when it took activation.Without monitoring it is a good system for a Home Secretary at night for we have six doors.If you are to stingy to pay for monitoring get a Blink camera for no monthly payment and get alerts if the camera detects motion.I am thinking of getting several blink cameras.

I'm very happy with my Blink

I'm very happy with my Blink cameras!

Oh good, my Home Secretary

Oh good, my Home Secretary has been demanding I get her a system :-)

The advertising on the

The advertising on the website is exceptionally misleading. It makes it sounds like you can self monitor this system through the app, and that paid monitoring is an optional extra. But basically the system can’t do anything but make a loud noise without a monthly subscription. Will be returning mine immediately and will definitely not recommend. Honestly I probably should file a complaint with the BBB for misleading advertising.

Also the mobile version of your website is terrible.

I'm with you on that. Just

I'm with you on that. Just got my system thinking I could self monitor with the app. Apparently not. The reason I bought this system is because I thought I could then add the subscription monitoring when I'm away on extend travel.

Seriously considering returning mine also. Not a happy customer!

Just went back to SS website.

Just went back to SS website. It seems they've updated it just in the last week or two since I ordered. I can't find anything that would lead you to think you can self monitor.

Also, there's mention of a 60 day money back guarantee and free returns but no details. I guess I'm stuck calling customer service.



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