garage door solution

garage door sensor? does it make sense to arm the garage door as well as the regular door to the house from garage? just wondering if this works for others or if the keyfob is strong enough to disarm the system from outside. appreciate any input from your experience. thanks

I bought Chamberlain My Q for

I bought Chamberlain My Q for ours. The app will allow you to set up notifications when the garage goes up/down. I haven't used any SS sensors on it.

@n8ivson, use the search tool

@n8ivson, use the search tool on the top right of the page. A customer has the perfect solution, an entry sensor on a custom made bracket.


Here is the link. Go down to the 4 post and click on the link. I bought the metal strip, have yet had time to install it.

Garage door sensor would be

Garage door sensor would be quite tricky on the logic aspect, very hard to create a catch-all for the masses.

If you simply use your garage as a storage shed with no room for cars then I would simply do as suggested above and make a custom bracket to use a standard door/entry sensor.

If you use the garage for its intended purpose to park your car then on a logic standpoint this gets much more tricky.

You set an entry and exit delay on the keypad but the typical 30-45 seconds is insufficient for someone to also get in their, car, get buckled, back out of the garage and wait 20-30 seconds for the door to fully close.
When you add having to strap 2+ kids into the mix now you need several minutes, not seconds.

You don't want to have an exit or entry delay of 5 minutes as that provides way too long of opportunity time to steal stuff and get out before the alarm signals out, or even worse disable the base unit.

For exit it would not be too difficult to have some logic that says in away mode, allow garage sensor to be open and still arm, and then set an extra "garage exit" delay setting before it would trigger the alarm. This is not perfect, but reasonable.

Entry on the hand gets even more complicated. In order to get myself, any things i need to bring inside and my kids out of the car and into the house where the keypad is at I would need a delay of 4-6 minutes which is far too long of delay for my tastes as that gives any robber a good 5 minutes of "shopping spree" in my garage.
You can't just have simplisafe auto disarm when garage door opener is triggered because these are very easy to scan and replicate (hence why every higher end model of car can do this).

So the only real catch-all approach is to have the arming be done from the car, not from inside the house.
Which means you either need a keypad in the car, or you need to arm/disarm via simplisafe app.
In which case you could also rig up the same bracket on the garage door.

If i did not have IP cameras watching driveway, I would simply put an entry sensor on the garage door, and then have it do sms/email alert when it is opened. Now what would be nice is if simplisafe would make 2 categories: sms when armed (situations like this), sms always (if say you want to make sure teenagers stay out of liquor cabinet).

The solution I use is to set

The solution I use is to set a secret alert on the garage door sensor for away mode, and an alarm trigger in home mode. When away I almost always have my phone to receive alerts, and I'm not as worried about garage entry since the house is alarmed (there is home entry access from inside the garage). When I'm home is when I want the earliest notice of entry. This also addresses the issue of disarming when I'm opening the garage before pulling in the driveway and then getting 3 kids out of the car before getting to the keypad.