Motion Detector "turn off' while home at night.

I am uncertain about one aspect: when my family leaves the house entirely, obviously all alarms are active. However, when we are sleeping, are we able to turn off the motion sensors and leave the door/window sensors active, so that if someone wanders into the kitchen for a glass of water, the alarm will not be tripped? In other words, is the system programmable to activate certain components and deactivate others?

It is. You can configure

It is. You can configure each sensor (motion, contact) for either away only, home & away, or no alarm SMS/Email only (informational). If you have SS2 then you can make the sensor changes via a web browser. Pretty slick.

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Thanks for posting! The HOME MODE function arms all the Entry sensors but leaves the Motion sensors disarmed. You can also set specific Motions to be armed in HOME MODE using the keychain remote USB software!

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