Product Improvement - External Alarm Status Indicator

Before I enter my garage, I'd like to know if my alarm has been disarmed. I have triggered my alarm a couple of times because the disarm signal from the keychain remote didn't reach the base station. Please consider developing a small devise that would indicate the system status from armed to disarmed and disarmed to armed. This could simply be a small box with a set of bright red and green LEDs. It would flash a green light for maybe ten seconds to indicate a disarmed status and red for armed. It would only indicate status changes and would not be continuously lit. This would provide a positive indication that the alarm is off before I open my garage and armed before I leave my driveway. It could be mounted to a window with suction cups, 3M Command strips, etc. or water resistant for use externally.

I would like a 5% royalty for every status indicator sold. Joking of course. I would just be happy to have a devise like this made available for all SimpliSafe subscribers. I know I'm not the only one left wondering if my keychain remote successfully armed or disarmed my alarm.


Hello, In setting up my


In setting up my system this past weekend I had the same thought. We can't hear the base once the door is closed, and I would like some indicator that is is armed/disarmed. The text messages work too, but the indicator would be ideal for our setup.

Can I get 2.5% for seconding this idea? :)


I agree! I haven't even

I agree! I haven't even received my system yet, but have already been thinking about how I would know if the alarm was set when I use the Key Chain Remote. There has to be a way to tell if it has disabled or armed the alarm, otherwise it's kinda useless to have. I was excited about having the key chain remote & being able to turn the alarm off from my driveway, but the uncertainty of not knowing if it's armed or not would cause me not to even use it. Please can you maybe even revise the remote to include a light that shows that the alarm was set or disabled?

@ fbcmrsonion Thanks for

@ fbcmrsonion

Thanks for posting! Currently, the only visual cue is that the light on the Base Station shines a bright solid blue when the system is armed. Otherwise, the Smart Alerts are a great way to keep track of exactly when the alarm is armed or disarmed!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

I, for one, would NOT want an

I, for one, would NOT want an external indicator of alarm status - - unless it was very brief.

I long indicator cycle would be visible to potential intruders as well as the owner.

Better, would be an LED on the remote to indicate status.

Whats wrong with potential

Whats wrong with potential intruders knowing your alarm was armed? There's enough stickers and signs being posted to tell them you have an alarm. Unless of course you are the type that doesn't arm the alarm system. I've known people who buy alarm systems and never turn them on unless they are going out of town on vacation. "They say they are too inconvenient with false alarms and having to arm/disarm". But if I'm home and awake and the alarm is off, I don't care if someone knows. I've got no problem protecting the house when I'm awake. If it's night time and/or I'm sleeping or no one is home, the alarm will be turned on. Most criminals are lazy. They don't assume an alarm means expensive goodies. It generally means: "To much of a hassle; go to the other 90% of the homes without an alarm".

Plus; if the indicator was small enough, it could be placed at the homeowner's choice so that it's only visible if intentionally looking for it and you know where it is. Years ago with one of my old wired systems, it had a small LED light that said it was armed. I wired it under the door bell button. Most door bell buttons are lit. Many aren't. So the bad guy wouldn't know if the light on the door bell was an alarm indicator. But I knew what it meant. I too have similar concerns about there not being any notification. text, email, and web access is nice, but not everyone has that available.

Simple solution. Sell a

Simple solution. Sell a module that flashes a lamp once for armed, twice for disarmed. Put the lamp near a window and you can tell if it's armed or disarmed. Of course alerts do the trick for me. and you can always check the dashboard.