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Trade in system program for long term customers to upgrade

We have been with Simply Safe for almost 10 years and yet we are treated like a new customer when it comes to upgrading to their new system. Wouldn't you think they would want to keep their customers happy and provide a upgrade program for those who have had the system this long?

@gmb8118, Simplisafe's lack

@gmb8118, Simplisafe's lack of a clear, documented communication policy aside, there was, and believe still is, an upgrade program. Suggest you call SS support and ask. It was 40% off.

Another post indicated that

Another post indicated that the hard cut-off for the upgrade program was Nov 4.

@sevensiamesecats, I read

@sevensiamesecats, I read that too, and responded with the usual sarcastic post on Simplisafe's written communication policy. It continues to be unfathomable how such a good company can have one of the worst communication practices I have ever encountered.

@gmb8118 It's not too late.


It's not too late. Give us a call at 1-800-548-9508. Our Support team would love you help you with an upgrade trade-in!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

@Johnny M, and speaking of

@Johnny M, and speaking of that deluxe, Gucci communications policy Simplisafe doesn't have.......

I put this in another thread. Melina, any suggestions on how a communications policy could help here? I have a few...

@gmb8118 Wow a whole 40% off?


Wow a whole 40% off? Let me know when they REALLY get serious about retaining existing customers.

40% off is pretty serious.

40% off is pretty serious. What, you want them to give you a new system for free? Studied economics or business much?

@seven, sometimes I just

@seven, sometimes I just don't understand people. Like a business is supposed to run on hopes and dreams too...

Wait! There was an upgrade

Wait! There was an upgrade option???bi emailed about this months ago and they said no and not there was a chance I could've traded in my old system? WHY WAS I NOT TOLD? Ridiculous!

Allegedly still available if

Allegedly still available if you call and ask for it. If the person doesn't know about it, ask for a supervisor.

How can I upgrade my system

How can I upgrade my system to the newer products?

rlee01, I assume you are

rlee01, I assume you are asking about upgrading AND getting the 40% discount. IIRC, the 40% upgrade discount was emailed (I never received it, or it was delivered to spam) to existing customers in 2018 who had SS2 and subscribed to monitoring. Your best best is going to be calling SS and asking to speak with a supervisor. Once speaking with them, say you would like to take part in the 40% upgrade discount you have read about in the forums. At that point, they'll hopefully say you're good to go and ask what you would like to order.

Once ordering (at least for me), the discount applied to the entire order, not just the SS2 comparable components. In my case, I used the opportunity to expand my system as I had been planning on. I had to return the key SS2 components (base, keypad, and USB keyfob).

They are still offering it

They are still offering it (on facebook, the rep is honoring this to those who inquire at least a couple times a week) - 40% off a new SS3, as long as the system you currently have was bought prior to Jan 2018, and you'll have to send back your current base station, keypad(s) and master keychain remote. Call them and if a rep doesn't know or says no, ask for a senior supervisor/manager.

I doubt a large number of people were ever emailed about this last year, if the forum posts last year are any indication, it was only a small number of people who were ever emailed - no one else knew about it unless they found it on the forums, or saw a post on facebook. I'd bet that thousands and thousands still don't know about it, and I'm sure that's how SS intended it to be (or they'd lose a ton of money).

Are you still offering an

Are you still offering an upgrade to old customers? I have an original system from 2016. It all works fine. But think its time to get the latest model? I know you are offing a discount right now. But would you give me any credit for what I currently have?



^ Evan, the current sale is

^ Evan, the current sale is 40% off a new system (with a free simplicam) - the offer to upgrade from SS2 to SS3 is the same 40% off, you would just return your base station, keypad(s) and master keychain remote to SS. If you decide not to take today's sale, you might have to wait before they offer it again - otherwise, call SS, ask for the 40% upgrade offer, and if a rep says no, or doesn't know what you're talking about, ask for a senior supervisor and request it.

If you hurry you can get 50%

If you hurry you can get 50% off and not just 40% for the trade in.
Sale ends 11/29/19