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Upgrade Offer: Need Your Feedback


We are looking for your thoughts on a customer upgrade discount program we are planning.

Here is some context:
We are so excited that the new SimpliSafe system is now available. It took us four long years to build and we invested a lot to make it a reality. Despite the hard work and extra hardware costs built into the new system, we made a decision not to raise our prices. That decision forced us to pull way back on our discounting programs.

That said, we’ve really wanted to come up with a way to reward our loyal customers who want to upgrade, by offering a significant discount. We’d like to offer 30% off, but we’ll need help to do it.

Here’s the offer we came up with:

  • Get a 10% discount up front when you order your all new SimpliSafe.
  • Get an additional 20% rebate when you post a social video about your upgrade experience and send us the link. We’ll also ask that you let us re-post, share, and use the footage in our marketing.
  • If you already upgraded from the Original SimpliSafe to the All New SimpliSafe since our launch on Jan 10, you can submit your link for the 30% refund. While we are offering this discount retroactively, please note, this is a one time deal. We will not be offering retroactive discounts in the future.

Our thinking is that your videos will help us spread the word about SimpliSafe, and maybe all that noise will make that 30% discount a win-win. This kind of program isn’t something we’ve ever done before, so it’s an experiment.

We’re very interested in hearing what you think about this plan. Should we move forward with it?


P.S. It’s possible we may be able to offer bigger upgrade discounts in the future, so if you’d prefer to wait that’s ok too. There is no pressure to upgrade, it’s entirely your choice. We will continue to service and support all our customers.

BOOM!!!! Now thats what I'm


Now thats what I'm talking about! That sounds very reasonable to me SS. I think this is more than fair and this shows me that my security company does care about its customers. Its always nice to hear you're loved, even if it comes a bit late.


You might consider extended this offer over the course of a few months for those that would need to piece together a new system over time. Example, if they have X entry sensors and X motion sensors, they can receive the discount for every device that they would be replacing, but if they added extras those would be full price.

Update: Edit If you already

Update: Edit

If you already upgraded from the Original SimpliSafe to the All New SimpliSafe since our launch on Jan 10, you can submit your link for the 30% refund.

I suppose I misunderstood the breakdown of how you get to the 30% as an existing customer who upgraded to the new system. As someone who values my privacy, I am not interested (nor willing) to post a social media video (whether utilized in marketing or not). Please consider that there are others like myself who do not wish to be involved in social media to that degree.

So, Melina, what discount would someone like me get who upgraded but has no desire to go the SM promotional route? Not everyone wishes to be a part of Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or (especially) Facebook in the capacity you require above. You should not leave us out of the incentive as a result. As such, your offer needs work to include us (and in my opinion, 10% as a standalone discount is not enough).

Original Reply:

Wow. I would LOVE if this were to happen. I missed out on incentives after upgrading to SS3 from SS2 from both SimpliSafe and AmEx. It would be nice to see the 30% retroactive refund.

You might consider extended this offer over the course of a few months for those that would need to piece together a new system over time. Example, if they have X entry sensors and X motion sensors, they can receive the discount for every device that they would be replacing, but if they added extras those would be full price.

This is a great idea, DP.

The way I read it is 10% off

The way I read it is 10% off regardless, then another 20 if you are willing to post something on social media. One could always create a fake named account on youtube, post a review of the product using text instead of yourself. This would keep you anonymous and should satisfy SS since the video would show up in searches.

Thanks to Melina and SS

Thanks to Melina and SS Marketing! Thinking out of the box to benefit customers and Simplisafe. Win/win. Another aspect of a small, start up internet company. Pinch me, I think its 2006 again.

DP, Your solution would work

DP, Your solution would work if allowed. While I have been in the public eye in my life, I now avoid it (and have for decades).

I suppose I got too excited and missed that crucial detail.

If the 10% applies retroactively, SimpliSafe needs to add that to the language. I mistook that discount "tier" upon order only and not for those who had already purchased SS3.

Thank you again for the creative idea/suggestion.

I dont blame you, half the

I dont blame you, half the world is creepy. :)

I just re-read the original post and your thoughts is how its written. So maybe we need some clarification on that SS?

Hey All, Thanks for your

Hey All,

Thanks for your thoughts.

We'd definitely be open to offering the upfront 10% to people who already purchased (one time retroactive option). It's a little bit tough to have to administer that discount for each customer (this isn't something you can do for yourselves...), and then ALSO do the 20% with the social link, but I think we could pull it off.

So, from what I understand,

So, from what I understand, at this point, it would honestly be a 20% discount for existing customers who have already upgraded provided they do a review of the new system. The 30%, as presented, could only be achieved via new orders.


I am not excited as I was upon initial reading. If I receive 10% retroactively at some point, terrific, if not, I am a bit disappointed, but I was never expecting a discount, so that (disappointment) is a result of getting my hopes up (by way of the post).

But kudos for taking the step of an upgrade incentive. And thank you for the quick response, Melina.

Melina, it sounds like you

Melina, it sounds like you want your customers to do your advertising for you and will only get up to a 30% discount if they "work" for it (unless you can re-write that entire thing to make it sound like you aren't). If "we may be able to offer bigger upgrade discounts in the future" - why wouldn't your customers just wait? (unless it's not actually going to be a bigger upgrade).

Just being honest and reading that as it sounds.

Hi Shiherlis, Our intension

Hi Shiherlis,

Our intension is to give 30% off retroactively to customers who already upgraded this one time. In order to streamline the offer (because retroactive discounts have to be applied by someone on our customer service staff), we'd originally asked that previous upgraders submit a link to their social video and get 30% off.

But I think it's a fair ask, that we offer 10% to everyone that already upgraded (which we would need to figure out how to process), and an ADDITIONAL 20% for these early bird upgraders once they submit the link. Again...thinking through how to process this in a straightforward way will take some thinking.

*please note: this offer is not currently available.* We will definitely tell folks when it is. We've got some development work on our end we need to do before we make it live.

Some of us don't have a

Some of us don't have a camera or editing software adequate to create a decent video.

Hi Coltmaster, Totally agree

Hi Coltmaster,

Totally agree that the upgrade program is intended to be a two way exchange. As I mentioned, the new system is more expensive to manufacture and we sunk four years of development into building it...but we didn't increase it's price. So we're more limited in our ability to just offer discounts.

In order to try to make it work for everyone, we are asking customers to help us spread the word about SimpliSafe, and our hope is that result is a win-win for everyone. This is an experiment. We aren't sure it will work, because we've never done organic social media marketing like this.

As far as future discounts are concerned, we just don't know what the future holds, so we are trying to be transparent that there may be better offers in the future. We hope that you understand this, so if you take advantage of this offer, and see a better one in the future, you are at least aware ahead of time.

@sevensiamesecats Oh, any


Oh, any old cellphone video will do! We'll send folks guidance on what the content should be (short quick clip).

Sorry, I am a professional

Sorry, I am a professional reviewer, and would never put my name anywhere near "any old cellphone video". I could do an article, with pictures, but then it would not be a "discount" since that is what I get paid for.

Melina, a "feature" article

Melina, a "feature" article by sevensiamesecats would be cool on your hopefully new and improved website - if anyone deserves a 30% discount (or more), it's him. Even if he didn't do an article, his constant presence on the forums deserves a discount :)

This is a GARBAGE DEAL First

This is a GARBAGE DEAL First off 10% is nothing when you talk over $200.00 and then you have to be a Facebook person NO THANK YOU, that is garbage also and to get the full 30% it has to be a new order, some discount, I think I will wait for Ring to release their security system and just dump simplisafe all together since I have the Ring doorbell and two security cameras that will integrate into their new system and it will be cheaper than the Garbage I already have. Some discount you sure you can afford to do it.

I really do not like this at

I really do not like this at all. I do not want to have to take, edit, and post a video to get the upgrade as a loyal customer. I am not comfortable being on camera or showing my house and security setup on camera. Its not so much a price break for loyal customers as advertising for Simplisafe.

Perhaps there should be

Perhaps there should be alternatives offered. Or maybe this is just the direction the world is now going in; if you are an individual who is not comfortable with sharing via social media, you are merely out of luck. I think companies need to realize social media costs users nothing monetarily, so just because view count, follows, or likes are outstanding, it does not always equate to the conversion of sales. It only means people are looking.

(Though the ROI is fantastic due to there being no investment specifically as free advertising in exchange for the proposed discount is the goal)

In my case, I would have no trouble writing about my experience with the new system as a replacement for a video review. However, I fall into the same issue/category as sevensiamesecats. Writing is my profession (although in the visual space), so my commissioned fee is significantly higher concerning the discount. Thus SimpliSafe would be on the winning end of the relationship.

With the upgrade offer would

With the upgrade offer would you have to return you old system?

Would about a higher discount based on views. Posting the video you get 20% off and for every 1,000 more views another 10% back up to 50%.

This should more represent

This should more represent your name. The offer should be "Simply" a 25% discount for purchasing the new system, then another 25% for posting a video for your current loyal customers!! End of story. ;)

Hey all, Keep the feedback

Hey all,

Keep the feedback coming. I'm going to close the post for comments on Friday at 5pm. At that point we'll review your notes and see where we are.

Thanks again for your time.

Melina, remember the claim

Melina, remember the claim from when the disarm replay bug was announced that it would be fixed and people with systems "with the problem" would get a discount on the fixed system.

10% is not a "real" discount especially since the whole system has to be replaced. And I do not recall there ever being any indication the problem was 'fixed". "All signals are encrypted" is a good improvement, but it does not seem to fix the problem, that a static disarm signal can be recorded and retransmitted, no matter how well encrypted. Only a disarm signal which is not static would prevent retransmitting.

So could you please officially notify us that the disarm signal retransmit problem has been fixed, and come up with a reasonable discount for those possessing the afflicted systems? The "discount" for producing videos is not a "discount" at all. It is advertising you purchase, and "payment" to those who participate. And that payment may be adequate for "any cell phone video", but not for a quality review.

Hi Melina, although I am very

Hi Melina, although I am very happy to see that SimpliSafe is exploring ways to retain their existing loyal customers by offering a discount, I still find this concerning. Why did SimpliSafe wait over four months (after the new SimpliSafe was released) to begin considering their loyal customers? I have to admit that I'm not excited about repurchasing a system that I just purchased months ago (and being asked to market your product using my time and resources to receive a full discount). I wish someone at SimpliSafe would have advised me to wait a few months for the new system to be released so I could have avoided blindly investing in a system that would be obsolete in a few months. The loyal customer discount is the right thing to do and I appreciate SImplisafe exploring discount options. I called Simplisafe Customer Service just yesterday to inquire about discounts on repurchasing the new system (prior to reading this post), I was told no and I closed my account. I hope whatever solution SimpliSafe comes up with regarding discounts, it is implemented quickly so you don't lose additional loyal customers. Thank you for providing a forum for our voices to be heard. Hopefully we can all learn from our experiences and move forward.

I have many issues with this

I have many issues with this and I wanted to know if an exchanged program could be set up. And with SS going political I know several co-works that I refer with them SS; didn't want to touch this Company because of the voice they stated out in the recent past. So, IDK what direction to go with in the future for a system. I guess I will be patient for now and wait to see what is best by 3q 2018

SS/Melina, it would have

SS/Melina, it would have helped to have had the post thread icon highlighted yellow like all other "new posts" - I think this thread was overlooked because it's a sticky and not highlighted, therefore you only got a very small number of folks giving input. If your web person could highlight the icon at least, you could keep the thread open for another few days (over the weekend etc).

@coltmaster1: Done. It's now

@coltmaster1: Done. It's now just a regular post. I'll leave it open for the weekend and review comments on Monday.

Thanks everyone!

Thank you, Melina, hopefully

Thank you, Melina, hopefully you'll get more input :)

IMO, I will not partake in a

IMO, I will not partake in a video to get a discount that should be afforded to an existing, loyal customer who has recommend your product to many of my family and friends.

Oh yea, no SM for me

Now couple this with the recent article that SS may be bought out, not sure I trust this, "discount", SS sell sto a competitor that I have no interest in and then I'm really stuck

Curious, why do we see so much more SS traffic on this site over the past 24-48 hours? Pending sale do I presume?

No thanks

As a customer who recently

As a customer who recently cancelled monitoring and replaced my system with another vendor... This is too little, too late.

First you ignored existing customers with the decision to design a new system that didn't even offer backward compatibility as an option. With no explanation.

Then you ignored existing customers by not offering any form of upgrade/discount path. With no explanation.

Then you waded into the ridiculous arena of knee-jerk political activism with the NRA stunt (which was the final straw to cancel my service). Again with no explanation.

Now you propose a meager discount, with a larger "refund" if I tell the world which security system is protecting my home?

Simplisafe management is coming up with some stunning blunders and incomprehensible decisions this year.

Your points are well taken,

Your points are well taken, except for the first one. SS made it clear that "all signals are encrypted", which makes it obvious that no new stuff can talk to any old stuff and vice versa. No other explanation is needed, since the whole concept of encryption is that the signals are incomprehensible to anything other than matching devices.

But yes, they went out of their way to choose the worst possible customer relations choices thereafter. And doubled down on their policy that communication is the root of all evil.

I purchased a loaded SS

I purchased a loaded SS system a couple years ago and the majority of the cost was in all the various sensors and peripherals. The base unit and master keypad were a small portion of my investment.

Since you have basically reinvented the whole system versus chosen an upgrade path, I cannot expect a discount on a full replacement system (I don't know of anyone that offers anything like that). For instance, I purchase a new Canon high end camera every few years, and they never offer me a "loyalty" discount; however, I never upgrade my camera if there is not a compelling technological advancement that gives me a measurable end result. I don't buy their latest release if all they did is increase the tech specifications and I don't end up with noticeably better pictures - what would be the point?

If I were to purchase an entirely new security system right now, then my older "investment" would change into an every 2-year "expense" model that makes Simply Safe unaffordable! If I were going to spend that much per year, I might as well just lease one of the more popular professionally installed systems out there? One of the main selling points that SS had was that is saves you money by purchasing the equipment up front and installing it yourself. If I have to buy an "entirely" new system from SS every few years just to maintain the same functionality in essence, then that would not be a valid selling point.

Then there is the time I have invested in installing all the sensors and peripherals myself. I would now have to take the time to remove and then replace all of them - all to end up with the same "functionality" that I already have - "window opens - sends a signal - alarm sounds". Nothing really compelling enough to go though the swap out effort.

The only thing I see functionally that I would really like, is the improved/lighted keypad - not compelling enough for me to spend another $1000 plus my re-install time. In other words, if SS offered an upgraded keypad for my existing system, I would gladly pay full price for it today. Smaller sensors, etc. are great but not compelling enough to swap out.

So, this is the choice SS made. They could have chosen to come out with an upgradable product base station with new keypads targeting both old and new customers and offer new smaller sensors as part of new purchases at an additional cost, but instead went the full redesign route. Therefore, my guess is that they will primarily have to target new customers for this new system - not many existing customers like me will shell out another $1000 before even one of my batteries has had to be replaced!. It might be worth looking at launching a parallel condensed upgrade version in addition to the new full system, that specifically targets existing customers where it would be plug-and-play with all their old sensors - such a product would not need a "discount", just a fair price? Without something like that, a lot of existing customers may jump ship when time to upgrade as they now know from experience that if the buy into SS again, it may be rendered obsolete by SS in a couple more years down the road.

As far as Social Media, that represents the exact opposite of "security-minded". People that suffer from that addiction (the majority I suspect now) are not that concerned with privacy as we all know what that sewer is like. I create content for the web for a living, but I never go to social media for anything and have never made an SM post personally. Since I have a few real "friends", I have no interest in racking up a ton of strangers who Facebook terms "friends".

All that said, in my case, to upgrade at this point to the new SS system, if I were offered 50% off, I might have to consider it; but even then, not sure I would want to go through reinstalling everything just to end up with a lighted keypad for $500. I have sold several SS systems to friends and clients, but I would not post a video for a $500 discount.

Ok. So I think it's clear

Ok. So I think it's clear that this offer does not appeal to most of you. We'll sharpen our pencils and come back with a different plan.


@Melina, thank you for

@Melina, thank you for taking the time to post a potential upgrade scenario and asking for input. I suggest it doesn't have to be a one single scenario. Some customers will take you up on your offer and produce some very creative clips. Like chicken soup, it wouldn't hurt to have two or three upgrade paths.

Don't make it so complicated.

Don't make it so complicated. It should be a flat 30% for existing users, no gimmicks. You've got a loyal customer base, me being one, who support SS on a monthly basis, why mess it up. It's easier to keep existing customers than it is to get new ones.

I have been a customer for

I have been a customer for many years. My sensors are starting to fail need to upgrade. A brand new system for me would be about 650.00 without any discount. 10% would be 65.00 and after taking video posting it, sending you the link, that would be another 20% or 130.00. For a total system costing 455.00. I also use the upgraded monitoring for 24.99 a month.

If I was to switch to other popular monitoring companies it is about 45.00 a month with a 2 year contract. With 24.99 a month monitoring and equipment cost (455/24 months =18.96 month equipment cost over 2 years ). About the same cost and don’t have to video anything or post anything.

When I logged in strangers off the street get a free security camera that is 99.00 with their order. But your long term customer only gets 65.00 off the complete order?

I don’t expect anything for free but it doesn’t feel or sound like my loyal business over all these years matters to anyone and when I emailed customer support today they told me you didn’t offer any discount to loyal customers.

I wish this post had received

I wish this post had received more feedback. It is not often as SimpliSafe customers we are included in such things, so I see it as a missed opportunity.

It is disappointing when posts that did not come from users or customers (and had nothing to do with the system) have pages of comments. It also did not help that it was initially a pinned topic, but one would think more people would want to chime in on this subject when there are so many complaints about a lack of an upgrade path/discount. An opportunity to voice displeasure or offer suggestions in a large number and many (who have created topics about the issue) did not contribute. I say this only because we are the answer. SimpliSafe can provide an offer, but I have doubts it would be better than a customer solution coming from possible recipients.

I do not want to be stuck with 10%.

Any Rickly Nelson fans out

Any Rickly Nelson fans out there? If you are, you know what I mean with "Rock Garden Party". SS, owners of SS1 or SS2 that buy a new system, can be verified, get x% off. Done. Only you know your margins, inventory etc. Make a decision, (next part is very important).....

Communicate it clearly, in forums, in the new Customer Support and Notification Center (hint, hint) and do it.

I'm about ready to switch to

I'm about ready to switch to Scout. The cost to replace the exact system that I've already got would be way less than the 30% off would bring me. It is fully integrated with IFTTT and Alexa and can work with all my other existing items (Insteon, Echo, Blink, etc.). Also, the cost for their monitoring service with full use of the app is only $10/mo. It's $20, if you want a person but only $10 without. If SS can't get their upgrade option down to closer to 50% off, I'll be switching to Scout and save a lot more money and have a better system with RFID integration so that I can have the system I want!

@madamealaina, clearly I'm

@madamealaina, clearly I'm not Simplisafe, but if you need a 50% upgrade discount, I would say good luck with Scout.

To add to Shiherlis's

To add to Shiherlis's comments - all simplisafe need do is read posts from January 10th onward - unfortunately, only gauging by the number of users only via the forum and/or facebook, so many have now left and gone elsewhere out of frustration - who knows how many customers closed their accounts via phone during those months.

Melina, might want to take that into consideration with a new pencil. It seems those months with frustrating/lack of customer support and flat out "NO"'s to customers left them with a trust issue. Gain their trust back with a whopper of a deal. (i.e., a free camera with purchase isn't really a whopper when you take into consideration several issues with the camera that have not been fixed :)

People who have been turned

People who have been turned off of SS may not have commented because they no longer follow the forum. If you want to reach "everybody", why not send a brief email with interesting title to all the emails on file?

Some options -

Straight percentage. 50% or more is probably too much from a business perspective, 40% would probably be enticing to most. 30% or less is questionable.

"Bang for Buck" percentage. Most people don't mind paying for the new base and keypads, what torques them off are all the peripherals. So a lower percentage for the base and keypads (perhaps even as low as 10%) and a higher one for the peripherals (40% or more)

"Structured" percentage: 20% for the first $200, 30% off the next $300 and 40% off everything over that or a plan like that. Like income taxes.

"age" percentage: More of a discount the newer the existing system.

Trade in allowance. Credit for SS2 components returned on top of a smaller discount

No matter what you do, not everybody would be happy. You could send people a free duplicate of their existing system and pay them $100 to install it and you would STILL get some people whining :-).

@sevensiamesecats, great post

@sevensiamesecats, great post and like your "Bang for the Buck" very much. It hits the sweet spot based on the component, and the base and keypad are the heavy hitters. Like the %s too.

Setting a social media

Setting a social media requirement, especially a video, feels pretty sleazy, I have to say. Given the ongoing social media privacy fiascos I post as little as possible. Telling me, a loyal long-time customer, that I would HAVE to post something to get the full discount is infuriating.

Besides, in addition to it

Besides, in addition to it being sleazy and coercive, the last thing I want to do is advertise to the world which security system I use to protect my home.

oke dokey all. Thanks for

oke dokey all. Thanks for your input, great ideas, and overall feedback. We hear you loud and clear. Make it simple. Don't require social. Try to make it easier for folks.

I'm going to close this thread for comments now.