Video surveillance

Anyone know of an ETA on when the video surveillance feature will be available?

Per their In Development

Per their In Development thread, it should be coming sometime shortly after the September release of the new base station, which will be a prerequisite for the cameras due to the required new programming and hardware (Wi-Fi communications for the cameras, for example).

Will your cameras have the

Will your cameras have the following features:
1. indoor/outdoor
2. day/night vision (total darkness)
3. wireless
4. 480 or 540 resolution
5. color or just black and white

My email address is

Thank you in advance.

@realentspark 1.


1. indoor/outdoor

Indoor only

2. day/night vision (total darkness)

Low light, yes. Total darkness is being discussed.

3. wireless

They will require AC power, however will connect wireless.

4. 480 or 540 resolution

Resolution for the cameras is still tentative

5. color or just black and white

The cameras will be color.

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I have seen the updates

I have seen the updates posted on the forums about the new base station being released soon and that the fire and water sensors will be out later this year.

Any updates about the video cameras?

@ laredo7mm Thanks for

@ laredo7mm

Thanks for posting! An exact release date has not yet been established for the camera systems. We will provide an update later this year!

Ryan K.
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No outside cameras? I'm

No outside cameras? I'm really wanting cameras for watching my front porch, cars, side door, and back yard. Anything in the works for outside cameras from SS? If not I might have to try to find a different system for that.

@ device420 Thanks for

@ device420

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, our cameras will be for indoor use only and will not be released until the end of the year.

Ryan K.
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In the design of your new

In the design of your new camera system how will the memory of the video surveillance be saved and for how long? Based on the digital data with increased customers, there will be a need for more servers and additional bandwidth. Will the cameras be continous surveillance or only activated when motion is detected? Will it be compatiable with Simpli Safe system 1?

Will the video be a fixed

Will the video be a fixed camera or will panning be available?

@ ravenflyshi &

@ ravenflyshi & AEAvery

Thanks for posting! Specifications for cameras have not been fully established. Stay tuned for additional information later this year!

Ryan K.
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Any update on the release of

Any update on the release of the video cameras?

@ MurphyPC Thanks for

@ MurphyPC

Thanks for posting! We are still currently working on our camera systems and we should have more specific release date closer to the end of the year!

Ryan K.
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Just an observation on the

Just an observation on the obvious, this thread is almost 18 months old :-) Given what the competition already has available on the market, I trust that SS will be able to come out with some kind of camera system soon. BTW, who cares about color and hi res? You aren't watching the Super Bowl on it, just to see what is going on in your home.

It's 2013. Any more info on

It's 2013. Any more info on the cameras???

I would love a camera and

I would love a camera and recently purchased this product because of this forum chatter about it. I hope it comes soon.

Sorry, your product looks

Sorry, your product looks great but without indoor/outdoor cameras in this day and age of technology I will never buy your product. Thanks anyhow. It looked promising.

Any updates?

Any updates?

Also, will there be a feed to

Also, will there be a feed to mobile devices which can look at live AND previously recorded footage you can scroll through? Maybe require a computer onsite for large storage of video? Thanks!

STILL NO CAMERA? Hmmmm maybe

STILL NO CAMERA? Hmmmm maybe I should check elsewhere

IR illumination REQUIRED!

IR illumination REQUIRED!

Just got my system and it's

Just got my system and it's running great. However, I will confess that I first looked to see if I could find another system with video surveillance integrated.

Ultimately this system fit my needs and I have used other means for the video security.

The sooner you guys get this project done (in my opinion should be the top priority) the sooner you'll get flooded with both existing customers and new customers that may be on the fence. Just remember to make it high quality. You can get away with the higher cost if people are happy with it, but if it's cheap all the time you invested won't mean anything as word will spread quickly.

I have faith in you guys, and will keep an eye out on your progress!

High quality systems are

High quality systems are available for about 5 Grand! Why doesn't everybody share their requirements here. Personally I just need well selected frame grabs to a cell phone. Video is just a waste of bandwidth. I mean are you really going to spend all day watching the sink drip?

ziptone, I agree with you.

ziptone, I agree with you. Video is great for commercials, but a simple snapshot on motion or set time period will suffice. Don't need color (could be an option) but this is something that should be relatively easy for Simplisafe to get out the door.

Dear SimpliSafe, Im sure the

Dear SimpliSafe,
Im sure the seemingly "delayed" release of the video cameras is due to more research/development needed. Again thats my guess. IF that is the case, please note that as a new customer to SS, I am more than willing to accept a FREE beta test video equipment to trial this out for you and provide great feedback :).

That is all :)

Hello SimpliSafe, Any update

Hello SimpliSafe,

Any update on when the video cameras will be available ?


Any new news on video

Any new news on video cameras?

Hello out there simplisafe????

Please update

I've been a customer for over

I've been a customer for over 2 years and I've been waiting for this since day one. I want to know what date I can expect this to be available?

I have been waiting for a

I have been waiting for a video monitoring system from SimpliSafe before buying their entire system.

I have been waiting almost two years.

I am using a traditional alarm system while waiting for SimpliSafe to release a system that has a video package included.

I am amazed (in a bad way) how they can't seem to get their act together, and provide real information on when they will release a video monitoring system. The company (and overall system) has such a good reputation.

But the lack of a video system (when thousands of people are clearly clamoring for it - as evidenced by the many many posts in these forums) has to be a real red flag about the health of this company. What is going on in SimpliSafe that is causing it to be so dysfunctional?

A company that can't provide a video system after years of promising one is surely a company to be treated with a bit of suspicion??? SimpliSafe won't give a drop-dead date on the release. It's been making vague promises/dates for years and breaks those promises each time.

Ryan - you sound like a really nice guy. Aren't you embarrassed by this at this stage?

I really want to buy your product. I've already figured out I need to spend about $1000 on the various components and that's not taking any cameras and related gear I'll add to the order (I expect I'll want 4 indoor cameras and two outdoor ones). I want to give you my money - but not before you have video (and window break sensors - that's another amazing deficiency).

Come on SimpliSafe - act like a real player in this market. - quit breaking your promises with one delay after another.

Camera alternative I just

Camera alternative

I just bought a system but after reading the comments, I am not holding my breath and looking elsewhere for video.

Here is a system I saw at Costco and found online cheaper

It is the Uniden Guardian Wireless System and has internet access -- that or any other net compatible security systems --

Cameras are sometimes better wired to guarantee power and security.

I am sure in time, we will have a SS system but for now, this will have to do. You can always post it on ebay when you are done with it.

There is also DropCam - but there is a monthly charge to store video

Yes -- you will need two apps -

Just a thought.

@syncimage Great ideas!


Great ideas! Thanks for posting! In addition, we'll certainly let you know when our cameras are released.

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Hey, just saw this feed.

Hey, just saw this feed. Yes, video would be nice! But Simplisafe so far is a fantastic alarm system. I had quotes for other companies and I was floored! I paid $310 for my whole Simplisafe system and these other guys wanted over $1000.00 just for the hardware then monitoring was a long contract and a ton of cash! I'm happy to wait for the video. Until then I'll just find a cheap alternative. Def need a system with a DVR. I'm a detective and this storage is key for any crime to be solved. Hope to see a DVR camera system from Simplisafe son.


@michaelfransko Thank you


Thank you very much for sharing! We'll certainly let you know when we have more information about our cameras!

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Color and hi res are

Color and hi res are important if you want the Police to be able to correctly identify the burglar.

Will the video also have

Will the video also have audio capability?

@raknaman Thank you for your


Thank you for your interest! These a great questions. When we have more information about our cameras, we'll let you know!

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Any updates on Video???? An

Any updates on Video???? An ETA would be nice. :)

Kelly posted 2014 in another

Kelly posted 2014 in another thread.

Wow ... our nation certainly

Wow ... our nation certainly has a "fast food" mentality ... does it not? Ever take your family on a trip? Remember the little ones saying "are we there yet?", "are we there yet?", "are we there yet?", "are we there yet?" -- I'd almost rather listen to a broken record. LOL

The video cameras will be ready when the video cameras are ready. They won't be ready a minute sooner. Calm down -- take a sip of chamomile tea -- take a deep breath -- relax -- exercise some patience -- and just CHILL.

Luckily, this is a nation of

Luckily, this is a nation of freedom and SS allows a wide, wide policy of what customers can post here in the forums. Some customers are patient, others not so much. Me? I will wait for the cameras but politely, and in good taste,occasionally rib the crack SS development team. Hold the tea please, more of a coffee guy.

I am all for patience but the

I am all for patience but the technology associated with video surveillance has been well established and inexpensive for years. Not sure what could possibly be the problem. If Simplisafe had posted in 2011 that video was unlikely to be available for years then we as customers could make appropriate decisions. The communication has been by any customer service standard poor. Just tell the truth!

There isn't much you can do

There isn't much you can do but patiently wait or go elsewhere. Given the options, I'm waiting because my wife won't let me buy a dropcam or other solution, knowing darn well I will want it integrated with the alarm. Smart woman, except being married to me for 30+ years. Chad, how are those Harvard engineers doing?

I recently had a break in and

I recently had a break in and I need a camera solution ASAP. A photo or video of the event could have helped the Police. I just checked out the Uniden. It appears that it only can handle 4 cameras. Considering the each house has 4 sides, that would only cover the outside.
I'd like to cover the inside as well. I have no idea where Simplisafe is with the camera system(e.g., if its in Alpha, Beta, Concept, etc). Any other suggestions?

I just wanted to put in my 2

I just wanted to put in my 2 cents. while video cameras are easy technology to integrate, the hard part is storage, wireless bandwidth, and distribution of the video signal.

1. The video has to be stored for each camera you want, so then there is a limitation aspect that needs to be considered. the current base station doesn't have the storage needed in the amount that would be required per camera. You see systems out there that have a limited number of cameras. Most of these are wired system with limitations on number of cameras bing 4, 8, 12, or 16. Each putting a load on the speed of the storage device as each camera is sending it's feed constantly. With the current base stations there would be two options, 1) replace the base station, which many have already done to get to version 2 and 2) have a separate base station for the cameras.

2. With wireless cameras there is not just space, but wireless signal bandwidth consideration. If wi-fi network is used, that's extra devices on your wireless router which you also use for your desktops, laptops, tablets, and phone. Now add 16 cameras to your wi-fi network,and tell me how fast is your tablet or laptop able to transfer now? IF they use a different wireless technology to connect the cameras to the system, then they have to deal with FCC to find some spectrum, create their own protocol, and make sure that the system doesn't interfere with other wireless technologies. You then have to get distributed in some way to a monitor.

speaking of distributing

3. If you want to be able to have the video or even a snapshot sent to your phone, then you have to talk distribution. Only 2 methods, 1) You configure your own personal router to allow people from the outside to be able to log in to your network. When you are on the outside, you are included in that "people from the outside". This is a potential security risk as it's opening up a hole in your home network. Since this would be at the request or under the direction of the alarm company, there is a liability aspect that I imagine they don't want. 2) The alarm company sets up servers and the base station/camera system connects outward to their server to distribute the feed/snapshot to you on the internet. Problems would be how big of a server do they need to handle all the users they have. Not to mention how fast of a connection do they need to accomplish all this for all of their users.

Let's say that they store all the videos on their servers where they can distribute all the feeds themselves. That would compound the server needs as all that video being sent to them would just about look like a DDoS attack on their servers.

SimpliSafe is about making a security system simple to install and use, but camera feeds is a much more advanced feature then you would think. What probably has to happen is a relay service that helps people connect to their network without punching a hole in their customers networks. That's something that takes time to make happen. Especially with the advanced network topologies that are out there in the world. Scenarios like both sides being behind a nat router needs a solution so that people can connect and see the camera video feed in their home while being in someone else's private home network.

I hope this helps inform people what challenges they are facing. if anything it's probably because they want to keep it affordable for us customers. I didn't choose simplisafe because it provided everything, I chose it because it did the one thing I needed it to do for the best price I could find. Wireless, informs me if someone broke in, so I can make it home quickly or get police there quickly. Looking at my stuff get stolen by some guy in s ski mask isn't helpful.


Outside cameras that can be

Outside cameras that can be powered from existing cat 5 cables would be nice.
Is there any updated timeframe for adding cameras?

@rossministry Thank you for


Thank you for posting! We are not currently developing exterior cameras, but we are working on interior cameras. We'll let you know when we have a release date for these!

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Does it really take literally

Does it really take literally years to get a camera system going. Lots of broken promises.

@robdog289 Thank you for


Thank you for posting! We' have been adding a lot of new components, as well as adding our SimpliSafe2 system in the last year. The cameras are next on our list! We'll certainly will let you know as soon as we have these available!

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The good news is that the

The good news is that the technology is now maturing and there are enough inexpensive solutions out there that is now easier than ever for SS to deliver a low cost, sound solution. If you go through the forums, Will, Ryan and now Kelly have given specifications and timelines that never came to realization. With glass break sensors out video is the only thing left on their official roadmap. Again, given how far the technology has come in general, SS should be able to do this final stop of their road map this calendar year. (Even one that is engineered at Harvard!)

After reading every comment

After reading every comment on here, I have to toss in my 2cents!
Ive had my SS system going on 7 months now and have since upgraded and "Tweeked" my system to get all I can get out of it, and so far I LOVE it! I have matched my SS system with several "Foscam" IP Cameras and it works well for me. The Foscams have PTZ capabilities and connect wirelessly thru my router, if I get an SMS alert
from my SS system I can quickly zoom in with the Foscams on my iPhone, iPad or PC to see exactly whats going on, and snap a photo or video to catch the action if needed. It would be nice to have the cameras integrated into the system, but they do have "Motion Detection" and begin recording at the detection of the slightest movement so I think I have all my bases covered. AND the Foscams are only $79.00 apiece from Amazon look for Foscam Fl8910W, they have a 2yr warranty and free DDNS Hosting!

I have had a few issues with the SS system though...
1) went thru 2 cell modules because of my remote location, it came with a T-mobile, swapped to a Verizon, and now they sent me a unit that plugs directly into my wireless router which works well now!
2) my 2nd keypad will not reach the Base, it says " out of range" so I had to move it closer to the base, but the sensors in the same room reach the base just fine! .... Who knows!

All in all, this is , in my opinion a GREAT system for the Price! Shoot, its an AWESOME System for the price! I would recommend it to ANYONE especially if you live in a remote area!
All I Need to add is the "GlassBreak" Sensors, which I missed the boat on because they're out of stock now LOL..
Guess I'll just have to keep checking back.....

Go To amazon and get a Foscam

Go To amazon and get a Foscam Fl8910WIP camera, they are cheap, and powerful! The start recording at the slightest motion or Sound! You can access them from any iPhone, Android, or PC, cost less than $79 and are a GREAT addition to the SS system! You can also hear everything thats going on around them as well as SPEAK over them so anyone in the area if the camera can hear you! I have conversations with my employees at my shop over the camera, from my iPhone!!! LOL They even email or text you when motion is detected! GREAT deal for under $79!!!!