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Alarm Company and central station address

Can you please provide me with the Alarm Company's (who maintain and monitors) the alarm, their address and telephone number. I need this for my village permit in Illinois.

Thank you,

If you are looking for Permitting info for your municipality, please refer to your online account's Monitoring page. Look on the bottom right for the Permits section. If you have trouble, or the info listed doesn't cover your specific location, please reach out to our dedicated Permits team at permits@simplisafe.com.

Assuming you are subscribed

Assuming you are subscribed to monitoring, you will find it by navigating through:
- hover over person outline near top of this page
- select View Account
- to the left of the page, select Monitoring
- select Download Certificate at the bottom right of the blue section

COPS Monitoring details are in the lower left of this certificate, and is what you are requesting.

While you are at it, contact your renters or homeowners insurance to see what discounts are available for monitored coverage.

SS, this is a VERY common question. A FAQ or Captain's CRC would go a long way to help customers.