Cameras open shutter and record when armed in home.

When I arm my system to Home the cameras are supposed to stay off I checked both on my phone and through the samplisafe web site and they both indicate cameras are off the box is unchecked and it says off. The cameras instantly turn on when I arm the system to Home and record everything going on. How do I fix this?

From what I recall, they also

From what I recall, they also automatically record any event. When the system is armed or disarmed is considered an event, so that triggers a recording. What it shouldn't be doing while arming from OFF to HOME or disarming from HOME to OFF to prerecording with the shutter open. In both of those cases, the shutter is closed until the event occurs, then the shutter opens (you'll hear the click) and the recording will start. The shutter should then return to the previous state.

When I arm it to HOME the

When I arm it to HOME the shutter clicks open. When the countdown clock hit 30 seconds the voice says armed home. The shutter remains open and recording until I disarm the system, there is approximately a 30 second delay after the system says OFF then the shutter clicks closed. I guess I need to call. Thanks for the reply.