Can Base station be disabled during countdown beeps prior to alarm sounding

We have been having a few home break ins in my neighborhood. The most at 11am. They open up electrical panel on side of house, flipped main breaker off and then broke in through the kitchen window. They then proceeded to put keypad in kitchen sink under running water. (have picture) This makes me wonder if they are able to get to base station and destroy it ie.....smash or water or whatever, will the alarm go out to dispatch? I need to know if I just need to hide my base station or set sensors to insta alarm setting.

I personally partially hide

I personally partially hide my base (lights and non-siren sounds off). It's easy to get to for me, but not at all obvious to people in the same room with it. I also have most of my entry points set to instant alert. Open a door or window that isn't usually - instant siren.

I would suggest you perform some simulation exercises to perform what you think a burglar might try to do to see how your system responds. Various people have done that here in the past and reported their experiments. Instead of smashing your base or running it under water, be prepared to remove power and backup batteries.

Depending how your system responds, change your settings accordingly. Add sensors, change sensor settings, move components, etc.

Additionally, an alarm system is only one line of defense. If you are home when an intruder enters, ensure you have a plan and another line of defense to adequately protect yourself and your loved ones. Depending on your area, police are 3 to 30 minutes away.