Does the base station blue light attract bugs?

I have a new system, and have a question about the base station blue light. Is there any information on whether it attracts bugs? It seems very bright when it's active, and I have it located near a window so it is pretty much line-of-site to my detached garage walk-in steel door (about 100 ft away), which has an entry sensor. My concern is that if the blue light attracts bugs - bugs attract spiders - and spiders make webs! Bottom-line, no matter where I place it - will it attract bugs?

In my opinion, no. Mine is

In my opinion, no. Mine is very close to a window that is slightly opened often and I have never seen any kind of bug near it or attracted to it - bugs are generally attracted to white or yellow light also because of the color's warmth (and the heat when turned on).

No, but the light can attract

No, but the light can attract invaders, letting them know where to go to defeat the system. If I had it near a window, I'd make sure the light was set to "off".