Door bell on side wall

When you come up on our porch and are facing the front door, our door bell is to your right on the side wall. About 10 foot to the left is another side wall and then it opens up to our porch. Will I be able to see much from the door bell camera?



SS advertises ~160 degree

SS advertises ~160 degree field of view from left to right. I have posted I am getting only about 130 degree field of view from my doorbell camera and even purchased a second one to test it. Both were the same field of view. Going from memory (more than dangerous) I think my doorbell is mounted in a covered porch area about 4.5 feet above the porch and goes out about 5 feet from the mounting wall towards the ground and I think about 6 feet from the mounting wall.

If you have a 3d printer, or

If you have a 3d printer, or a friend with one, or just find a way to contact somebody who is willing to print you one for a reasonable price, you can find several models on Thingiverse for a mount to turn the camera 30 degrees to the side, which is enough to see the whole area.

My house, the doorbell is on a wall to the left of the door.

With the doorbell just on the wall, I can see the porch, and the front wall of my house takes up half the field of view, but I can't see down my front walk at all.

I designed a couple of models you can find at and there are a few others as well if you don't like that one. With that, I can still see the entire front wall, but it takes up less of the frame. More importantly, I can see the wall the doorbell is on and my entire front walk.