Getting permits for burglar and fire monitoring services

I want to get information about getting informnation on where i get permits in jersey city and how much do i have to pay? This is for Jersey City New Jersey. Does anybody know?

If you are looking for Permitting info for your municipality, please refer to your online account's Monitoring page. Look on the bottom right for the Permits section. If you have trouble, or the info listed doesn't cover your specific location, please reach out to our dedicated Permits team at

The best method is to go on

The best method is to go on your city web site, or call the police department (non-emergency number). These two places are the most reliable source of info about alarm permits.

I need to know how to pull

I need to know how to pull permit in round rock , texas

@michaellevin1111 We provide


We provide permit info based on your delivery address, right in your Invoice (both the paper printout included with your package, or the email confirmation). But you can also email our Permits department at!

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I hate to be redundant, but

I hate to be redundant, but if Simplisafe had a CRC, that email information for permits could be listed in it.