I have been a simplid\safe customer since 2013. I bought my system and love it. But, recently I was advised by a friend that your company was trading the old system for a new system.

I called the Simplisafe number twice and was told I was too late. I was never contacted by the Simplisafe, and was told by an employee that they did not advertise it.

Simply I lost out because Simplisafe decided to do the promotion but not advertise it. I am highly upset, and wish to have the opportunity of receiving a new system for my old one. I have recommemded your system to two individuals and they purchased full systems. I am upset at the fact that twice no one who answered my call even after talking to a supervisor would approve my upgrade

. I would respectfully request that someone contact me and offer me a new system for my old one.

Thank you
Pete Guerra

Pete, I would suggest first


I would suggest first that you REMOVE your phone number from this post!!

Secondly, if you call SS and request to speak with a tech manager, I am sure they will work with you. They tend to do right by there customers, especially long-time ones like us!

@tioaction569 What Steve said


What Steve said is definitely true. In fact, I will have a Tech Manager reach out to you soon.

I have also removed your personal phone number from your post to protect your privacy!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security