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I'm simply trying to find a way to update my credit card information on this new website. Can anyone help?

This may only be available if

This may only be available if you have interactive monitoring. I'm not positive, since that's what I have. If any of the options I describe are greyed out, just give SS a call (unless you have already). Go to and login to your account (hover over person icon near top right, then select login). From the options to the left of the screen, select Monitoring. Select the edit near the Credit Card section near the middle top. This will allow you to change or add CCs. It will not allow you to remove CCs.

@rohlerdm The above commenter


The above commenter is correct. Just log into your account and look for the Monitoring section. The Credit Card section is at the top of that page.

The Monitoring page is available for all customers with an active system monitoring subscription.

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