Permit in hand, what to do next...

I bought my alarm permit through the City of Houston website, email the number to simplisafe. Do I have to send the permit to the police and fire department or by just buying the permit am i covered? Thanks

@natapur4, Simplisafe has

@natapur4, Simplisafe has nothing to do with your permit. Zip, They don't care if you got one or not. It is strictly your responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with the local jurisdictions. You can email SS and let them know what the rules are for your particular address at this time.

When I got SS2, needed a police permit. Two years later got the smoke and CO sensors when they came out, called the fire dept who advised me our new mayor had brought in a business consultant who found out:

1. for every permit issued, the village lost money, and 2
2. They didn't use the permit information for anything.

As a result no permits of any kind were required for security or fire! A rare instance where government got more efficient and better. Good luck with your new system. Oh, and don't forget to send your certificate of coverage from SS to your insurance company for a credit on your premiums! Worth over $200 bucks for me. :-)

Ok. Thank you!

Ok. Thank you!

@ natapur4 your welcome and

@ natapur4 your welcome and best of the holiday season to you and your family.

@natapur4 If you received a


If you received a permit number along with your permit, give us a call at 1-800-297-1605 or email We can add that Permit number to your account. That way, when the Monitoring Company needs to call your local authorities for an emergency, they can provide the permit number as well!

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