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Simplesafe keypad sound volume

Can the keypad beeping sound volume be louder? Older people like me cannot hear the sound until I am on top of it.

Is there a volume control function and how do I use it?


@joelaw419, unfortunately,

@joelaw419, unfortunately, the keypad volume cannot be adjusted, however, there is one alternative. If you have already, or get, the 105 db aux speaker, it can be synced with the base so it will chirp loudly when the keypad is chirping. Works quite well but note the siren will not appear on your dashboard or in the easy wizard. You can use the search tool for additional information on how to install it, or call SS.

Good luck.

Do you mean the AUX siren? I

Do you mean the AUX siren? I already have that installed but it doesn't chirp. Do I need more setups to get that going and if so what happens to the siren?


I haven't installed it

I haven't installed it before.