Simplisafe camera, is simplisafe watching us?

I have notice that sometime the simplisafe camera automatic turn on for about a minute and turn off, is someone watching us without our knowledge?

Simplisafe has no way to

Simplisafe has no way to access your camera at all.

does it create a recording event on your timeline? is there a corresponding event that would trigger the recording? (arm, disarm, camera motion detected)

No, there wasn't any record

No, there wasn't any record event. Sometime, as I was sitting in the living room, I heard the camera activate noise and sure enough it was on for about 30 seconds to a minute and it turned off. I checked my app and it did not show anything. Kinda creepy sometime.

Allegedly SS employees cannot

Allegedly SS employees cannot access the video at all. COPS can allegedly only access the video during an alarm and then only if you checked the box which allows them to do that.

ikanttell, I agree, I have


I agree, I have noticed that too.

Sometimes you can hear the distinct "click" of the shutter opening and closing for five or ten seconds, then closing. No lights, no event triggered. Sometimes the system is eith off or in home mode. Both of which the camera is set to off. I only have it on for away mode.