Smoke detector requirements in NYS

The local Rochester NY paper reported the following today: Effective in April 2019 NYS will require 10 year life, sealed battery smoke detectors, or hardwiring. This will be for all new construction, and sales of existing homes. The type SimpliSafe just sold to me with batteries will apparently not be available at all in NYS. I doubt if SimpliSafe will even be able to sell them in NYS, or supply replacements when they fail.
I am new to the Forum and SimpliSafe, but hope they monitor this Forum and will respond with their plans to support us in NYS.
I believe this law has been on the books since 2015, but enforcement was delayed to let current suppliers work off their inventory. So, I would imagine that this is not new to SimpliSafe.
What say you SimpliSafe?

Just use both types. Nothing

Just use both types. Nothing says you cannot have both.

I suspect that SS will never be able to make a smoke detector that contains a radio transmitter and sealed battery that will perform for 10 years.

A hardwired unit is definitely doable, but SS seems to be slow to realize sales potential.

As I posted in a previous

As I posted in a previous post concerning this subject, not being a lawyer, just reading the statute that someone posted a link to, if I remember correctly, it read that if the smoke detector had a lower power monitoring component, it was exempt from the 10 year battery requirement. Again, it might not be what was intended. If all else fails, it ,might be entertaining to contact your state representative and get an official "non-official" reading of the statute.