When setting alarm to away AC.

I know that simplisafe can know work with google home. Can i set it up to when i set the alarm to away it turns up my ac. And when i disarm my system it turns it down?

Also can you set up a sensor for a deep freezer so it can tell you if you left it open?

SS3 has the ability to set

SS3 has the ability to set the high and low temperature and be notified if either is exceeded.. Unfortunately, the lowest temp you can set is 0, and most freezers dip below that every now and again. And there is no way to NOT alarm if the low temp is exceeded. So sad, too bad, I would have used 5 of them for this purpose either if a lower temp could be set (problematical to enter a negative value with the current controls) or could be set to high temp only, low temp only or both temps.