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Freeze Sensors

(prevents burst pipes)

The freeze sensor will trigger an alarm if the temperature in your home falls below 41°.
Our alarm monitoring plans also give you the options to get:

  • A phone call and SMS/Email in the event of a freeze alarm.
  • Access to hourly readings of your home’s temperature in the Online Command Center.

Why do I need this?

If you have a vacation home, this sensor is worth it’s weight in gold if it saves you from
repairing expensive burst pipes. It’s also a perfect device for protecting precious objects like
instruments, paintings and plants in a climate controlled room.

Our competitor’s model sells for $44.99. Ours is $29.99. How do we sell the highest quality
sensors at half the price? No middlemen.


In stock: ships within 24 hours, M-F
*Only compatible with SimpliSafe2
Dimensions: 3 in high

Do you have a SimpliSafe 2?

Look for the 2 on the bottom of your SimpliSafe wireless security system base station

Not sure which SimpliSafe model you have? Check the bottom of your base station for the number 2.