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Questions and Answers:

  • How do I adhere the sensors to my walls/doors?
    It’s easy to adhere your sensors (Entry Sensors and corresponding magnets, Motion Sensors, Keypads and Panic Buttons). Simply remove the white strip(s) from the back of each component to expose the adhesive tape. Then press onto wall or door. Tip: It’s a good idea to first choose where you will put each sensor before removing the adhesive tape. The SimpliSafe do-it-yourself security system was designed to be as simple to install as possible.
  • The Easy Setup Wizard didn't start when I inserted the Keychain Remote in my computer. What's wrong?

    There are a few reasons the Easy Setup Wizard for your SimpliSafe burglar alarm may not start automatically:

    • If you are running Windows Vista or 7, you may need to run the SimpliSafe.exe application as an administrator. Simply right-click on the SimpliSafe.exe and select "Run as Administrator" then start the application.
    • If you are running Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard, the wizard will not start automatically. Instead, after you insert the Keychain Remote USB in your computer, the software will be mounted as a CD-ROM on your desktop. Start the SimpliSafe application on that CD-ROM. Note: in some cases you may need to close your browser (quit Safari or Firefox completely) before running the application.
    • Your firewall may be blocking SimpliSafe.exe. If you receive a warning from your firewall software when launching the wizard, please be sure to allow communication. In some rare cases, you may also need to edit your firewall settings manually to allow SimpliSafe.exe to communicate.
  • When I used the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard, my firewall gave me a warning. Is this a problem?
    No problem. The SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard may cause certain firewalls to provide a warning – this is normal and you should allow the connection to proceed. If you blocked the SimpliSafe.exe file you'll just have to remove the Keychain Remote that came with your burglar alarm and reinsert it. This time do not block the access.
  • I’m not allowed to install software on my computer from work. Can I still use the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard?
    Yes, you should still be able to use the Easy Setup Wizard. SimpliSafe does not install any software onto your computer. To access the Easy Setup Wizard to change your DIY security system's setting simply insert the Keychain Remote into the USB port on your work computer.
  • How do I install SimpliSafe?

    It’s easy to install the SimpliSafe Burglar Alarm. Just insert the Keychain Remote into one of your computer’s USB ports to launch the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard – this is the easiest, fastest way to set up your Home Security System. No software will be installed on your computer. Just follow the onscreen instructions. If the welcome screen does not appear, open “My Computer” on your desktop and look for the “SimpliSafe” drive. On the drive, open the “SimpliSafe.exe” file.

    If you don’t have access to a computer at home, just follow the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. You can always use the Easy Setup Wizard to update your settings and use additional features in the future, just by inserting your Keychain Remote into any computer that you have access to.

  • What is the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard?
    Whenever you insert your Keychain Remote that comes with every SimpliSafe do-it-yourself security system into a USB port on any computer, the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard will appear on the computer screen. Use this Wizard to install your system or update your settings, such as your PIN, and access your account.