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Questions and Answers:

  • How do I install SimpliSafe?

    It’s easy to install the SimpliSafe Burglar Alarm. Just insert the Keychain Remote into one of your computer’s USB ports to launch the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard – this is the easiest, fastest way to set up your Home Security System. No software will be installed on your computer. Just follow the onscreen instructions. If the welcome screen does not appear, open “My Computer” on your desktop and look for the “SimpliSafe” drive. On the drive, open the “SimpliSafe.exe” file.

    If you don’t have access to a computer at home, just follow the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. You can always use the Easy Setup Wizard to update your settings and use additional features in the future, just by inserting your Keychain Remote into any computer that you have access to.

  • I’m not allowed to install software on my computer from work. Can I still use the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard?
    Yes, you should still be able to use the Easy Setup Wizard. SimpliSafe does not install any software onto your computer. To access the Easy Setup Wizard to change your DIY security system's setting simply insert the Keychain Remote into the USB port on your work computer.
  • How do I remove the adhesive tape from the Entry Sensor magnet (not the Sensor itself)?
    The Entry Sensor magnet uses a slightly different adhesive than the other sensors. Remove the magnet by rotating the magnet slowly until the adhesive loosens and you can pull it off the wall. You can also purchase from us screwable magnets to use with your burglar alarm.
  • I don’t think my Entry Sensors are set up properly – when I open and close the door, the lights on the Sensor don’t flash.
    If the Sensor light doesn’t flash when the door is opened and closed, the Sensor and magnet may be too far apart to register. Just reposition the Sensor or magnet. More on Repositioning Sensors. It’s a good idea to test the placement of your Sensor and magnet (see if the light flashes when you open and close the door) before you adhere each to the wall with the adhesive tape. As always, you can screw in all of the Sensors for your DIY security system.
  • How many Motion Sensors do I need in my home? Does it matter if I have 2 Motion Sensors pointing at each other?
    You need a Motion Sensor for each room you would like to protect. The Motion Sensor will not “look” through walls. You can point Motion Sensors at each other – this is not a problem. The burglar alarm will sound if anyone walks within range of your Motion Sensors.
  • Can I turn the system on when my pets are home?
    Yes, the Motion Sensors from the SimpliSafe Wireless Security System will generally not detect small pets (less than 30-50 pounds). If they are larger, your pet may set off the Motion Sensor and cause a false alarm. Even if they are smaller than 30 pounds, you must make sure that they cannot get within 2 feet of the Motion Sensor. Place the sensor high up (usually 5 feet works well) and away from anything your pets might climb on. If your pets walk in front of the Motion Sensor coming down stairs or walking on a table or bookcase, they may set the alarm off. It’s a good idea to test the system with your pet and confirm that your pet is small enough to be around the Motion Sensor. If you have a large pet, please contact customer support for assistance. We can help you position the sensor so as not to detect your pet or disable your Motion Sensor so that your pet can move around freely. More about Customizing Sensors.
  • Does the Base Station need to be placed in any specific location?

    The Base Station for you burglar alarm can be placed anywhere you like, but there are a few important considerations:

    1. It must be connected to a power outlet.

    2. If you would like to connect it to a landline (not required), it should be near a phone jack.

    3. For the best wireless connection to our Emergency Dispatch Service, it should be placed near a window. (You can place it in a closet, though that will reduce its wireless range, so it is not recommended for larger homes.)

    4. It is easier to use the system if you can hear the voice prompts as you enter and exit, so it can help to put the Base Station near your main entrance.

  • I’ve setup my SimpliSafe components at home but I’m still a little confused about how to personalize my alarm settings.

    No problem! It's so easy to customize your DIY security system!

    The step-by-step SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard can be accessed from any computer using your Keychain Remote. Just plug the Keychain Remote into a USB port and the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard will launch and guide you through setting up and using your home security system.

    Even if you don't have access to a computer at home, you can still insert your Keychain Remote into any computer (at work, at a friend's house) to access and change your settings. When you are at home and don't have access to a computer, you can still use your Keypad to customize your settings, though you will not have access to all of the features. Press MENU on the Keypad to access the menu system. You can then 1) Change your PIN, 2) Set a dialing prefix, 3) Add components, 4) Remove components, 5) Test your system, or 6) Exit the menu.

    Remember, whenever you make any changes to your settings on your computer, make sure you insert your Keychain Remote into your Base Station afterwards to update your system.

  • How do I activate the batteries for each component? How long will the batteries last?

    You will need to activate batteries for each component before using your system. To activate batteries, simply pull on and remove the white protective strip labeled “please remove to activate batteries” from each component. (This strip will be located on the bottom of the Base Station and on the back of all the other components.)

    Expected battery life is approximately approximately 3-5 years for all sensors and the Keychain Remote, and 1 year for the Keypad and Extra Siren. The Base Station batteries are rechargeable and will provide you with 8 hours of backup power. (After 5 years, you should consider replacing the rechargeable backup batteries.) The Keypad will alert you when any batteries for your wireless security system are low so that you can replace them.

    To change the batteries in your sensors or Keypad, push up on the front of the sensor (in the direction of the blue arrow) – the back will stay on the wall and the battery(ies) will be exposed. Replace the batteries (AA for the Keypad and CO Detector; CR123 for Entry, Motion Sensors, Glassbreak, and Smoke Sensors; CR2032 for the Panic Button; and CR2450 for Water and Freeze). Then slide the front of the sensor back into place.

    To change the battery in the Keychain Remote, first slide off the USB cap. Then slide the battery cover off by pushing the back of the Keychain Remote towards the USB connector. Replace the battery with a CR1632 battery (the same type used in many watches).

    To change the backup batteries in the Base Station, unscrew the bottom of the Base Station, remove the cover and replace with new rechargeable AA batteries.

  • When I used the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard, my firewall gave me a warning. Is this a problem?
    No problem. The SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard may cause certain firewalls to provide a warning – this is normal and you should allow the connection to proceed. If you blocked the SimpliSafe.exe file you'll just have to remove the Keychain Remote that came with your burglar alarm and reinsert it. This time do not block the access.