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Questions and Answers:

  • I can’t hear the Base Station announcements. What should I do?
    The problem may be that Base Station is too far away from the Keypad/where you are, or it may be in a closet. It could also be a problem with your wireless security system's speaker. To test this, plug in the Base Station in the main room and see if you can hear the prompts. You can also increase the volume of the voice prompts or enable/disable the voice prompts by using the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard.
  • How do I navigate the Keypad menu system?
    You can use your do-it-yourself security system's Keypad menu at anytime to change your PIN, add a dialing prefix, add or remove components and test your system. To adjust your settings by using the Keypad menu, first press the menu button button, located at the bottom left of the Keypad. On the Keypad screen, you will see three icons: left arrow, enter sign and right arrow. To use these icons, press the button below each. Use the off buttonand home button buttons to scroll forward and back through the different options listed at the top of the Keypad screen: 1) Change your PIN, 2) Set a dialing prefix, 3) Add components, 4) Remove components, 5) Test your system, and 6) Exit the menu. Press the away button button to make a selection. Press the menu button button to cancel a selection or exit the menu.
  • What if I have a door or window open when I’m setting the alarm?
    SimpliSafe will warn you that a door or window is open with a message on the Keypad that says “1 Entry Sensor open” or “Entry Sensors open”, and also with a voice prompt from the burglar alarm's Base Station. Close open doors / windows. If you do not, those doors / windows will not be protected in the event of an emergency. Once you close them, they will then be protected.
  • Which windows and doors should I put my SimpliSafe Entry Sensors on? How many do I need? How can I order extra Sensors?

    We recommend that you place your DIY Security System's Entry Sensors on all doors and windows that could be accessible to an intruder. If you live on an upper floor, this likely includes your front door and a fire escape in the back. If you live on the ground floor, you can use the Motion Sensor to fill-in coverage in a room with lots of windows. You may also want to consider purchasing additional sensors for extra protection.

    To order additional sensors, please visit our catalog online here..

  • Should I put the Entry Sensors on the top or side of the door?
    When installing your wireless security system, either placement is fine as long as the magnet is within 2 inches of the Sensor when the door is closed and greater than 2 inches away from the Sensor when the door is open.
  • How do I remove the adhesive tape from the Entry Sensor magnet (not the Sensor itself)?
    The Entry Sensor magnet uses a slightly different adhesive than the other sensors. Remove the magnet by rotating the magnet slowly until the adhesive loosens and you can pull it off the wall. You can also purchase from us screwable magnets to use with your burglar alarm.
  • I don’t think my Entry Sensors are set up properly – when I open and close the door, the lights on the Sensor don’t flash.
    If the Sensor light doesn’t flash when the door is opened and closed, the Sensor and magnet may be too far apart to register. Just reposition the Sensor or magnet. More on Repositioning Sensors. It’s a good idea to test the placement of your Sensor and magnet (see if the light flashes when you open and close the door) before you adhere each to the wall with the adhesive tape. As always, you can screw in all of the Sensors for your DIY security system.
  • How many Motion Sensors do I need in my home? Does it matter if I have 2 Motion Sensors pointing at each other?
    You need a Motion Sensor for each room you would like to protect. The Motion Sensor will not “look” through walls. You can point Motion Sensors at each other – this is not a problem. The burglar alarm will sound if anyone walks within range of your Motion Sensors.
  • Can I turn the system on when my pets are home?
    Yes, the Motion Sensors from the SimpliSafe Wireless Security System will generally not detect small pets (less than 30-50 pounds). If they are larger, your pet may set off the Motion Sensor and cause a false alarm. Even if they are smaller than 30 pounds, you must make sure that they cannot get within 2 feet of the Motion Sensor. Place the sensor high up (usually 5 feet works well) and away from anything your pets might climb on. If your pets walk in front of the Motion Sensor coming down stairs or walking on a table or bookcase, they may set the alarm off. It’s a good idea to test the system with your pet and confirm that your pet is small enough to be around the Motion Sensor. If you have a large pet, please contact customer support for assistance. We can help you position the sensor so as not to detect your pet or disable your Motion Sensor so that your pet can move around freely. More about Customizing Sensors.
  • Does the Base Station need to be placed in any specific location?

    The Base Station for you burglar alarm can be placed anywhere you like, but there are a few important considerations:

    1. It must be connected to a power outlet.

    2. If you would like to connect it to a landline (not required), it should be near a phone jack.

    3. For the best wireless connection to our Emergency Dispatch Service, it should be placed near a window. (You can place it in a closet, though that will reduce its wireless range, so it is not recommended for larger homes.)

    4. It is easier to use the system if you can hear the voice prompts as you enter and exit, so it can help to put the Base Station near your main entrance.