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  • What is the SimpliSafe Home Security System?

    At SimpliSafe, our mission is to help people take control of their safety with security solutions that fit their lifestyle. The SimpliSafe Burglar Alarm System is easy to install and easy to use. Install SimpliSafe by adhering wireless sensors around your apartment or house and plugging in the Base Station. It’s also easy to customize your system through a computer or the included wireless keypad. The wireless sensors will then detect intruders and alert you to potential danger. If you don’t turn off the alarm, it will sound an 85 decibel siren in the apartment, then wirelessly contact a professionally staffed Emergency Dispatch Service to alert you and send the police to your location.

    SimpliSafe security system packages start around $200 and include the essentials of home security. You can also order additional components to further expand your system at any time.