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Did you know in 2010 alone, there were 8,016 of burglaries that occurred in the city of Atlanta? According to the 2010 Uniformed Crime Report this is a true statistic. Burglar alarms could have helped drive this number down, but sadly many alarm companies make it very burdensome to guard your home due to long term contracts, installation, etc.

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Atlanta Alarm Fees
(some facts)


$1.5 Billion

$1.5 Million

Of all emergency calls from burglar alarm systems in Atlanta in 2010 were false alarms.

The amount false burglar alarms cost police departments nationwide.

False burglar alarms fines collected from 2000-2004.

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Atlanta's Top Cop
Who's My Police Chief?

George N. Turner

Atlanta Police Cheif

Chief George N. Turner became a member of the Atlanta Police Department on July 24, 1981.

Since that time he has worked his way through the ranks and is now assigned as the Chief of Police.

Chief Turner has received numerous commendations and awards from the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for his work on protective details with the various Presidents, other high-level officials and heads of state.

More information about Atlanta's top cop.

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False Burglar Alarm 101
Atlanta, Georgia

What defines a false alarm?

A false alarm can have a few meanings:

  • An alarm event that consequents in a police dispatch that is not terminated prior to the appearance of police. Also, the outcome of police failing to find evidence of a forced entry or signs of burglary activity.
  • An alarm event that is triggered neglectfully or unintentionally due to defective, faulty, or poorly installed or maintained device.
  • An alarm event that is triggered due to a result of weather or power outage circumstances.

4 Tips to Avoid False Alarms

  1. Educate yourself and others who will be using the alarm on the proper operation of the burglar alarm.
  2. Avoid mounting motion sensors near heat ducts, fans, pets, etc.
  3. Train yourself to terminate an unintended alarm as well as others in your home that will be using the alarm system.
  4. Always check to see if all doors and windows are closed before leaving your home.

City of Atlanta False Alarm Fee Schedule

Free First false alarm is FREE $300 4th false alarm
$100 2nd false alarm. $750 5th & 6th false alarm.
$200 3rd false alarm. $1,000 Any subsequent false alarm.

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Atlanta, Georgia Crime Statistics - 2010

Atlanta Crime Statistics   Georgia Crime Statistics  
Atlanta Population 536,472 Georgia Population 9,687,653
Atlanta Violent Crime 5,749 Georgia Violent Crime 39,072
Atlanta Murder 93 Georgia Murder 558
Atlanta Forcible Rape 89 Georgia Forcible Rape 2,093
Atlanta Assault 3,405 Georgia Assault 21,724
Atlanta Robbery 1,926 Georgia Robbery 24,048
Atlanta Property Crime 30,800 Georgia Property Crime 352,679
Atlanta Burglary 8,016 Georgia Burglary 96,723
Atlanta Larceny-theft 17,741 Georgia Larceny-theft 225,651
Sex Offender Map

Atlanta Sex Offender Map

Get in the know. One of the first lines of defense in home security is knowing the area you live in. There are a lot of sexual predators out there and knowing where they live and work may decide where you prefer to live.

Nervous a Sex Offender Lives in your Neighborhood?

Does it make you anxious when your kids walk home from school? Try Out Google Maps..

  • You can use Google Maps to sketch out a path that lowers the possibility of your kids running into a sex offender.

Keep Your Cool & Don’t Flip Out

  • Keep in mind that old saying “Don’t bark up the wrong tree.”
  • The Atlanta PD provides a harsh warning to anyone using their sex offender registry:

Crime Map

Atlanta Crime Map

Atlanta Crime Map

Does Crime Surround Me?

Checking the crime in your neighborhood has never been so easy. You can check the crime risk in your neighborhood by checking your local crime map

Atlanta has several neighborhoods such as: Douglasville, Lithia Springs, and Marietta. These are areas where crime is commonly reported

For real-time crime information in your area, visit the Atlanta Crime Maps..

How to Report a Crime in Atlanta, Georgia

Remember: You should never report an emergency, a crime in progress or any type of injury using the Atlanta PD “Crime Stoppers” tip program. For emergencies, call 9-1-1. For any other type of incident that requires the response of a police officer, call 404-614-6544

The Atlanta PD "Crime Stopper" Program

(Warning: Making a false report is a crime)

Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta engages the entire community – citizens, media and law enforcement – to work towards making communities safer by identifying the people committing crimes and getting them off the streets.

The anonymous information provided through the Crime Stoppers helps law enforcement in their investigations and can play a major role in the apprehension of criminals and in securing convictions.

How Crime Stopper Atlanta Works

Crime Stoppers Atlanta uses a collaborative, multimedia approach to solving crime. The concept is designed to gather information about unsolved crimes through the cooperation of the local community, law enforcement and media.

When an individual has information about the Crime of the Week, any other unsolved crimes, or information about a wanted fugitive, he or she is encouraged to call 404-577-TIPS (8477), text CSA and information to CRIMES, or e-mail the anonymous information using the online form at The tip can result in a reward up to $2,000 to the individual who supplied the information needed to solve the crime.

How to Submit a Tip

There’s 3 ways you can submit a tip to Atlanta’s Crime Stoppers:

  1. Call 404-577-TIPS (8477)
  2. Text CSA Tip to Crimes (274637)
  3. Submit a tip online here…

For your safety, after submitting your tip you should always delete all text messages to and from 274637 from your text message inbox and outbox.

For more information regarding Atlanta’s Crime Stoppers Program, click here…

Atlanta Crime News

12-year-old Peachtree Corners girl returns home

Gwinnett County Police are looking for Kelsie Lee, a missing 12-year-old girl from Peachtree Corners.
Police chase, then rescue suspect from burning car

Suspect crashed into a utility pole and was rescued just before the car burst into flames.
Church taken to court to stop sale of donated land

Some Gwinnett County residents are taking a Methodist church to court. The argument is over hundreds of acres of property given to the church as...
HERO CENTRAL: Girl dials 911 with deactivated phone

A 10-year-old from Oconee County found a way to call 911 that many adults may not know.

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Georgia Crime News

Macon man injured in shooting is brother of girl shot to death in 2015, father killed in 2006

Twenty years ago on Sunday, Oct. 22, 11-year-old Levi Frady had spent the day playing with his friends. It was getting dark, but Levi’s Forsyt...
Update: 1 dead, 1 injured after Abercorn Street shooting, near Apache Avenue

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Drugs in Columbus: It’s ‘like having a hurricane offshore,’ whipping up violent crime

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