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Edit Your Sensors


Entry Sensor

Protects your doors and windows.


Motion Sensor

Covers an entire room. Get one for each main room or hallway.


Key Fob

Arm and disarm with one touch.


Panic Button

Trigger the alarm with one click.


Extra Siren

Really loud. Front row at Metallica loud.


Water Sensor

Detects leaks and alerts you to potential floods.


Temperature Sensor

Alerts you if your home drops below 41ºF.


Smoke Detector

Sounds an alarm when smoke is detected.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Sounds when carbon monoxide is detected.


Glassbreak Sensor

Picks up the sound of a smashed windows. Not smashed plates.


Video Doorbell Pro

See who's coming and talk to guests with 2-way audio.



Alerts you to motion and captures critical evidence.


Wireless Outdoor Camera

See outside day or night. Get alerts when someone approaches

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SimpliSafe Home
Security System

24/7 wireless protection, named the Best DIY Home Security by tech experts. It’s smart, sleek and secure. Plus, there’s no contract. Ever.

  • 1 Key Fob
  • 5 Entry Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
+ Edit your system
$ 289 $

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Everything you
need to know

Experts Choose SimpliSafe Home Security
Named "Best Home Security overall"
by US News & World Report, and awarded
by Popular Mechanics and more.

Live professional alerts
Our monitoring staff calls you when trouble is
detected and stays with you until it’s solved.

Dispatch faster with Visual Verification
Adding Visual Verification to your monitoring plan
lets us verify your alarm is real so police can
dispatch faster.

It's a lot less expensive
We cut out the middlemen and markup so you
get more security for less—with no contract.

Prepared for the unexpected
Lose power? Lose Wi-Fi? Someone attacks the
system? Natural disaster? SimpliSafe is ready.

Protects against fires and water damage
More than just intruders—our pros monitor
against leaks, floods, fires and more.

Keep an eye inside and out
With HD security cameras for indoors and
out, see what’s happening all the time.

Designed to disappear
From the tiny size of our sensors to easy
one-touch control means you'll never notice
your security system.

Detects people, ignores pets
Motion sensors use a precision
human-form detection algorithm.

White security system on table with blonde woman on couch Magazine on top of brown blanket with glass door in background

Compare Your Security Options

Home Security

  • Monitored by professionals
  • 36 month contract, monitoring
    costs $37-$53/month1
  • Hardwired, needs landline
  • Poor rating on TrustPilot2

The Better Way

  • Monitored by professionals
  • No contracts, monitoring starts at 50 cents a day
  • Wireless, no drilling or landline required
  • Great rating on TrustPilot2
  • Easy to setup yourself in no time

New Self-Monitored

  • No professionals to alert police
  • No contracts
  • Only protects front door or one

1Leading competitor's landline based offerings as of 04/20 with 24 month contracts in CA. 2Based on Trustpilot review scores as of 04/20.

Hand about to press button on keypad displaying the word 'home' in a white circle




How it works

Choose your security sensors. We’ll walk you
through exactly what your home needs and
ship it to your front door in under a week.

Set it up in just a few minutes—no tools
needed—or let one of our pros do it for you.

Sensors guard all your rooms and entry points.
If there’s trouble, our monitoring center will call
you and, if needed, dispatch authorities.

Less markup.
More security.

A common misconception: the more you pay,
the more you get. But the truth is you’re
paying for more markup. Not more security.

We fixed that. We trimmed the fat from home
security. So you get award-winning protection
at fair and honest prices.

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SimpliSafe Savings Graph

* Price comparison of leading national home security provider’s mid tier monitoring plan vs. SimpliSafe Standard Plan as of 04/2020.

Police Love Us

Unlike alarms without monitoring, our professionals can use
video to verify alarms so police will know when there’s a
crime in progress and can send help immediately.

Gray Star


Gray Star
Gray Star


Gray Star
Gray Star


Gray Star

"We use
it to catch

"My force used SimpliSafe to stop a
serial burglary ring. It still helps us
catch other criminals in the act today."


*SimpliSafe sent free systems which helped Genoa City police
and community to stop a local crime spree

More Reasons to Choose Us

Arm/disarm from anywhere

Forgot to arm your system? Need
to let someone in? Do it right from
your phone anytime.

(Almost) never change
your batteries

Batteries last for almost a decade
in our entry sensors— the best
lifespan in the industry (battery life may vary based on use).

Custom alerts for
friends and family

Set up text alerts so friends and
family stay in the know.

"Alexa, arm my system"

Use your system with Alexa,
Google Assistant, August Locks,
Apple Watch and more.

Keep an eye on cabinets,
safes and more

Secret Alerts quietly alert you if
someone accesses private areas,
without sounding an alarm.

Duress PIN

If someone forces you to disarm
your system, your Duress PIN will
secretly alert the authorities.

Customized for your home

We’ll customize the right system
for your home’s needs.

Incredible range

Many wireless security systems
struggle to cover your entire
house. Ours can cover large homes with ease.

Meet the

Base Station

The brains. Comes with a built-in cell
connection to rapidly alert our
emergency dispatch center.

Water Sensor

Alerts you to leaks before they turn into
bursts, floods, or mold.

Key Fob

Arm/disarm with a touch—with
a hidden panic button for
dispatching authorities.

Panic Button

Use it to instantly trigger the alarm-
and comes with a silent panic option.

Temperature Sensor

Alerts you to dangerous extremes—
colds that can freeze pipes & heat that
causes health risk.

Glassbreak Sensor

Alerts you if someone smashes
a window. Covers an entire room
full of windows.

HD Security Camera

See what happened anytime there's
been an alert at home.


Place it anywhere, no plug needed.
Arm your system with a single touch.
Lights up at night.

Motion Sensor

Alerts you when someone unwanted
walks through. Covers an entire room.

Entry Sensor

Guards your windows. Doors too.
Designed to disappear so you never
notice them.

Smoke Detector

Detects early, before full fires break
out. Our pros will send firefighters
straight to your door.

Try It. Test It. Love It or Return It.

Test SimpliSafe in your home for
60 days. Your system arrives ready
to work. No drilling or tools
needed. If you aren't 100%
satisfied, return it for a full refund
(we’ll even pay return shipping).

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Water Sensor KeyChain (Key Fob) Panic Sensor Temperature Sensor Glass Break Sensor White Base Station Black SimpliCam Keypad Motion Sensor Entry Sensor Smoke Sensor
SimpliSafe Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"Best mix of value,
monitoring, and ease of use"



"consistent monitoring
response times"

The Wirecutter


"SimpliSafe is the best
bet" DIY security system



"The Best DIY home
security system"



"Best overall home
security of 2020"



"remarkably easy to set
up and use"



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