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SimpliSafe Terms and Consent for Notifications and Alerts

Updated April 18, 2017

The following terms and consent apply to messages, alerts and notifications sent via SMS/text message and via the SimpliSafe mobile app (collectively, “Notifications”) delivered in connection with SimpliSafe programs and services (as more particularly described below, the “SimpliSafe Services”).

Other than the monthly fee due in connection with the underlying Interactive monitoring subscription service that makes Notifications available, SimpliSafe will not charge you any additional fees to deliver or for you to receive Notifications; however, your wireless service provider may charge a fee for SimpliSafe sending and/or your receiving Notifications and/or for air-time or data usage associated therewith.

Check with your wireless carrier if you have questions about your wireless plan.

By accepting these terms, I indicate and acknowledge my consent for SimpliSafe to send me Notifications in connection with the SimpliSafe Services via SMS/text message and via the SimpliSafe mobile app which shall be sent through automatic telephone dialing or communication systems (collectively, “Messaging Services”) and that my consent and agreement to these terms is not a condition of purchase of any SimpliSafe products or services.

Messaging Services Terms:

1. As part of the Messaging Services, SimpliSafe provides and sends Notifications and promotional messages via short message service (SMS) and text messages and via the SimpliSafe mobile app. Please note that you may be charged a fee by your wireless carrier to send and receive such Notifications based on the terms of your wireless carrier agreement. Any such charges shall be billed by and payable to your wireless carrier. Check with your wireless carrier if you have questions about your wireless plan.

2. SimpliSafe will not be liable for any delays in the receipt of any such Notifications or failure of such Notifications from being sent. Notifications may not be delivered to you if your phone is not in range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time. Even within a coverage area, factors beyond the control of SimpliSafe or your wireless carrier may interfere with message delivery, including your equipment, terrain, proximity to buildings, foliage, and weather. You acknowledge that urgent Notifications may not be timely sent or received and that neither SimpliSafe nor your wireless carrier guarantees that such Notifications will be delivered or sent.

3. For questions regarding the Messaging Services or to STOP receiving messages or OPTING OUT of these Messaging Services, please contact SimpliSafe Customer Support at 800-548-9508 or visit and click on “Contact Us” and/or by removing the notification type for which you seek to STOP receiving Notifications from the Alerts settings page in your customer account, which may be accessed online at or through the SimpliSafe mobile app.

Privacy Policy:

SimpliSafe respects your privacy. SimpliSafe will only use information provided in connection with these Messaging Services to transmit SMS/text messages and other Notifications as otherwise described above. Please refer to SimpliSafe’s privacy policy at for important information about SimpliSafe’s collection, use and sharing of your personal information.

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