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Top 10 Ways to Secure your Apartment

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Urban living comes with higher potential hazards to renters. These ten simple tips can help give you peace of mind and make you less vulnerable to break-ins and burglary.

10. Secure all windows and doors before you leave or go to sleep, as this is the easiest way for a burglar to enter a home or apartment. Remember to lock kitchen windows, bathroom windows, sliding doors, and back doors. Purchase a steel security door bar or other similar product to secure a sliding door.

9. A heavy duty deadbolt lock should be installed on every exterior door. Never depend on a door chain to secure your doors to the outside. Remember to ask the landlord to change the locks if the apartment was formerly occupied and you are a new tenant. Avoid having many extra keys made, as they can easily be lost or forgotten, and change the locks immediately if easily identifiable keys are lost or stolen.

8. Install a wide angle viewer commonly called a "peephole" on exterior doors. Use your peephole to interview visitors at your door. Ask all solicitors, salesmen, technicians, and information seekers to produce valid credentials such as a driver’s license or employee ID. Be cautious of technicians or utilities persons who come to your door when you have not contacted the company or were not notified of the visit by the company beforehand.

7. The ground floor is the most vulnerable to a break-in. If you live on the ground floor make sure that your windows are secured with window bars, all window locks are functional, and you close your window blinds while away.

6. Install security lighting. Whether it be exterior motion lights, lights controlled by electronic darkness sensors, or interior lights on a timer, it is always recommended to make use of at least one of these affordable options found at your local hardware store. Adequate wattage of bulbs is important as well as promptly changing any blown-out bulbs.

5. In your absence, do not let mail or newspapers pile up outside your door. This is a clear sign that you are away from home. Have mail or deliveries picked up by a friend or neighbor, or give the post office notice to hold your mail until you return. Also, do not leave messages or notes for the postman, paperboy, landlord, etc… on the outside of any exterior door promoting your absence.

4. Know who your neighbors are, whether they are in your building or next door. Creating strong relationships with your neighbors is a great step in protection for all parties involved. Often if there is a problem, one of your neighbors will be a witness to the event and most likely can alert emergency services if they are concerned. A well structured and active tenant association is always especially useful, as is any functional Neighborhood Watch association.

3. Be aware of the crime statistics in your area. Reports published by American Fact Finder or the US Census Bureau provide useful information for you to be aware of which will ultimately help you prepare for specific threats. Websites such as SpotCrime provide you with email alerts, local crime maps, and crime reports and are a good tool to stay up to date on crime in your area.

2. Adhere to any and all building security policies. These policies are in place to ensure your protection and include but are not limited to: rules that require visitors to be screened outside by the resident to prevent unauthorized access, intercom policies, parking procedures, and electronic access policies.

1. Install an apartment security system designed to fit your needs. Wireless systems from SimpliSafe Inc. require no hard wired installation (in fact they are self installed security systems!) and are portable when you move to another apartment or home. Entry sensors and motion sensors immediately detect an intruder and sound a loud siren, and all systems can be professionally monitored for only $14.99/month.

Wireless apartment security system information is available at http://www.simplisafe.com/apartment-security. SimpliSafe protects you and your space with easily installed wireless door, window and motion sensors, and our professionally trained dispatchers are standing by to respond to alarms and send help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Give us a call today at 1-888-95-SIMPLI (1-800-548-9508)

Source: http://simplisafe.com/tips/top-10-ways-secure-your-apartment