Wireless Home Security Systems Are Easy To Install!

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To install your SimpliSafe wireless home security systems you won't need any tools, or any particular knowledge of security systems themselves!

The first step to install you new home security system is the unboxing. You'll unbox all components necessary to secure your home completely.

The most important piece of your system is the Base Station. The Base Station is the component that houses both the interior siren and cellular monitoring components. To install, simply plug into AC power!

When the Base Station powers on it will prompt you with voice commands to test your new sensors. Your initial sensor installations should be your Entry Sensors for both door and window protection. Simply peel off the extra-strong adhesive strip backing and stick in place. Be sure you're adhering the sensor to a clean surface.

Once your Entry Sensors are installed it's time to test. Simply open your doors and windows and listen for the Base Station alerts. The Base Station will announce 'Entry Sensor!' It's exciting and rewarding when we learn they all work.

Now let's move on to your Motion Sensors! Installing Motion Sensors to protect your rooms is your second line of defense, and the most secure way to ensure a burglar is caught in the act. Peel off the adhesives and install the motion sensors in the corner of your room to maximize their effectiveness.

We'll move on to Panic Buttons when we finish testing the Motion Sensors. Once we've installed our Motion Sensors we'll need to leave the room we are protecting for thirty seconds. After the thiry seconds elapses walk back in and listen for the Base Station. OUr home security system should not announce, 'Motion Sensor!' We're more than half-way home!

To install Panic Buttons, peel off the adhesive and secure them in a hidden place to avoid accidental triggers. After installation press and hold the Panic Button. 'Panic Button!' is the announcement to let us know everything is working well.

Our system is all but installed; now for the siren check. Exit test mode by pressing 'Off' on the Keypad. Lets ensure that siren knocks our socks off by pressing and holding the Panic Button. To end your new wireless security systems' screeching siren simply enter your PIN into the Keypad or press 'Off' on your Keychain Remote.

Voila, we're done! In under 20 minutes our wireless home security systems have transformed a living space into a fortress, who would have thought it was this easy to provide our families with peace of mind?