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Heads up!

These sensors only work with the legacy Simplisafe (Gen 2).

Does your Base Station look like this?

Base System SS3 Small Image

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Entry Sensor (Legacy)
Entry Sensor
Protect additional windows and doors that may become accessible to intruders.
Motion Sensor (Legacy)
Motion Sensor
Great for rooms with lots of windows, motion sensors cover an entire room.
Glassbreak Sensor (Legacy)
Glassbreak Sensor
Detects the unique frequency of shattering glass.
Keychain Remote (Legacy)
Keychain Remote
Easily arm & disarm with a Key Fob. Its panic button also offers protection as you enter your home.shattering glass.
Siren (Legacy)
This delivers ear-blasting burglar deterrence. Completely wireless & rated for indoor or outdoor use.
Panic Button (Legacy)
Panic Button
Help is always at your fingertips when you place Panic Buttons in easy-to-reach locations.

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